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Flora Floradix Magnesium for Calcium Absorption with Flora Product Educator, Peter Quenter

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National Nutrition interviewed Flora Product Educator, Peter Quenter and he gave us the inside scoop on Flora Floradix Magnesium.

Hello my name is peter quinta i have been in natural health practice in canada since 1990 after my time in germany with a little bit of background there i have over the years been doing a much education as well and now i am the educator for flora manufacturing and distributing here in canada sallis flora also has a magnesium tonic same mineral compound in a liquid

Soluble form as the florida keys the iron compound the calcium magnesium the kina vita so all of these tonics are primarily mineral compounds but as always all the tonics are in a vase of digestive slightly bitter tonic teas to strengthen digestion and absorption and mineral absorption in the gut as well as colon health and in a base of fruit and vegetable juices

To provide food assets food sugars and vegetable acids which are important to have present in the gut for enhancing mineral absorption all the mineral tonics in this case the magnesium is also a liquid soluble mineral compound organically bound a plant-based food based compound like all the tonics which means this is the kind of common herbal compound that we eat

On a daily basis as opposed to the calcium carbonates and phosphates and oxides which of course are inorganic compounds and they’re not very easily absorbed it’s not very efficiently supplements dollars spent i remember here’s a little anecdote i remember in the late 80s before i came back to canada i was reading a german naturopathic magazine and an article on

Magnesium it was commented that being museum at the time was the most prescribed mineral by medical doctors for a whole range of diseases heart disease high blood pressure angina depression anxiety menopause hormonal imbalances arthur i asked my sleeping troubl anything under the sun and it is no surprise because magnesium is one of those fundamental nutrients

That is required for every single cell in your body to function it’s involved in over 600 enzyme processes and other physiological functions so almost any health condition can benefit from supplemental magnesium especially because magnesium along with iron is one of the most prevalent deficiencies not just in north america but worldwide you take the salus tonics

One dose per day that is the design of the cal-mag the kena beetle and the magnesium tonic one dose a day should supply your average generic one size fits all supplemental dose of a magnesium supplement magnesium typically is considered the grand relaxer in the mineral kingdom week museum actually is very important to shut off the stress response in the body once

You have stress and who doesn’t have stress these days and your adrenal function will kick in your cortisol rises and your hormones get out of balance your neurotransmitters get out of balance your calcium magnesium balance will shift inside and outside the cells and you need magnesium to turn off to calm down the stress response and that’s one of the reasons why

People will typically use magnesium in the evenings for sleep problems insomnia and for high blood pressure for example arthritic pain and inflammatory conditions all of those all of those kind of health conditions and symptoms people typically report improvement with the magnesium

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Flora Floradix Magnesium for Calcium Absorption with Flora Product Educator, Peter Quenter By National Nutrition