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Farmaco AZATIOPRINA Foglietto Illustrativo Bugiardino

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🤗 Ciao, sono il 👔 Dottor 𝗠𝗔𝗫 della 🏠 PharmaMAX, che si occupa della pubblicazione, dei foglietti illustrativi o Bugiardini, dei Farmaci, in formato video, dove io personalmente vi leggerò i bugiardini. In questo video ti leggo il # #Farmaco: #AZATIOPRINA

Hello i am doctor max of farma max who deals with the publication of the package leaflets of the drugs in video format where i will personally read you in the leaflets in this video i will read you the leaflet of the drug get up opened aspen aspen pharma trading limited last updated november 17 2021 cos ‘è azathioprine aspen packaging commercial information on prescribing

I cations posology contraindications special warnings and precautions for use interactions with other medicinal products and other forms of interaction take azathioprine aspen during pregnancy and lactation effects on the ability to drive and use of machinery undesirable effects overdose pharmacodynamic properties pharmacokinetic properties preclinical safety data list of

Excipients equivalent drugs ester drugs cosenza tia prina aspen farewell first aspen is a drug based on the active ingredient azathioprine belonging to the category of immunosuppressants and in the the specific other immunosuppressants is marketed in italy by the company spin pharma trading limited azathioprine aspen can be prescribed by prescription rnr medicines subject

To medical prescription to be renewed from time to time packs azathioprine aspen 50 mg 50 tablets coated with children commercial information on the prescription holder aspen pharma trading limited prescription rnr medicines subject to medical prescription to be renewed each time class a active ingredient raised to prina therapeutic group immunosuppressants pharmaceutical

Form tablet coated indications lazzati a prina is used as an immunosuppressive agent and anti metabolite both alone and more commonly in combination with other medicines usually cortisone and with techniques that influence the immune response the therapeutic effect can be alive only after weeks or months and can lead to a reduction in the dosage of steroids thus reducing the

Toxicity in front of the high dos addition and prolonged use of cortisone launched abrin in combination with cortisone and barra or with other medicines and immunosuppressive techniques is indicated to prolong survival in patients who have received organ transplants such as for example renal, cardiac and hepatic transplant, also reduces the need for corticosteroids in patients

Who have received a kidney transplant lazio before and indicated in the treatment of moderate to severe forms of chronic inflammatory bowel diseases crohn’s disease and ulcerative colitis in patients requiring corticosteroid therapy and in patients who are not tolerate corticosteroid therapy affixes patients refractory to other standard first-line therapies launched at prina

Either alone or more commonly in combination with corticosteroids or other medicinal products and with other techniques has been used with clinical benefit which may include reduction of the posology to the interruption of the courts sonic in a percentage of patients affected by the following diseases severe rheumatoid arthritis systemic lupus erythematosus dermatomyositis

Polymyositis chronic active hepatitis autoimmune penn figo vulgar then arteritis nodosa autoimmune hemolytic anemia idiopathic refractory chronic thrombocytopenic purpura dosage dosage if you should consult the specialist medical literature experience as a guide clinical in particular conditions adult populations transplants depending on the regimen say suppression adopted

A dose up to 5 mg bar kg bar is used orally on the first day of therapy the maintenance dose varies from 1 to 4 mg bar kg bar is adjusted according to clinical needs and haematological tolerance, azathioprine therapy must be continued indefinitely, albeit at a low dose to avoid the risk of transplant rejection other indications in the other general indications the initial

Dose is between 1 and 3 mg bar kg bar pee it must be adjusted within these limits according to the clinical response which may not be evident for weeks or months and the haematological tolerance when the therapeutic response is evident the possibility of reducing the maintenance dose to the lowest dose level compatible with maintenance should be considered of the therapeutic

Response if no improvement in the patient’s state of health is observed in the first three months, consideration should be given to the possibility of discontinuing azathioprine aspen therapy however in patients with chronic inflammatory bowel disease a non-treatment duration should be considered. less than 12 months as a response to treatment may not be clinically alive

Before three to four months the required maintenance dose can vary between 1 and 3 mg bar kg bar and depending on the pathology to be treated is the individual patient response included pedia population haematological tolerance trica transplants the posology in children and the same in adults see section 4 2 adults transplants other indications the posology in children and

The same in adults see section 4 2 adults other indications children overweight children who are considered overweight may require bumps at the level higher than the dose range and therefore careful monitoring of response to treatment is recommended see section 5 2 elderly patients to limited experience of azathioprine administration in elderly patients although available

Data do not indicate that the incidence of undesirable effects in elderly patients is higher than that in other patients treated with azathioprine it is advised to monitor renal and hepatic function and to consider dose reduction in the presence of insufficiency see section 4 2 rimal impairment as the pharmacokinetics of azathioprine have not been formally studied in patients

With compromiss renal impairment may lead to slower elimination of azathioprine and its metabolites initial dose reduction should be considered in patients with impaired renal function patients should be monitored for dose related adverse events see sections 4 4 and 5 2 hepatic impairment as the pharmacokinetics of azathioprine have not been formally studied in patients

