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Feeling a lot better! Week 2 on Trintellix SSRI (Brintellix Vortioxetine)

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It’s been two weeks since I increased my dose of Trintellix to 15 mg, and I’m finally getting some sweet relief!

Hi everyone and welcome back to another chronically optimistic thank the lord i am feeling so much better this week hey guys so i’m here to give you another update on my trent alixe i have been on the 15 milligrams for a couple of weeks now and in my last update i let you guys know how i was feeling after being on it for seven days the first week i will admit was

Very rough i just had so much nausea and stomach problems does make a lot of sense because that medication is known for those kind of side effects and anytime that you increase the dose your chances of experiencing side effects or worse and side effects increases i did expect that i was probably gonna have some side effects from it haja has stomach upset i was

Pretty much expecting that it was really bad but in my last update after seven days i told you guys that i was starting to see the light a little bit the doctor did tell me to give the medication the name dose of the medication at least a week before giving up on it just to kind of see if the side effects would kind of trickle down and if my anxiety would start

To see some improvement so pretty much right on the seventh day of being on the 15 milligrams i started feeling a little bit better my stomach kind of settled down and i didn’t have as much nausea and the mornings my appetite started improving again and my anxiety started lowering which was amazing i really wasn’t sure if trans-lux is going to work for me for my

Anxiety or not because all the ten milligrams are just having so much of it not worth the side effect if i was going to be that anxious it was a little bit i guess weary of going up to 15 milligrams because i wasn’t sure that it would do anything for me but i am very happy to say i was wrong and the 15 milligrams is helping me a lot so i’m really happy that my

Doctor suggested i increased it and i’m really happy that i took the chance and gave it the time that it needed if i had given up after a few days with you know feeling so sick i wouldn’t feel as good as i do now so i’m really happy that i stuck with it it’s been such a blessing to have some moments in my day that aren’t completely overruled by anxiety particularly

Before every single morning when i woke up as soon as i woke up i was hit with that dread and the pit of my stomach i was hit with really bad anxiety and i had my anxiety pretty much throughout the entire day one-fifteen i’ve been on it for two weeks and now my days are more balanced i wake up in the morning feeling pretty good i haven’t been having my really bad

Stomach upset in the morning up anymore there are times where i do have upset stomach still but it’s manageable definitely it’s nowhere near as bad as it was when i first upped the dose definitely think my body is adjusting really well now i actually have lots of times during the day where i’m not anxious at all and i’m not even thinking about my wedding i’m not

Even thinking about everything that i have to do and that is so amazing if you guys have anxiety then you understand completely what it’s like to just be so anxious all the time having that constant anxiety is so exhausting though finding something that has given me even just a little bit of relief it’s just such a blessing so really appreciative that i’m able to

Get this medication and that my extended health insurance covers it i’ve given it the time and had the patience to wait it out and get to this point i definitely suggest you know if you’re trying an ssri and you’re really bogged down by side-effects if you can manage the side-effects definitely do your best to wait it out for a couple of weeks it honestly makes a

Huge difference and it’s difficult sometimes to tell which side effects are gonna stick around and which ones are going to be very fleeting you know you just kind of have to be really patient when it comes to antidepressants and a lot of other medications because it does take time for your body to adjust and for it to build up in your system so yeah i just wanted

To give you guys a quick update let you guys know that i’m feeling really good and my anxiety is definitely a lot more manager now than it was before it does get really bad or if i have some bouts of panic i do have a divan that i can take but i definitely try to hold off and only take that in emergency situations with benzodiazepines you don’t want to be taking

Them too often and you don’t want to be taking them every single day if you can help it be car addictive and your body does build up kind of resistance to them that are taking them multiple times a day every single day chances are they’re gonna become less effective for you but definitely you know benzos are a huge blessing to those of us you have really bad anxiety

And just having them on hand is so amazing and take them if i need them and i don’t have to worry about being trapped in a situation where i’m panicking with no kind of treatment for that so getting very close to my wedding i’m you know not very far away from it now so definitely the pressure is mounting but i am coping really well and i’m very grateful for that

I hope that you guys are all having a great day and figuring out your own medication situations if you’re going that route i don’t you know coping as best as you can and remember that it’s okay to have bad days and even now that i found a dose of the medication that works pretty well for me i’m still gonna have bad days and that’s okay too it’s not about having

Only good days and feeling only amazing all the time it’s about having a balance it’s okay to have some happy times and some sad times and some anxious times but you don’t want is to have 100% of your time the anxious time and that’s what we’re working on trying to find medications that work for us and therapy and supplements and you know counselling whatever it

Is that you can find to help you find that balance and so i hope you guys are doing well and i will see you in the next one bye guys

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Feeling a lot better! Week 2 on Trintellix SSRI (Brintellix Vortioxetine) By Abigail Rebecca