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Fentanyl: The Real Deal

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Jefferson county 9-1-1 there’s a chance you guys just walk there yes and we don’t have a key to one ayla – responding to west washington street she has on their way ems assess the 328 west washington street noise rejection you change this with overdose if you haven’t already i want to see what that’s enough i wonder what’s going on here let’s go ahead and light

Him up good fentanyl is a synthetic opioid that’s is becoming more and more prevalent in the drug world it’s actually more potent than heroin or morphine and even some of its analogues such as car fentanyl are much more potent than that and nul has been seen in powder tablet capsule rock nasal spray the forms always changing what we’ve seen in the last few years

With fentanyl is the rise in the number of deaths associated with its use first responders are increasingly likely to encounter fentanyl in the line of duty we want to make sure that they have the facts to keep them safe i got this ooh my hand well one myth is that just touching any amount of fentanyl is likely to cause severe illness or injury or even death and

That’s just not true incidental in contact with fentanyl that no can be washed off with soap and water think yes you don’t want to use hand sanitizer because that can actually potentially increase the absorption of fentanyl exposure can come in many ways through skin contact through the mucous membranes of your mouth your eyes or the most significant risk is from

Aerosolized airborne powder another myth is that ppe or personal protective equipment won’t protect you from fentanyl and the truth is that in most circumstances it will offer a significant level of protection gloves will protect from the skin exposure skin contamination of your hands the respirator mask will help will prevent the inhalation of an airborne powder

Wearing eye protection can prevent the exposure through the through the mucous membranes of your eyes hey can you check her breathing alright ma’am are you alright can you hear me should someone become exposed to fentanyl some of the signs or symptoms that you would see would be drowsiness or unresponsiveness slow or no breathing and then constricted or pinpoint

Pupils those are the signs or symptoms you want to look for in yourself or in your partner or in someone that you’re responding to she’s not breathing better call ms 916 hotel 16 yes can you get ems on the way to three zero one jasper street room two five zero they’re on their way if you think you’ve been exposed to a substance that could be fentanyl you want

To take that very seriously you want to alert a supervisor or a buddy tell them what you think is going on and the first step is to prevent any further contamination the second step is to not touch your eyes your nose your mouth that way you’ll prevent further exposure third step is to simply wash the area with soap and water and then finally if you think your

Clothes or or some of your protective materials have been exposed or contaminated you want to remove those through your standard decontamination protocols more and more first responders are being provided with naloxone for use in the line of duty you want to administer the naloxone per your established protocols naloxone is a very safe medication and it can very

Rapidly and effectively reverse the effects of fentanyl and it can be life-saving are you feeling okay having any trouble breathing or anything no i did get a little on my skin accidentally i washed it off a soapy water though and then gloved up okay check your balls for okay the threat of fentanyl is real but we’re showing a multi-layered defense that will keep

First responders safe while they do their job and keep the rest of us safe

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Fentanyl: The Real Deal By U.S. Customs and Border Protection