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Flaxseed Does NOT Increase Estrogen- Not to worry!

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Flaxseeds have just been catching a lot of flack lately like they’re getting picked on they’re in jail they’re just like in this prison cell and everyone’s saying nope flax is a no-go and one of the most common things that people are saying about flax right now which by the way is totally like legitimate to look at is that it increases our estrogen levels now the

Science behind that isn’t exactly in line with that the theory with that makes perfect sense so kind of address the theory and then i’ll break down some more of the research especially the research starting to come out and then we’ll look at a little bit more of just kind of the big picture stuff we have to look at so let’s go ahead and let’s jump in with this it’s

Gonna be interesting so flax once it’s sort of metabolized a little bit it ends up having this compound which we’ll talk about in a second that looks a lot like estrogen which means that it can bind to an estrogen receptor now in this world we look at things called estrogen mimickers bpas things like that that are inherently known to potentially drive up estrogen

Levels so we try to avoid them well when something binds to an estrogen receptor it doesn’t necessarily constitute an increase in estrogen okay sometimes it does but sometimes it can actually act as a blockade okay so let’s look at some of this research so there’s an interesting study that’s published in the frontiers nutrition okay now what’s interesting about

This is they found that flax could potentially blunt the growth of breast cancer now what does this have to do with anything i don’t want to go down a cancer rabbit hole that’s not what this channel is about i’m not a doctor i’m not going to pretend to be one but what this implies is that well breast cancers generally grow from estrogen like when estrogen levels

Are higher it usually causes a spike in that not always but generally well if we first have this like first response to this where we can say okay well if it was driving up estrogen levels we would probably see some pretty aggressive increase there so what the heck is going on well then we look at the mechanism so flax contains a lagnin known as seco isolaric

Iresinol long word we’ll just call it sdg because that’s the acronym for it okay this sdg is very important in this conversation sdg when it gets into our gut gets converted into something called enterolactone now it also gets converted into something called enterodial but i think enterolactone is probably more important okay it is these compounds that are very

Molecularly similar to estrogen and this is where the confusion starts okay interlactone kind of looks like estrogen is it going to cause this whole issue well when you look at the research in this particular study found that okay this is where the enterolactone actually goes in and binds to the estrogen receptor and it was creating a blockade on that receptor so

That estrogen that was floating around through the body wasn’t able to actually get its signal all the way it wasn’t able to send its signal because the estrogen receptor was being blocked so it’s blocking the effect of estrogen on the receptor because it’s sitting there in the receptor occupying it’s pretty interesting so in the case of the breast cancer with

This study basically it wasn’t able to react to the estrogen signal because the signal wasn’t able to get there so that’s pretty fascinating that’s how we look at that but now i want to open your eyes and expand a little bit more we have this thing called the estrobolone okay it’s a fancy word but essentially is telling us in kind of in a colloquial way that the

Gut assists in the metabolization and the removal of excess or non-utilized estrogens we have multiple forms of estrogen the worst form is one called 1-7 hydroxy ester dial that’s the really the one that’s researched a lot as the bad one now when we have a diverse microbiome the microbiome can help break down and improve the waste process the removal process of

Certain estrogens so our gut microbiome plays such a huge role with that now where does flax come in flax being exceptionally high in soluble fiber especially a fiber called arabinoxalan these fibers are very powerful when it comes down to producing short chain fatty acids so they’re very beneficial when it comes down to just overall gut microbiome diversity okay

And that gut microbiome diversity although we can’t say definitively which bacteria a hundred percent are metabolizing estrogen we can say that a more diverse microbiome plays a better role because we have a better chance of containing the bacteria that do metabolize estrogen within our gut would you rather have ten species or a million species that way you have

More diversity and you know that okay at least i know some of the work is getting done so having this gut diversity becomes very important people do ask all the time do probiotics make a difference when it comes down to the microbiome estrogen all this stuff the bottom line is that diversity is important and probiotics may help contribute to that diversity so i

Generally take one that is called a symbiotic i use one from a company called seed it’s a prebiotic and a probiotic if you look at the capsule there’s a capsule inside of a capsule so very unique technology where it’s kind of this different staging it’s very fascinating anyhow they’re doing a bunch of research in the world of microbiome and if you’ve noticed on

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Looking at plus it’s kind of nice to get a 15 off discount link so use that code down below and check out seed and a big thank you to seed for the continued support on this channel but we also have to look at the relationship between short chain fatty acids and testosterone there’s even some research that demonstrates that when we have a more diverse microbiome there

Is a positive correlation with increases in testosterone okay if we have lower levels of testosterone then the estrogen testosterone balance is out of whack so the bottom line here is i think that flax has been getting a little bit of a bad rap without looking at the entire big picture obviously the isolated research of course with you know the estrogen receptor

But then the bigger kind of just overarching theme here is microbiome diversity that you’re gaining from the flax is probably outweighing the potential negative estrogen impact but i don’t even think it’s actually a negative impact now so at the end of the day eat flax there are benefits to it i eat a lot of it okay i have at least a couple tablespoons per day

And i recommend that you add that in too okay soluble fiber a little bit of insoluble fiber appetite suppression of course fiber helping you go to the bathroom which is always a good thing but then all these other benefits with short chain fatty acids estrogen metabolism and if you’re not having to worry about estrogen it’s just worth adding in so as always keep

It locked and here my channel i’ll see you tomorrow

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Flaxseed Does NOT Increase Estrogen- Not to worry! By Thomas DeLauer