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Foley Catheter Tips and Tricks, Lube, Lidocaine Gel, Washing Wipes, Leg Band vs Stat Lock

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Hey everybody do you know what this thing is this is a catheter leg strap and what you do is yeah let’s see if i can do it it’s one i actually used you wrap this around your leg see it has velcro on it and then you get it velcroed like this oh god i’m ruining it now which is fine and this goes like this and then the catheter goes here where my finger is see that

And then you take this and you put it through here and then you take this and you velcro these down and look now my finger is stuck in there and that would be the catheter tube in there and you do that so that uh the catheter won’t pull on your junk and hurt you so it’s it’ll pull on your leg first right and warn ya now the problem with these leg straps is that

They sometimes fall down your leg so they’re not always helpful they’re not my favorite things i like the thing that sticks to your leg called a stat lock but it doesn’t really matter what that’s called because i don’t have a foley catheter anymore and i wanted to tell you the story of when i went to the clinic today to get it removed and there was a lot of drama

Because i’ll tell you i did not want to leave with a foley catheter and they do a little test to make sure that you can pee and empty your bladder mostly and i passed that test but i didn’t think i was going to because i have a mess and i thought maybe something would be so i was doing this thing where i was saying like if i need to learn to self cath with a just

A regular manual catheter i will do that and i think i asked my nurse like is that a thing that’s done and she said sometimes and i’m like i think did you tell me about that she’s like i didn’t tell you about that i’m like who told me about that i’m like did i just make this up and now i’m obsessed with it and i was like we’re like am i do i appear to be himself

Obsessed with self-cathing but let me explain why that even happened like that may have been what happened i mean i’ve known other ms people that had to self cath i don’t even know if it’s called self cat self cathing let’s call it that now though we’ll invent a term if we haven’t yet and the nurse said that is sometimes something that is done so i wasn’t way

Off base but here’s why it was a big deal to me because i was not going to leave that clinic with a foley catheter today and i would have done anything that man can do or that the human race can do to not have a foley catheter luckily getting my catheter out went well and i’m going to the bathroom normally now and i feel great and it is so awesome but seriously

I would have done anything i had three weeks that’s a long time and i just wasn’t gonna have it i wasn’t gonna have that catheter for any longer because i just couldn’t deal with it um and i’ll tell you like it’s not the worst thing in the world to have a catholic foley catheter but it is ever present right and it is ever present in the most uncomfortable of ways

And uh well you can deal with it you sure don’t want to and there are some people that have fully catheters all the time and i’m not sure exactly why that happens but i feel for those people because some the people i’ve talked to only had them for a few days and still manage to hate them so much and i try not to give my doctor the nurses i know nobody’s doing me

Wrong right but i’ll tell ya that was not you know i’ll tell you i’d like to make these videos interesting so i’m going to tell you a thing i did so i’m not a sexual deviant at all or anything like that but i do know that there are people who like use catheters as sex toys and stuff and um i did not do that of course well i guess i did in that i had one in but

Not for that the doctor put it in not me so i just looked up some internet searches on these people because i just wanted to see if they had information that could help me and had a little bit of information that could like not maybe what i wanted but i did like it’s one thing oh gosh this is so but this is how i should make this video this is what makes this

Video interesting when you see people purposely using them and maybe using them in odd ways or whatever or doing things with them all of a sudden you become a lot less concerned that this thing is gonna blow up your body and ruin your life you’re like well they’re doing that with it then my simple doing nothing with it is probably gonna be fine right and i’ll tell

You after a few weeks with one of those you kind of need to know that everything’s going to be okay right that’s going to be fine it’s like i’m not doing that so cool and uh yeah and i don’t regret doing that search like people do some complex i’m not going to say anything but people do with multiple and yeah people are weird right i not weird i mean i’m like

Do what you want to do that’s safe or whatever but yeah it’s uh yeah yeah i mean one of the reasons i make these videos is because i know there’s people out there so many people that got foley catheters and not that many people talk about it and there’s this thing you learn when you grow up gay that if you don’t have pride in the things in your life that those

Things will be negative factors in your life and so when i started making videos about bladder cancer and i made previous videos about foley catheters not as many there’s another guy on youtube who’s made a lot more um i made those so that i wouldn’t be as much of a victim to that foley catheter and that i could potentially help people who had one who needed to

Know that things were going to be okay and somebody else had one that was a rational person you know i had mine for three weeks and most of you watching this who would have a foley catheter would only have it for a much shorter period of time and you know what it’s going to be okay and uh well i mean i can’t say everything’s going to be okay but probably it’s

Gonna be okay with the foley catheter right that part will probably be okay uh like usually if you have a foley catheter it’s not fully catheter that’s your primary concern at that point except that it kind of is because like i said it’s ever present and i didn’t find a way listen okay so there’s two things i did here oh my gosh i have stuff one is i have

Lidocaine gel right i i didn’t get this until i went to the hospital the second time i asked for it this will help if your foley catheter is hurting you you can use that lidocaine gel the other thing here i love it it’s only been like less than a day without it that’s why this stuff just happens to be saying next to me i didn’t even plan this is this lube right

Get this lube um the lube is because if you’re a man at least and potentially a woman i don’t know of course but the foley catheter kind of gets stuck a little bit and puckers in weird ways and that lubricant will help and your nurses and doctors these two things let me hold them up these two things they know about these right and so when you say hey can i get

Some of this for this reason they’ll be like uh yeah like totally like they won’t be like oh sure this you have to ask for from the doctors because it has to be prescribed but they will also be like yeah that those two things are like the least of our concerns right there’s nothing controversial about those two things oh my throat’s getting dry and that lube’s

Not gonna help so um that’s not what it’s for um yeah and i think i just made this video because i just wanted to talk about like get get myself to a better place you know post i mean oh my gosh i can already tell you today has been so different since i got my fuller catheter out so much better and uh yeah oh another thing you’ll get that’s no shock to them

But i didn’t get the first time i didn’t get that lube or the lidocaine gel the first time these these are bath washes they’re just washing wipes you should wash your area right with these they’ll give you these at the hospital and if they don’t ask for them they know what these are they should be giving them to you they should have given them to me the first time

They did not so my throat is itchy from the surgeries because they put that tube down your throat now i gotta go i have some water here but i’ll talk to you later

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Foley Catheter Tips and Tricks, Lube, Lidocaine Gel, Washing Wipes, Leg Band vs Stat Lock By Sclerodeo