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Fentanyl PSA

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13 apple 113 alpha 2. two overdoses cal fire on scene cpr in progress requesting our response fentanyl overdoses are spiking across placer county over the last year that number has been about 55 percent higher than it has been in previous years it included a lot of first-timers that were just seeking to experiment and deadly the highly addictive drug is taking the

Lives of young adults and children under the age of 18. there have been five suspected overdoses in just the last few weeks and more than a dozen fentanyl-related deaths since 2020. one of those deaths was of a 17-year-old rocklin boy who died last december after ingesting what he thought was prescription percocet 21-year-old virgil xavier bordner a gang member from

Sacramento county sold the teen counterfeit pills laced with fentanyl bordner is now facing several charges in the teen’s death including involuntary manslaughter and there’s just no going back once you’re gone there’s no coming back from that judy mccaig lost her 21 year old son ian walsh to a fentanyl overdose last august she says ian had bought percocet that

Turned out to be fentanyl i always imagined that an overdose would be quite graphic but this wasn’t it was just really loud snoring i was watching my son die fentanyl is up to 100 times more potent than heroin and morphine and it’s far more deadly just 2 milligrams can prove to be lethal it can be deadly just by touching it considered to be a cheap filler fentanyl

Is added to increase the effect of street drugs and increase addiction it’s often mixed in with counterfeit opiates disguised as xanax percocet and oxycontin now fentanyl is even being added to marijuana and vape pens social media platforms including snapchat and instagram have become hot spots for teens and young adults to unknowingly buy tainted street drugs

You know drug dealers and counterfeiters they’ll do anything that they can to um to lure you in and to get you to buy their product well it doesn’t matter if it’s a kid or if it’s an adult or if it’s your best friend you’re gonna make that money we’ve protected john’s identity he’s a former drug dealer who sold heroin meth and prescription opiates on the streets

Of placer county since the age of 12. they wanted the power in the fame and just the whole gangster persona of being this cool guy that one everybody wanted to be around with that john says came the hunger for making more money he says that greed has now driven dealers to add fentanyl into street drugs if you were to get a pound of something and you were able

To cut it now you have three pounds now you’re making a bunch more money john adds most street drugs today are laced with fentanyl and it’s a game of russian roulette each time you use you have an option to either you know not do it or you’re gonna die there’s no other way around it keeping an open dialogue with your children and getting them to feel comfortable

Opening up about their issues is the best advice john says he can give to parents today judy says while that’s a crucial piece of the puzzle she’s urging other parents to be aware of the subtle signs of a fentanyl overdose what she calls a silent killer i saw him at a time when he couldn’t speak for himself and i didn’t speak up for him so we all need to know what this looks like you

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Fentanyl PSA By Placer County Sheriff’s Office