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I’m sadaf nawaz rule number bp1650192 and a topic assigned to me for presentation is purismite furisamide is a valuable as logic’s 40 mg in market so what is the furosemide furosemide is a water pile furosemide is also known as diuretic water pile and is used to reduce extra fluid in a body edema caused by conditions such as heart failure liver diseases and kidney

Diseases these conditions may lead to edema so a furosemide will be prescribed in the condition of edema this drug is also used to treat high blood pressure so what are the rational uses of this drug furosemide is a low diuretic water pile that prevents your body from absorbing too much salt and it may result in more urination furosemide is used to treat fluid

Retention edema in people with congestive heart failure liver diseases or kidney disorder nephrotic syndrome furosemide is used to treat high blood pressure which may be due to hypertension so what are the irrational uses um too much purismite can cause headache we have to analyze the condition then we have also to minimize the use of eurasia might if it result in

Following side effects it may lead to headache dizziness uh pounding or irregular heartbeat uh finding as it is associated with low blood pressure warning low potassium level warning and low thyroid level warning we have to analyze the uh amount of these things uh if it is decreasing the level of thyroid methane kobi then we will not prescribe too much purismite

You may also be more than normal and feel thrust this drug may lead to risk of acute kidney failure or acute kidney so what are the alternative choice with reasons uh we may prescribe bumix instead of furosemide in treating edema why we prescribe you mix q hum prescribe curtain hair because diuretic and has high bioavailability and it is more effectively absorbed

In our body so in condition of edema we may prescribe bubix some natural diuretics are also there for example herb and dietary supplements can also be given for example dandelion ginger pear streak that can also use to excrete water thiazoids for example durasamite may be preferred over furosemide in condition of hypertension in hypertension we obvi we may also

Prescribe terasamide in place of furosemide instead of furosemide why because it has longer duration of action and is more reliable bio availability as compared to furosemide so what are the alternative brands the three alternative brands with low and higher prices with respect to pharmacokinetics point of view in pharmacokinetic we have to analyze the price of

The drug so the drug having the least price is sold more so furosemide it has retail price it’s retail prices 165 fax mite its retail prices 111 until its retail price is 55. so the drug having the least court will have more pharmacokinetics so the ondell is sold more as compared to other brand it is the cheaper one what are the available dosage form according

To preference a valuable dosage form with which one is preferred in which conditions oral or parental etc intravenous root is twice potent as compared to oral root as we know that intravenous drugs have more effectivity efficiency as compared to oral ones us brand named furamite md injectable less injection is used to treat fluid retention and swelling it may be

Caused by congestive heart failure liver disease and cirrhosis and the other us brains for example furocote oral root it may be work by acting on a kidney to increase the flow of urine so it treats fluid retention edema furosemide 40 mg tablet is prescribed in mild to moderate hypertension when brisk diuretic response is required it may be used in a condition of

Hypertension mild to moderate so what is the drug drug interaction for furosemide legix may increase the autotoxic potential of a minor glycoside antibiotics especially in our presence of renal function except in life threatening situation avoid this combination so we don’t have to give legix with a minor glycoside antibiotic it may result in autotoxic side effects

And there’s also risk of autotoxic effects if cis platin and lasix are given quantum mental methyl side effects and then we have a case study 30 years old male patient is brought to the emergency department with shortness of breath a respiratory rate of 30 breaths per minute intercostal rear traction is also absorbed and frothy and pink septum as the symptoms

Indicate this patient is suffering from pulmonary edema which type of diuretic will be prescribed so first we have to make soap notes the what it then what is the subjective our subjective is a 30 years old male patient then what are the chief complaints um he is complaining shortness of breath then what are the characterization intracoastal retraction and frothy

And pink septum and what is the location as the pulmonary edema is related to the lung so the location is the lungs as shortness of breath may indicate it has bronchitis and asthma but there are more chances of pulmonary edema and then what is the subjective a respiratory rate of 30 breaths per minute there is a shortness of breath then we have assessment we will

Ask him to to go for diagnosis because he is suffering from shortness of breath we may ask him for chest x-ray as shortness of breath may be due to pneumonia or other heart or liver or lungs problems we will also ask him to go to test it to test his oxygen test in order to evaluate concentration of oxygen in blood we may also ask him to go for electrocardiography

In order to evaluate cardiac output then what should be a plan our plan would be a diuretic we will prescribe him diuretic furosemide 4280 mg will be prescribed as this case is related to pulmonary edema in case of pulmonary edema we will prescribe water pile and the most important is purified along with furosemide we will also ask him to take some dietary items

For example potatoes spanish oranges why we are prescribing these dietary atoms as the furosemide may lead to hypokalemia so we will ask him to take these atoms so to in order to maintain high potential level which may reduce hypokalemia that may be due to furosemide and then references i have told i have taken this case study from rx

List e-pharma guide md web thank you

Transcribed from video
Furosemide By Pharmacy by Dr. Shahana wahid