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Fantastic drug known as Doxepin

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In this video my group and i will be talking about a certain drug used to treat depression known as dog spin to begin with what is depression well depression is a condition that can affect everybody including us students who have had to deal with this global pandemic in such a way where we have had to learn online and do a such a huge load of assignments until it

Could potentially make us depressed but aside from that some people can get so depressed that their thoughts may turn into something much worse which is why they’re going to need this medication to potentially save their lives in this video we’ll be talking about a particular tricyclic antidepressant known as stock spin that you can only obtain from prescriptions

Of doctors moving on to the pharmacological kinetics of dosapine it is moderately absorbed through oral ingestion but high percentage of it will undergo the first pass effect in the liver this results in a low bioavailability of the drug however the absorption and bioavailability can be increased with the intake of high fat meal as for the distribution it

Is widely distributed throughout the body including the central nervous system as it passes through the blood brain barrier easily it is also distributed to breast milk as well dosapin is mostly plasma protein bound specifically to albumin and alpha-1 acid glycoprotein as for the metabolism it is metabolized by the liver through the process of oxidation and

Endometiculation which does the pain will be metabolized to end this material also known as neurotrophy the first past metabolism accounts for about 55 to 87 percent of administered dose and the secondary metabolism is then driven by the transformation process of endosmociltosapine to its glucoroniconjugates the major enzyme involved in this process will be the

Members of cytochrome p450 family which here you can see cyp2d6 and cyp2c19 with a minor involvement of cyp182 and cyp2c9 as for the elimination dosapin is eliminated primarily in the urine and predominantly in the form of glucuronic conjugates less than three percent of the doxopin will be excreted in the urine as the parent compound itself last but not least

The elimination half-life of dosapine is approximately 15 hours dosapin chemical structure consists of three rings with tertiary amine attached other tertiary i mean include amitriptyline imipramine and chloromicramine usually tertiary amines have greater efficiency of ceramic blockage the exact mechanism of action of dosafin remains unknown but it is known to

Act on about five different neurotransmitter pathways which includes serotonin norepinephrine alpha cholinergic muscarini and histamine receptors lucifen inhibits story of table serotonin and norepinephrine in the pre-synaptic cleft which results in increased concentration of these neurotransmitters in the synaptic cleft the concentration of serotonin elevates in

The synapse which is likely to exhibit its anti-depressive effect those opinions of competitive antagonist of post-synaptic alpha cholinergic triscarini and histaminergic receptors its chemical structure greatly influences the affinity for each of these receptors additionally dosa pin potentially blocks voltage-gated sodium channels which its action is thought to

Be involved in its lethality when overdosed and its efficacy as an allergistics dose of pain is known to reduce the brain’s electrical activity extend the hexobarital induced sleep and inhibit avoidance behavior without altering the conditioned emotional response it is widely known to have antidepressant sedative and anticholinergic effects at higher doses its

Anticholinergic characteristics are more widespread thus limiting its efficacy it loses its affinity for h1 histamine receptor and binds to the other receptors rules for dosapine administration include oral topical intravenous and intramuscular injection recommended dosage for a patient with moderate severity is 75 milligram depending on the individual’s response

Dosage may be subsequently altered at appropriate intervals the optimum dose range is usually around 75 to 150 milligram per day nothing is perfect in this world same thing goes to dosafine dosavine also has some side effects to patients this day some people will need to stay at home for self quarantine but if you don’t want your quality light become worse you

Better take note because dosophil may cause your hair constipation and another have quality in color other than that dorsal fin can also use on treat insomnia and it will cause patients feeling sleepy and tired after taking the surfing some patients have thought about suicide or dying before other than that it may increase the habit for patients so who can take

This drug patient their heart liver and kidney problem cannot take dorsal fin past research has shown that the surface will pass into breast meal in small amount and not encourage best feeding women to detoxifying furthermore nausea may increase risk of problems for unborn baby and that’s why pregnant women cannot take dosephine too i will end my pattern and pass

It to chloe she will help you explore more on the spin hi so now i’m going to talk about the fun facts about the surfing so firstly one can die from the surfing overdose because dorsal fin is associated with high motility with a low margin of safety and can occur rapidly phosphate also plays a role in suicidal thinking it may cause one to have suicidal thoughts of

Behaviors especially during the initial treatment of the drug dosafine also can be used on animals to treat depression noise forbid and other anxiety related diseases over here is the misconception about anti-depressant in general most people mistaken that antidepressant are happy pills they work by returning one’s mood to the normal baseline in another words

If a healthy individual with no depression takes antidepressant it won’t make them any happier or more cheerful another misconception about anti-depressant is that it will permanently change your personality if a patient complains of feeling numb or feeling emotionless it could be due to the drug pay scrap not being the right one for the patient antidepressants

Are not capable of changing one’s personality lastly people thought that antidepressants are short-term fixed if one has successfully been treated with antidepressant he or she may need to continue taking it to prevent the depression from coming back as one episode of depression can increase the chances for future relapses that’s it from me thank you in conclusion

Doc’s been antidepressants in general are an interesting and necessary drug for the treatment of clinically depressed people by the end of the day everybody should try to fight their own battles against depression and not depend entirely on the drug but for us in this video we do not need antidepressants like docspin because we have dr louis thanks for watching

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Fantastic drug known as Doxepin By Johan Arif