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Finasteride vs Dutasteride! Which is better for hair loss?

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What’s going on guys it’s your boy geo from hair gc back at it again with another video and in today’s topic we’re going to be talking about finasteride versus deuterosteroid for hair loss treatment options let’s get into it so what causes hair loss in men primarily it’s a combination of genetic reasons the hair becomes very sensitive to male hormone called

Hydrotestosterone dht for short and over time the hair follicle shrinks and the hairs on the scalp become brittle and ultimately stop growing how do the steroid works is by blocking two enzymes which are responsible for converting testosterone into dht due to steroid is capable of blocking up to 90 percent dihydrotestosterone unlike finasteride which is capable of

Only blocking 70 percent so if we just look at the percentages on that we can conclude that overall due to steroid is far superior to finasteride especially if we consider the assessment of multiple doctors on the total hair count of patients as well as the patients themselves reporting an increased number of hair growth after just three months of daily use it is

Also worth noting that no you won’t start growing hair on other parts of your body due to taking due to steroid it is very specific to the hair on your scalp how do you take it well due to steroid comes as a pill and should be taken once a day preferably with food how long do you need to be taking this exactly well unfortunately in order to keep seeing the effects

You need to take it indefinitely and as always prior to taking medication of any kind i urge you to consult with a medical professional prior moving on to finasteride it essentially operates under the same principles it is a dht blocker and comes in either a pill or a foam which is applied directly to the scalp but you’re probably asking yourself geo why would

I take finasteride if due to steroid clearly has better percentages excellent question and the answer is the fact that due to steroid is like i said previously a relatively new medication unlike finasteride which has been around since the 1970s and has approved to be used for hair loss by the fda while deuterostaride is not and has only been around since 2001.

There just isn’t any sufficient long-term data on it and the long-term effects it might have especially considering that hair loss cases are completely individual to the person however the fact still remains that according to clinical trials 0.5 milligrams of deuterostaride reduces the level of dht in the blood the same amount as 5 milligrams of finasteride when

It comes to side effects most men experience none whatsoever but if you were to it’s only about a one percent chance or even less of developing erectile dysfunction a lowered sex drive and gynecomastia which is the enlargement of the male breast tissue these two medications have a very small side effect profile so if you find that finasteride is not working for

You or has never worked for you it’s definitely worth looking into taking due to steroid in my humble opinion for more information about finasteride as well as due to steroid and the specific brand name of these two medications check out our blog post which will be the first link in the description box down below and don’t forget to check out any of our previous

Videos for anything and everything hair and beard related and that is it for today’s video guys don’t forget to drop a like and subscribe i’d greatly appreciate it and let us know if you found the video helpful in the comments down below my name is julio from hair gc and i’ll see you soon

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Finasteride vs Dutasteride! Which is better for hair loss? By HAIRGC