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Fexofenadin hydrochloride 120 mg | Allegra 120 mg uses | allegra 180 mg tablet

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If you want to know about general information of medicine please subscribe your own youtube channel your pharmacist and press bell icon for latest notification hello friends phaxophenidine is the second generation antihistamine medicine it works by blocking h1 receptor flexophene is manufactured in only oral preparation that is tabulate in suspension form here

We discuss about phexophenyl in tablet only fractional phenomena tablet is available in different strength such as facts of energy 30 milligram 60 milligram 120 milligame and 180 milligram is fexofenadine is a zandik name or a chemical name of drug it is available at medical store or pharmacy by its brand name the popular brand name which are available worldwide

Are tail first tablet allegra tablet fx 24 tablet flexophone tablet welfare stability and alexa tablet with many other and it may be found in your area by the name because brand name are different according to area and doctor choice you can purchase any of the brand which is easily available having affordable price before discussing its uses in detail we’ll learn

The unique specification of exophenadine tablet although many antihistaminic drugs are available in market other than fexofenadine but the main three reason to use fraxophenol in tablet that are first is it is able to treat or cure the last phase of allergy condition which is not treated by other antihistamine tablet such as chlorphendramine melite hydroxyzine and

Promethazine and it inhibits the liquid terrains and platelet activity factor in last phase of allergy to treat this phase second is faxophenidine tablet has less ability to pass blood brain barrier that’s why causes less sedation when compared to other antihistamine tablet and third one is this tablet is also having very less side effects facts of an iodine tablet

Uses in which disease dr advice this tablet is it is an antihistamine tablet it is used to treat several allergic conditions such as allergy creatives it is an allergic response causing itchy watery eyes sneezing and other similar symptoms allergic realities occur seasonal or year around next is consecutivities it is an inflammatory condition of outer membrane of

Eyes bowl and inner eyelid symptoms include redness itching and tearing of eyes next is arctic area which is also known as hives it is a skin resistance triggered by reaction of food or medicine or other recent symptoms include achiraized red or skin color vault on the skin surface another is atopic dermatitis that is also known as eczema it is an anti-inflammatory

Condition of skin usually develops in early childhood and in more common in people who have family history of this condition flexopenidine tablet is also used to treat itchy skin itchy nose and throat allergic asthma allergic reaction due to any medicine or food and apart from all these uses doctor can advise you this medicine in any other disease according to its

Experience facts of an identity doses how much quantity is advised by doctor the dose of a drug is depend upon patient age weight and type of disease but here we discuss about the common recommended dose for allergic realities and artic area for adult that is 120 milligram tablet orally once a day or 60 milligram tablet orally two time a day the maximum dose is 180

Milligram per day in single dose or divided boost this tablet should be taken with water after food and if you have flexophenite in dtt tablet that is disintegrating tablet then take it on an empty stomach for good result fexofenident tablets side effects the undesirable effect which may seem during its use usually very less side effects are seen but the common

Side effects which machine are headache vomiting baking nausea muscle spin dysmenorrhea that is pain during menstruation cycle in females increase pupil size of eye cough what i go and many other if you experiencing these or other than these undesirable effects stop using this tablet immediately and consult your doctor for further treatment never to take this

Tablet again so friends this was a general information about flexophenidine tablet which is also named as allegra tablet or tailfast tablet i hope you got a lot of new information from this video and like this video if you like this video press like button and send it to friends and family members and still you don’t suffer on youtube channel why to pharmacist

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Fexofenadin hydrochloride 120 mg | Allegra 120 mg uses | allegra 180 mg tablet By YT Pharmacist