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Five Things About Breast Cancer Your Doctor Has Wrong

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Enjoy this video on the top five things doctors usually get wrong about breast cancer! Dr. Purser hopes to help clear up the many common misconceptions about breast cancer with regards to progesterone, birth control, estradiol, and mirena IUDs.

Hey this sector damper sir danvers theorem decom i’m gonna start a new video series here it is it’s things your doctors tell you that may be wrong that they commonly believe i call them doctors old wives tales or things they don’t tell you that they should be telling you so today we’re gonna do breast cancer worries ever since to start practicing medicine

130 years ago doctors have been telling their patients that progesterone causes breast cancer it does no such thing there’s no studies that show that there’s nothing anywhere this shows that progesterone prevents breast cancer natural progesterone reduces your risk for breast cancer by almost 500 plus percent if your level is high enough that’s a 1981 american

College of epidemiology study that came out there’s a big review article that showed of five hundred plus percent decreased risk of breast cancer overall and women who had normal or high levels of progesterone in a thousand percent decreased risk of overall cancer that’s an amazing statistic so i use natural progesterone all the time which just a ton of different

Patients in number situations and it’s a great product it helps you sleep you get there hot flashes night sweats it reduces your risk for breast cancer reduce your risk for clots and strokes and it keeps your hair if they can pull your bones heart it just does a lot of good things for you i’ve had a number one book on the amazon off and on for the last 10 years

On progesterone right a little progesterone book if you want more information look for that birth control pills do not cause breast cancer well that’s what doctors say that’s wrong birth control pills you know every study every done i’ve ever seen show at least a two to twenty percent increased risk of breast cancer in women who take them if you’ve taken birth

Control pills in your prior to age 18 you then have a 500 plus percent increased risk of death from breast cancer for your entire life thereafter from taking birth control pills that’s crazy that date has been suppressed here in the us is in two northern european studies that were really well done and it’s been well documented in europe just not here in the us

For big pharma rules don’t take birth control pills if you know high risk for breast cancer i never prescribed them anymore i tell most women other options or a copper iud or something else so they don’t get breast cancer it’s just a killer doctors say that the mirena iud does not cause breast cancer it actually does do studies that come out that show that

Indeed causes breast cancer at the same rate of birth control pills which is 220 percent which is why birth control pills always contained it packages insert that’s because that’s informed consent on your part and you can’t sue them for all the things that they say in their read your package insert no one ever reads it that doesn’t about breast cancer strokes

Everything else that the birth control pills cause that are really high percentage rate 220 percent increased risk for breast cancer with birth control pills the mirena now we know is the same thing i would not advise using to marina i would use the copper iud if you gotta use an iud and take lots of natural progesterone if you have issues with pms how flashes

Night sweats are heavy believing doctors say all the time that estradiol when given orally causes breast cancer it’s wrong 17 baby estradiol is the natural form 17-bit estradiol which is the natural form of estradiol and the only kind i ever prescribe actually reduces breast cancer risk by 30 percent so i post the study here please look at it and you make your

Own determination but i give us a tile because it’s what makes a woman a woman so it keeps your woman it’s what keeps your bones hard it reduces the risk for strokes heart attacks and diabetes which chop applause your dial will not do so consider estradiol and look at the studies doctors say all the time that progesterone estradiol cause breast cancer because

Breast cancer cells often will have progesterone receptors or estradiol receptors that’s not a cause and affecting it doesn’t mean that the estradiol or the progesterone will cause the breast cancer they just happen to have receptors like the cells that reform from do adding progesterone postmenopausal e or estradiol postmenopausal e does not increase your risk

For breast cancer and either one do they actually decrease your risk for breast cancer it’s a reasoning problem not a causation problem when women i know get breast cancer and even if it’s progesterone receptor positive i usually tell them to take more progesterone because it causes apoptosis of the breast cancer so go to pubmed look at all the articles you can

Search apoptosis which means to pop a cell apoptosis and progesterone and look at all the thousands of articles that have come up and show you that progesterone causes apoptosis of breast cancer cells this concludes my series on breast cancer worries weird things doctors say to their patients our crazy things doctor tell their patients that aren’t always accurate

I call them crazy doctor old wives tales so this is doctor dan purser god bless and going good health you

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Five Things About Breast Cancer Your Doctor Has Wrong By Dan Purser MD