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FBI seized millions in fentanyl and cash in Albuquerque on Thursday

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FBI seized millions in fentanyl and cash in Albuquerque on Thursday

The big event in just a few moments. but tonight, the fbi announcing its violent gang task force has recovered millions of dollars in cash, drugs and web ends connected to three violent gangs in albuquerque. and they say the main man is now in federal custody. action 7 sports john carnevale shows us how they got him. according to a federal affidavit, this man, jesse young,

Is believed to currently be the biggest drug dealer in albuquerque. yesterday in the early hours, fbi agents executed, 16 search warrants that ultimately led to his arrest and millions of dollars in contraband to be seized. the operation is all made possible because of 22 confidential informant who were involved with three gangs on september first 2022 in the early morning

Hours the executed 16 search warrants in connection to 15 individuals who known members of the serrano, s&m and wcl street gangs. this is the biggest seizure i’ve seen in the time that i’ve been here. according to this federal application for a search, the investigation into the gang’s criminal activities has been going on for years. but was kickstarter’s because

Of a homicide that happened on august eighth of this year at an apartment complex. 22 confidential fbi informants involved with the three street gangs told a special agent a serrano gang member by the name of jesse young, also kown as lobo, had committed the murder and was the largest drug dealer currently in albuquerque. the whole purpose of that was to make sure that

We tried to rid the streets of some very violent offenders. young 14 other people were identified as key players in large scale criminal activity in albuquerque. during the six search warrants, execu did thursday, a gold mine was at young’s location at our tresco drive southwest. it was a lot of drugs that were seized, a lot of weapons were recovered. and hopefully

This will lead to safer communities at the residence. 1 million fentanyl pills were recovered along with £142 of meth. 3 to $4 million in cash. 28 firearm arms and thousands of rounds of ammunition, amongst other illicit materials. it’s unclear where all the fentanyl has come from, so we’re still doing that as part of the investigation. but my best guess would be

That it’s not a local creation of the pills. some of the 15 key players were already in prison. however, the fbi was able to share five arrests were made in yesterday’s efforts and more are expected. they’re going to keep coming for you. we’re going to keep doing our job. we’re going to keep refining our skill set. procedures. and we’re going to keep doing

This. we’re going to do it because it’s the right thing to do. the affidavit mentions that one of the informants said a lot of california serrano’s are moving from california to here because new mexico is an easy place to conduct criminal activity. when bou honda was asked about the claim, he said the fbi’s looking into it. i’m john k

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FBI seized millions in fentanyl and cash in Albuquerque on Thursday By KOAT