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After her mother’s death, Yui finds herself isolated with her father and brother at the family restaurant. But the glyceride environment will cause mental health problems for the whole family.

Hi welcome to mr recap animes you develop an evil addiction to drinking vegetable oil and huge deadly pimples appear all over your face we continue our tenebrous journey through the tales of the junji ito collection anime let’s start this video with the story called the town without streets according to a theory by aristotle if you speak into a person’s ear while

They are asleep you make your whispers appear in the person’s dream sayko is dreaming about her boyfriend kishimoto who brought her a nice ring as a gift but she knows she is dreaming and asks why is he using aristotle’s technique to deliver the ring but the big thing about this dream is that it’s not a beautiful romantic scene with the arrival of jack the ripper

Everything became a nightmare the assassin fatally attacks kishimoto and saiko wakes up scared the ring box next to her bed was empty and worst of all kishimoto was found stabbed to death it didn’t make any sense at all and more somber situations were waiting for saeko something disturbing started to happen in the following days she realizes that she is being

Watched all the time inside a room holes were made in the wall right in front of her and she needs to cover it with tape even in the ceiling they drill holes to spy on her sayko needs to act somehow she punches a sinister finger that appeared in the hole and sticks a screwdriver through the hole in the ceiling and hits the damn stalker right in the eye she was

Sure was her family spying on her the father and brother have a bruised eye and finger but they say they were injured outside the house so to escape this bizarre place aiko decides to go to her aunt’s house but finds out that there’s no bus to her neighborhood and decides to walk she passes over a bridge and falls straight into a dead-end street which is quite

Intriguing she knows she has taken the right path turning around another corner again no way out when trying to access the main street something is wrong in addition to the blockade once again all pedestrians are wearing masks a man approaches saiko and asks if she needs help as she looks afflicted he offers to show her the correct way to her aunt’s house is it

A good idea to follow him i’m not so sure because they have to enter through the wooden houses and go through the rooms among several masked families the environment is very bizarre a little further on there’s a crowd screaming at the door of a house ordering them to open the door sayiko is horrified she helps the couple and discovers that residents who don’t let

The pedestrians pass inside their houses and are attacked by other masked people there’s no more private property all houses are open and with free movement the girl says she needs to go to her aunt’s house and the couple warns of two things first for her to wear a mask to move around in that place then second to take extreme care when crossing the bridge over the

River that place is dangerous and there’s a killer on the loose as there is no option psycho advances through the mysterious place several mass people are staring at her there is a terrible tension in the air she finds her aunt’s house and runs to call her hearing the voice asking her to come in she finds her aunt very different wearing a bathing suit the whole

Room is full of holes with stalkers on the prowl she questions how her aunt manages to live like that and the woman replies that she got used to it there’s no way to escape the stalkers and she still thinks that her niece should also take off some of her clothes saiku is shocked by her aunt’s bizarre behavior and says she’s gone completely crazy now the woman was

Freaked out armed with a knife she orders the girl to take off her clothes otherwise she will cut her into pieces psycho runs away in despair things get worse and worse she finds a dead person along the way and when she turns around a creepy creature is looking through the holes the stalkers are frightening have many eyes and a huge head and love spying on others

Once again saeko is found by the man in the mask who helps her out of the horror scene the girl observes that in the man’s hand is the ring that her boyfriend was going to give her in the dream the man removes his mask and jack the ripper is revealed he says that this time saeko will not escape but the psychopath is hit from behind a lethal blow from saiko’s aunt

She just tells her niece to head towards the river and then she will find her way out of the place she turns her back and walks away psycho even tries to call out for rand but all that remained was to get out of that sinister place as quickly as possible all this is a mystery is psycho dreaming anyway you better watch out for little holes in the walls of your house

Okay now let’s move on to the second tale called glyceride the girl yui spends part of her day watching the beautiful scenery of mount fuji because when she gets home the situation is pretty horrible part of the two-story house is the yakunuku restaurant created by her father the whole house is smeared with a thick layer of oil with the air extremely heavy and

Difficult to breathe furniture walls and clothes are all yellowed and covered in oil her father also gave off that terrible smell and the older brother in addition to mistreating her a lot had a sinister habit he often went to the kitchen to drink bottles of vegetable oil as if they were water he even threatened her if she told their father yui couldn’t stand that

Life and developed an ability to mentally calculate the saturation level of each room due to the heavy presence of oil in the environment she kept repeating it like a safety alert to herself as soon as her brother goro reached adolescence many pimples appeared on his face and he was constantly teased by his friends at school and cowardly always took it out on yui

Goro blamed his father for making them live in all that fat and his addiction only got worse he locked himself in a room and started drinking liters of oil a day he forced yui to bring him more and more bottles angry that he didn’t have the money to buy more of his oil goro squeezes his face and squirts yui with a nasty secretion she screams that it was disgusting

Causing goro to go out of control he grabs his sister and squeezes his face even tighter releasing horrid oil pus from his hundreds of pimples which he calls volcanoes the situation is disturbing the ooze falling on his sister’s face is really gross then the father suddenly appears and hits goro in the head with an iron shovel and kills the boy after a while two

Men were talking on the street one of them says that he wants to go to yakunako because it has very tasty meat despite the place being revolting and greasy the meat was amazing the two go there and ask yui’s father for that tasty meat but the father says that the stock ran out the day before certainly the tasty meat was his own son’s body later yui feels that

The oil saturation is already over 70 she starts having frightening nightmares about the eruption of mount fuji but instead of lava it was oil she drowned in a river of oil enveloping the streets now her skin showed the beginnings of a nasty pimple infection yui has been getting aggressive the saturation of fat in the environment has already reached 85 percent

One night yui wakes up to her father giving her a bottle of oil while she sleeps she gets furious saying that he was the one who was intoxicating her every night but her father simply says that he will go back to sleep in the following days yui decided that he would no longer sleep a wink at night she was afraid that her father would show up again and yes he was

Just waiting for the right moment now her father had fallen into a disturbing addiction and started drinking so much oil that the house was leaking grease all the way through the ceiling the environment had a thick layer and dense fog with shades of brown and yellow one day yui heard a scream and was able to spy on her father slicing his own foot to serve it at

Yakunuku the saturation reached 100 you can feel that disgusting feeling from here what will be yui’s end so what do you think of this anime leave your thoughts in the comments below and if you liked this video like and subscribe for more horror animes see you next time

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FAMILY drinks OIL BOTTLES and develops DEADLY PIMPLES – RECAP By Mr. Recap