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FOOD BIOCHEMISTRY VLOG : Grapefruit Juice and Fexofenadine Interactions

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Go get food juice who say i can say spacer pharmacokinetics of pasupuleti kodama junk to siam be kuru became the contending and formicidae to me no hi i am africa let’s continue about pharmacokinetics of a cell phone id firstly what is pharmacokinetics pharmacokinetics is the study of dynamic movement of metabolites intra during a passage to the body it

Described how what it does to the metabolite in the are four main highlighted process occur in pharmacokinetics first is absorption second is distribution there is metabolism and the last one is excretion absorption describe how drug moved from the site of administration into the bloodstream first affinity is administered orally which is by mufe how efficient the

Absorption of the sofa nadine so it will given to situation in consuming fexofenadine by a healthy man first equation is a single dose of 260 milligram of fat softener in capsule the second situation is a single dose of one capsule of sixty milligram and one capsule of 180 mini gram of safa nadine at the castle is consumed one by one first gets the effects of a

Nadine which is sixty milligram of x affinity is consumed in bob situation so there is that show that the mean maximum plasma concentration is 131 mg / ml then another capsule were consumed in situation 1 the mean maximum plasma concentration is 142 and g / ml but in situation to the maximum the mean maximum plasma concentration is 494 nt / ml to conclude this

Situation the tablet formulation our value equivalent to the capsule when a minister and equal dose so it is suggested to consume a single dose of two different capsule dose for fascinating effectiveness factor finally absorption are linear for oral dose up to a total of daily dose of 240 milligrams distribution process described the withdraw move through the

Bloodstream fascinating is 60% to 70% bound to the plasma protein primarily is albumin and alpha one glycoprotein metabolism process distract direction the inactivate the metabolites in bra then target for excretion approximately 5% of total dose effects of anything was eliminated by hepatic metabolism so in hepatic metabolism there are two phase occur first one

Is the formation of a new or modified functional group ah cleavage occur for facebook conjugation with an endogenous sustain occur as christian process described gras or its remanent will finally see the body approximately 80% of replies by just into blacks murray’s you keep its metabolism enzyme which is cytochrome p450 3 for cyp3a4 is a metabolizing enzyme for

Almost 50% of drugs and it’s following people and so many trucks are impacted by the consumption what about sweating is a sticky bit less of it drops will be metabolized by divisions decreasing trucks metabolism means more of the original form of drugs to pass an ting to the systemic blocks pollution it is changing proteins in the body which help move drag into

Also associate as a result let’s not be traps into the box i said i want them so the circuit is about jumps about their approaches and face affinity about and drop foot interactions let’s face it it is like all right the cycle is the outcomes about the references and the first affinity it’s best and entertain drives itself in this case we were researching about

Also affinity which is at a love drug that will interact with refugees so except anything is a type of antihistamine drug that usually used to treat symptoms of seasonal allergies or hay fever in an adults and children while the girl fridges is a type of juice or drink that returns you to get the nature the nutritional value so the possible side effect of the foot

Drop in turn in duration are the abnormal heart rhythms stop with the muscle pain and muscle breakdown this due to the effect of a cellphone i didn’t that will give give us calmness and slow our heartbeat with that we will make our muscle feel relaxed the next one is kidney damage due to the high toxicity or level of drug concentration in our body so that will

Force me to work more it is this interaction also will affect our body to be low heart rate low blood pressure that we make ourself difficult to be due to the rate of oxygens that passed your body the next is sedation envision it is due to the effect of the tax itself when we consume be careful juice and fexofenadine both the certain effect of it will make our

Self feel dizziness or sedation due to the drug effect the concentration of drugs in our body is increase so the other octor depend the other may occur depends on the judge there was no body and metabolism of our body if you have been warned about the possible side effect then to learn how to recognize it by asking your hotel or asking your doctor regarding the

Side effect of the foot drug interaction between the forges and this face affinity that’s all from me thank you you

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FOOD BIOCHEMISTRY VLOG : Grapefruit Juice and Fexofenadine Interactions By Afiqah Zulkifli