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First visit with Dr. Champion

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Had my first visit with my surgeon Dr. Champion. We talked about lapband and gastric bypass. I still need to get the clearance from my psychiatrist. I weigh 267lbs today that is a gain of 8lbs since Sept. 23rd. I do take geodon which has the side effect of weight gain.

Hi youtubers it’s me lashon and i just got back from my appointment with dr champion in marietta it was very interesting they had me watch a film about gastric bypass and the lap band and um then i had to take a test after the film and it had i think maybe 12 questions basically trying to make sure i understood what the film consisted of it was very interesting

Again um then i was able to speak with kathy we went over some of my medical history and some of my weight loss history some of the things that i’ve done and then i was able to talk about the champion and once again we went over the medical history um i see my psychiatrist on the 25th of this month like i said before i had already saw him once but he wanted to be

Sure that i spoke with dr champion we were able to talk about the pros and cons of surgery and then he would write me a medical clearance um i was kind of shocked when dr champion told me that i was 100 i think 130 pounds overweight my ideal weight he wants me at like 150 um but if you go by the national statistics excuse me the pronunciation is off a person

Of my height should weigh like 130 and i was like god that’s a little stick and he’s like well i you know add 20 more pounds of that to make it around about 150 you know give or take a pound here and there so i don’t think i’ve ever well i know i’ve weighed 150 but i cannot remember ever weighing 150. it’s like i was born and poof 200 and something i believe i

Remember the smallest one i remember weighing is like 190 and that’s before i got pregnant with my first son um today i weighed 267. you know it’s about that time of the month but it throws a couple of pounds but that’s to be expected um but we are looking towards the gastric bypass just because you lose a lot more weight um a lot of people have had success

With it um i have a lot of weight to lose whoa look at my do you see my triple chin well look that looks like a neck right there well i’m talking about another double neck i mean look at my neck i’m talking about the chin i don’t look one well look one look at that fat roll there fat roll there a fat roll there look like i got three negs anyways excuse my

Hair i just cut back from marietta he’s really nice i don’t have to take any like um like i already told you guys i have um i’m looking at the time on here i’m sorry my mind is i don’t have to do any sleep studies because i already have sleep apnea um there’s a lot of things he asked me like if if i’m laughing or coughing do i happen to urinate on myself i’m

Kind of embarrassed but things like that helped to help get them i don’t even know what to say because it was kind of funny when he asked me that um they asked me to have like swelling in any of my joints which i do in my ankle you know i had a torn ligament in my ankle so it does swell um trying to take rest asked me um oh do i have acid reflux which i do do

I have any problems with you know bladder any female problems um any stomach problems i have irritable bowel syndrome i mean i’m telling all my history on the internet goodness gracious somebody might somebody might see this that i know but anyways um i can’t wait to go see um the psychiatrist does it seem like time is going by real fast or what it seems like

It was just october the 1st now today is october 20 i mean october the 14th before i know it’ll be october the 25th anyways so they took my temperature blood pressure my blood pressure was like 131 over 94 which i do have hypertension lucky me well it’s not lucky me i mean i do take blood pressure pills for it oh and my bmi is 45 i was just like 45 oh my god

Gosh can’t believe it i mean i know i was heavy but i don’t know i know it was that heavy so i’m looking to do the gastric bypass and to be honest i’ll be glad to get this weight off it’s a struggle every day you get up and you’re like in the fat person’s suit and i wish i could take it off but i can’t it’s sad and we talked about the diets that i’ve done let’s

Think about how much money i paid for the pills going to the gym the diets the water pills i mean i’ve made them a lot of money and it only works for a short time then you go back to eating regular then you gain the weight back and you gain more weight and then when you get skinny you get into those little skinny clothes i remember when i put on a size 14. i was

Like oh my god i’m in a forte yes and then once i hit the goal it was just like the weight just snuck back on me and before i knew it i was back into the 20s too much booty in the pants there’s too much booty in the bed there’s too much booty in the pants but i’m ready to just get this weight off really i don’t know i don’t know and you know what they always

Think that people are just so have nice personalities i guess so i’m guessing i don’t know i don’t know i guess this time next year i’d be just kidding me i guess we’re just going to keep our fingers crossed and hope everything goes through in hopes that the psychiatrist which he already said that he would write a medical experience was i saw a doctor champion

And just hope that the insurance approves it oh i also get to pick my own surgery day you know once everything gets approved yay me well i know this really wasn’t too informative i don’t know i just wanted to get on here because i said i was and i don’t want to do things and not do them so oh i also ordered that book weight loss surgery for dummies i saw that

Other people on there have been talking about the book so i ordered the book off of amazon and i i ordered the used book i mean it wasn’t i think either six or eight dollars so when it gets here i’m going to show it to you guys so that’s all for me today 10 minutes goes by fast well it’s really not even 10 eight minutes it goes by really fast well i’m trying

To think anything else that happened at the doctor’s office i mean that really basically was it um well if i think of anything else i’ll come back on youtube you guys know what i’m going to do now i’m going to watch other people’s videos that’s what i do all day i look at other people’s videos my day is grand okay youtubers we’re going to think positively and

Goodbye i guess i can’t even say a good proper goodbye i can’t even find a proper goodbye everyone has a a wonderful goodbye except for me i’m just like hey i think past it okay all right toodles

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First visit with Dr. Champion By beargathighs32