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FINALLY ACNE FREE + Before & After Photos | Post-Minocycline Update | nicolevlogsetc.

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Hey everyone! It has been awhile, but I am so happy to say that my skin has FINALLY CLEARED UP! I will be uploading more videos soon and I’m so excited to share more of my acne journey with you guys!

What is up my lovely people it’s been so long since i uploaded a skin update post minocycline update it’s been in here and my skin is literally acne free i barely get it yeah i’ll be posting some pictures of what has happened how my skin has been so i’ll probably just talk about the story prior to explaining my skincare i’ll be sure you’ve my skincare routine with

You guys my voice is a little bit like cracky because anyway yeah so basically i took me to cycling for six months i uploaded videos people probably still watching it but it’s updated i wanted to make sure that all these products worked and i wanted to make sure my skin is clear like how it is now in order for me to share with you guys what i actually use and so

Far it’s been working pretty well it’s been a year and my skin is consistent i rarely get like insanely crazy breakouts yeah so i’ll be posting some before and after pictures i did have a really really bad break out probably i last year around november i had like the worst break out of my life because i wanted to take birth control pills for contraception and also

To see if it helps my skin because i i was a little bit like still breaking out last year last year around summer time i still had some acne breakouts and acne flares and i decided maybe i should try taking birth control i heard some good things about it and birth control does help with skin some people not so much some people it does work and it’s also helpful

For contraception for me it did not help me i’ll post video my meters before and after right now regarding my skin right nail over here i don’t know where i’m gonna put it but yes my skin was so i’m so so bad like terrible it was crazy bad i broke out crazier than i actually did when i was on my mini cycling pills and i wanted to jump start my treatment without

Taking – i clean and without taking a cute asian because i know accutane is a little bit on the crazier side and i would have to take birth control pills with accutane anyways so i decided no i’m not going to go that route i’m going to go naturally and organically and i’m gonna use products and see if it works one thing the first thing i tried i’m not sponsored or

Anything it’s acne org that’s the first thing i tried to order i got the whole acne that org regimen i have left the only regimen or only product that is still with me is the benzoyl peroxide it’s the benzoyl peroxide treatment so basically there’s a face wash there’s a lotion and there’s this one and it has instructions of you know how to use it and everything

I have birds downstairs you could probably hear them tweak and everything’s better yeah anyways the oh the acne dot-org regimen has really helped me it took about three months so i started taking the acne org this time last year so december and then my skin started to clear up around march the acne that org does take a while three months and i say be patient if

You want your skin to clear up you need to be patient i heard some really good stories about this i’ve also seen some videos online at first that was a little bit skeptical because people that talked about the acne or regimen were beauty gurus that were already so popular and so i was like maybe this is sponsored maybe they pay they pay those youtubers but then i

Ran out i ran out of options and the whole regimen is only about forty dollars so i decided why not just try options and i did and it really did help trust me i bought this myself i was like also a customer i’m not sponsored anything and this literally has helped my skin clear up but i did end up with scarring which kind of sucked and what i used to clear up my

Scars are these two products so i heard a lot of good things about tea tree oil tea tree oil helps with inflammation redness and basically you put it on your pimple if you have like a breakout you put it on your pitbull and it’ll shrink it not overnight but it does help with inflammation and this is the product that i’ve been using so far but it’s called tea tree

Oil sorry my fingers are like oily because there’s oil outside the bottle it does smell amazing i’m just gonna wipe it off my hands right now it does help with moisturizing what what’s really cool about tea tree oil is it doesn’t make it feel heavy like you know when you put baby oil on your face or whatever oils you put i don’t know but there’s some oils that i

Put on my face even lotion i put lotion on my face that it’s so heavy and too oily for me skin it i don’t like it but tea tree oil house helps me a lot this is my advanced clinicals i don’t know if it’s like focusing but this is my advanced clinicals and it’s their tea tree oil treatment and it helps with blemishes crack skin improves the look of skin redness and

Bumps so if you have a little bit of redness on your face and bumpy bumpy pimples it has helped me a lot and it smells amazing tea tree oil is generally for disinfectant my boyfriend does jiu jitsu and his jujitsu soaps have tea tree oil in it so it helps with disinfecting and everything so it does help with bacteria all that stuff your skin another thing that

I’ve been using is the same product advanced clinicals and it’s the vitamin c and it is the advanced brightening cream and what vitamin c does is it helps with the scarring and the pigmentation like the scarring pigments it has helped me this has sped up the lightening of face skin and it’s great and it smells good too but it does it is a little bit heavy on my

Face so what i would usually do is after i wash my face i would put the tea tree oil a little bit of it and then i would put this moisturizer just a teeny bit because if you put too much of these two together it’ll make your face super oily but it’s been amazing these two products have been amazing so basically this is just for the lightening and then how i wash

My face now is different i don’t like i don’t use soap and just scrub it so i used this thing it’s called triple whipped professional cleansing cream by queen helene i don’t know i don’t know how to pronounce the name but this product i saw this at sally’s and i was like oh maybe i should try it and it’s a cleansing cream it’s on the oily side it’s basically it’s

The texture is kind of like petroleum jelly like literally so basically it’s cream that’s really oily it helps with taking out makeup and what i do with this you know avoid using your hands and just putting it in there and then washing your face with it this isn’t so this is a cleansing cream it doesn’t bubble up for anything like that but does it bubble up or

Anything like that it’s a creep so what i do is i would wet my face you get a paper towel you could also use a hand towel but i try to avoid using a paper towel freakin ones but i try to avoid a using a heated towel because the bacteria could get stuck it is everything so i use a paper towel the soft kind not the rough kind and i would get a paper towel and dip it

In the cream and it’s already tap it’s already wet and i would just wipe it on my face kind of like a makeup remover wait i i just do that and then it takes my makeup off and then i rinse it with another paper towel and wet it with warm water i rinse it that way and that’s how i clean it and then i go along with putting this wet on my oil and my cream and that’s

Basically it and this is what i’ve been doing for the past literally the past year and it’s helped my skin as for diet i haven’t really changed anything in my diet i just drink more water i hate water i don’t know why i really do not like water but i try my best to drink as much water as possible because it really does help and the makeup that i use i don’t try

And pack off my makeup you know i rarely wear a lot of makeup i used to have to wear a lot of makeup because i had to cover my pimples it’s just you know i was insecure about it and that’s the only resort i have to cover it up but i realized you know what i need to make my skin breathe and so basically i had my semester started and i had to stay home a lot anyways

So i didn’t wear as much makeup i stayed home a lot more often i stayed indoors and kept my face makeup free for most of the time yeah that’s basically what i’ve done i don’t take any more medication i’ll share with you guys how i use this but i just wanted to share the products right now and just kind of let you guys know that i’m back and i’m about to share with

You the best things that i’ve been using so far and hopefully it does work so yeah i’ll see you guys next time and i hope you guys have a good christmas break bye

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FINALLY ACNE FREE + Before & After Photos | Post-Minocycline Update | nicolevlogsetc. By nicoleramosVLOGS