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Farxiga (Dapagliflozin) | How to use | side effects | anti-diabetics | SGLT-2 inhibitors

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Here at demi rx care so let’s jump right into the topic of choice today so our topic today is a medication called farsiga so farsigh is also known as dapagliflozin which is the generic name for the medication so this medication is normally used in our diabetes patients in order to help manage your diabetes it can also help in terms of their cardiovascular health

Which is going to be their heart health as well in patients so how does this medication work so this medication works by working in the kidneys and reducing um the reabsorption of that glucose um that is going back into the blood so it does this by reducing the amount of sugar or glucose that is in the blood system or blood vessels so this medication is usually

Taken as a five milligram or a ten milligram tablet once a day it comes in a five milligram as well as a ten milligram so what are some of the side effects that you need to know about this medication so some of the common side effect is urinary tract infection so because of the way the medication works um it can cause some patients to have more recurring or

Consistent urinary tract infection and if this become an issue make sure you’re raising that concern to your doctor that way they can switch you over to another medication that doesn’t have that side effect so this medication can also cause yeast infection so this is common in patients especially female patients so make sure that you’re reaching out to your doctor

As well um also this medication because of the way it works like i said it works in the kidney it can cause increased urination which can later on um cause increased thirst and also it can also cause low blood sugar which is you know kind of what we want the medication to do but not too much of you know lowering the blood sugar where it’s actually not healthy for

The patient also this medication can cause low blood pressure because as we’re losing those minerals that are going out and including the glucose the water is also being passed out or liquid is being passed out along with it so what are some serious side effects that you want to know about farsiga so serious side effect that you want to reach out to your doctor

For or your doctor might notice by doing your regular blood labs is increased cholesterol so if this medication start causing an increased cholesterol make sure that you’re reaching out to your doctor and you know letting them know sometimes the doctor will be able to catch it on time also usually in our patients with diabetes they’re already on a medication

Called statins and this medication already is helping with um lowering their cholesterol so the side effect might not be too prone but just in case if it you know start happening they might have to take you off the medication um also another sewer side effect is increased risk for bladder cancer so in patients who have a history of bladder cancer this is not a

Favorable medication as this can also increase their risk or you know worsen that that condition so um this medications another serious side effect would be kidney injury or um increased risk of fractures as well so make sure that you’re reaching out to your doctor this medication is contraindicated meaning this medication should not be taken in patients who

Have an end-stage renal disease or patients who have a kidney failure or patients who are on dialysis so this is not a medication that is going to be really beneficial in these patients because like i said this medication works in the kidney and if your kidney has low a very low function at that point the medication is not going to be able to work as effectively

As we wanted to so there’s no point using that medication when the kidneys are already not functioning well enough to be able to perform as desired with this medication so what are some other pointers that you want to know while taking this medication so this medication is preferably taken early in the morning that way if you need to um urinate you’re doing it

During the day and you’re not having to wake up multiple times at night time and you know causing some sleep disturbance just because you have to go to the bathroom and pee a lot all right so this medication can also cause dehydration so remember you’re constantly you know peeing and you know you’re losing liquid you’re losing some electrolytes as well so it

Can make the patient dehydrated so if you’re not able to keep liquid in as much then this is probably not a favorable medication because it’s just going to increase your risk of getting dehydrated because you’re not drinking plenty fluids to kind of you know supplement for those liquids that you’re you know passing out or urinating so what are other things that

You need to know so it is very important to monitor the blood level um in terms of potassium magnesium as well as phosphate levels because like i said these are electrolytes that has that are being passed along when you urinate and you know completely getting rid of some of this electrolyte can cause dehydration and these are some of the labs that your doctor

Wants to take when you come in for an appointment that way they can see and make sure that you’re having optimum amount of those potassium magnesium as well as phosphate that way you don’t start having an increased side effect because you have a lower amount of this electrolytes also like i said it’s very important that you’re doing your quarterly um a1c and going

In for your appointment and getting your blood labs done or blood work done that way they can see if the medication is working or seeing how your body is reacting to the medication that way it’s not like you’re just using the medication and it’s not really beneficial so i hope i was able to help in terms of what to look out for while taking this medication if you

Have any questions or concerns please feel free to comment down below or you can visit our website at where you can um talk to a pharmacist or consult with a pharmacist regarding your condition thank you for watching and we hope that you stay tuned alright thank you bye

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Farxiga (Dapagliflozin) | How to use | side effects | anti-diabetics | SGLT-2 inhibitors By DEMIRxCARE