With hepatic impairment no specific dose recommendations can be made as impaired hepatic function may lead to elimination slower than azzate a before and its metabolites initial dose reduction should be considered in patients with impaired hepatic function sections 4 4 and 5 2 patients with tp deficiency mt pa patients with little or no hereditary activity more even in

As methyltransferase tpm ti have a greater risk of severe toxicity danced or earlier following conventional doses of azathioprine and generally require substantial dose reduction the optimal starting dose for homozygous patients has not been defined for deficiency see sections 4 4 and 5 2 most patients heterozygous for tpm deficiency can tolerate the recommended doses

Of azathioprine but some may require dose reduction genotypic and phenotypic tests are available for mt types see sections 4 4 and 5 2 patients with nut variant 15 patients who inherited the mutated nud 15 gene are at increased risk of severe toxicity from six mercaptopurine see section 4 4 these patients typically require dose reduction particularly those 10 t for nud

Variants 15 see section 4 4 it is possible to evaluate the opportunity to perform genotypic tests d in nude variants 15 prior to starting azathioprine therapy in any case . for patients with heterozygous deficiency man zygote no interactions with other medicinal products have been determined when concomitantly abrin danzati are administered xanthine oxidase inhibitors such

As allopurinol it is essential that only 25 percent of the annual dose of azathioprine is administered as the allopurinol reduces the rate of catabolism of azathioprine see section 4 5 method of administration oral use launch a prina can be taken with or without food but patients must standardize the method of administration some patients may experience nausea when taking

Azathioprine for the first time with the oral administration nausea seems better iorate if tablets are administered after meals however administration of azathioprine after meals may reduce oral absorption and therefore monitoring of therapeutic efficacy after this type of administration should be considered see section 4 8 the dose should not be taken with milk or milk

Derivatives see section 4 5 azathioprine should be taken at least 1 hour before or two hours after taking milk or milk derivatives see section 5 2 against indications for sensitivity related to prine or to any of the excipients listed in paragraph 6 1 leiber sensitivity to 6 mercaptopurine should alert the prescribing physician about probable hypersensitivity braces abrin

Special warnings and precautions for use immunization using live vaccines to the potential to cause infections in immunocompromised hosts therefore immunization is not recommended with live vaccines up to at least three months after the fi see the complete technical data sheet of the drug rcp access the site interactions with other medicines and other forms of

Interaction food milk and milk derivatives administering azathioprine with food may slightly decrease the exposure to systems however this is unlikely may have clinical relevance see paragraph 4 8 therefore the technical data sheet of the rcp drug is complete access the site interactions reported in international scientific literature before taking azathioprine

Aspen together with other drugs such as kate ruda repeat disabled solution disabled solution internal use etc. ask your doctor or pharmacist to verify that it is safe and not harmful to your health to take azathioprine aspen during pregnancy and breastfeeding can i take azathioprine aspen during pregnancy and breastfeeding fertility specific effect of aunt therapy first on

Human fertility is not known pregnancy a the occurrence of substantial transplacental and trans amniotic transmission of nitrogen and its assets has been observed the complete rcp drug data sheet access the website effects on the ability to drive and use machines no data exist on the effects of aunt prima on the ability to drive and use machines a negative

Effect on these activities cannot be predicted from the pharmacology of azathioprine undesirable effects summary of the safety profile for this medicine there is no recent clinical documentation that can be used to determine the frequency of undesirable effects undesirable effects may vary well the complete technical data sheet of the rcp drug access the site

The main signs of overdose are infections that cannot otherwise be explained operations involving the pharynx the appearance of hemorrhages and hematomas resulting from bone marrow depression that should and be maximum after 9-14 days these signs are more frequent in the case of chronic overdose rather than following an acute overdose case of a patient who ingested a dose

Of 7.5 gd azathioprine at one time. immediate toxic effects of balls overdose were nausea vomiting diarrhea followed by leukopenia and moderate liver function abnormalities healing occurred without significant events treatment as there are no specific antidotes general measures instituted if necessary supportive measures together with appropriate blood transfusions active

Measures such as the use of activated charcoal may be ineffective in the event of azathioprine overdose unless the procedure is undertaken within 60 minutes of ingestion further treatments must be clinically indicated or recommended by national poison control centers if available ible value of dialysis in patients who have taken an overdose of azathioprine is not known

Although azathioprine is partially of alisa b the pharmacodynamic properties therapeutic drug category antineoplastic and immunomodulatory drugs other immunosuppressants code atc l 0 4 a 0 1 mechanism of actions a azathioprine is a prodrug of the inactive 6 mercaptopurine 6 mp la 6 mpa but acts as an antagonist pharmacokinetic properties absorption azathioprine is well

Absorbed after oral administration although the effects of food on azathioprine have not been studied pharmacokinetic studies have been conducted with 6 mercaptopurine that preclinical safety data teratogenesis studies in rats pregnant mice and rabbits that used azathioprine at dosages of 5 to 15 mg bar kg body weight per day during the period list of excipients excipients

Lactose monograte starch of corn corn starch taken latinized magnesium sch ierate stearic acid eeprom pink coating macro gol 400 equivalent drugs the equivalent drugs website of the aifa italian drug agency thank you for following me up to here i hope that the farma max has been useful to you subscribe to the channel and will be informed about the publication of the new

Video leaflets good continuation see you at next drug examined

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