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Hi babes!

Round off the shorts come here no no you just said you weren’t gonna smack me anymore i said welcome back to my channel is it usually i’m pranking jack i’m making him feel bad that i’m cheating on him or some crazy stuff but guys today i’m gonna be battling the world’s craziest eight-year-old in a game of silat right that’s me i’m the craziest but you’re not eight

Sorry oh i’m doing it all are you ready to lose i could do one listen jake you out oh about a game of flip requires four letters to knock her out before the consequence guys before we get into this video make sure to give it a thumbs up subscribe subscribe to all of our youtube channels and hey i don’t know what goes on from there follow us all on instagram and

Remember to turn on your post notifications to win a post certification china and some ways throughout this video i’m gonna be giving you guys two keyword keyword alright ready yeah i’m ready to get into it let’s do this oh you’re just a little baby i’m gonna beat you yeah what are you doing nothing okay guys so basically a game of flip is for work four letters and

If he does a flip and then i do a flip and i don’t land it or i don’t do it right then i get a letter the first person to get four letters loses and has to suffer a consequence he died was gonna make me make one mistake excuse me make 1 million you better get ready to i’m gonna be high guys the first thing you guys are gonna do for this game of flip is a handstand

All your first mr. bragger sometimes no that was it you did it now do you think how fast can do it yeah alright guys so they both did a hand-fed so jack who won that round so since they both your girlfriend and you love me true say both landed the first trick no one has a letter but that means we’re going into round number 2 which is going to be a cork it’s gonna

Be a cork you’re first wait huh yeah just that cork show you your battling right now go oh that was easy that oh really you want to see my quark ready let’s see you ready oh too much jiggly legs that don’t bounce her very good excuse me who got that letter obviously nadal got that letter both you guys all got a letter i’m just kidding you got a letter all right

Both you guys stand up so we can so far she has the letter f and he has no letter so round number three’s coming right now the next trick is going to be a cartwheel all right a faff you’re first me first whoa whoa two cartwheels is supposed to be one but you know the same thing come on did all show me what you got what is a golf bravo except for i’m the cute one

That’s why i live so adorable music jesus and give a little like person i’m gonna knock you out excuse me excuse me two cartwheels light work light work i both you guys line up so right now no one won that round shall both did the exact same thing so you saw the letter f and you have no letters alright so for round number four the doll laughs yeah the next trick

Is going to be a roundoff fool and all your first oh what alright guys my turn because i know she can’t do it anyways alright round off full kinda yeah well you oh alright so a faff definitely did not do the trick so you have an fl you have known my team babe i’m on your team but obviously not i don’t know if the doll is gonna get any letters during this game

Oh around you guys are going to do an n word front handspring wait hold on what i don’t even know what that is that’s it oh all right hey that was solid bro i should do a frame like this well you are doing the n-word front handspring now it’s a fast car yeah now babe if you don’t learn well that obviously gives her the next letter nedal alright guys so now a fast

Hasn’t sli nadal has no letters remember whoever spells out the word flip first has a consequence coming up again guys i actually thought that i had a chance at winning this i need to step up my game or i might actually really lose and it will be really embarrassing to lose to us i think she’s a baby i’ll just set something easy and me cuz me tosh he just gives

Her hard stuff for her so i’ll just give a baby trick out what’s a baby trick at all because she’s a baby and on to the baby trick out alright so let’s see this is the next round guys the doll is going to set a baby trick i still think of fast not gonna do this what is it you might have a chance to come back funny alright well the funny thing is a fact you still

Have to do that so you don’t get a letter let’s see it what is it all right you know what no who gets the pointman guys come here no doll come here five come here right now no one got a point on that wife again yeah that means you both did good because no one got a point but no one did better right now as an fli and a doll has no letters next thing you guys are

Gonna do is a roundoff handspring double fool what why are we going on to this because it’s easier than the grass is it really yeah not for me no it’s what you gotten at all yeah roundoff back handspring double okay so it’s a roundoff back handspring double back huh let’s see it thanks be careful bro wake up baby i’m on in no know what i’m doing maybe some flips

I’m finished so what is this called again she doesn’t even know the name of it comment down below if a fast gonna stop back handspring roundoff back handspring double full bloom babe i hate to break it to you but y’all come here alright guys so i’m just gonna update you right now a fast just spell out the word flip sli and that joel has no letters during any of that

Nope no rematch what is it here come here come here we’re gonna we’re gonna leave a fast the consequence the consequence is meet a splashing water in her i’m gonna act like she’s drinking because she’s thirsty right now and then i’ll say here you go there’s a consequence way that alright hold on and all right you’re being sketching at all oh my gosh you know she

Doesn’t like water hey guys thank you so much for watching this video i obviously can’t let her be her mmm i didn’t get one single letter oh babe that’s like it’s all that you’ve never beat him either uh i actually did beat him in a game of sticker on my channel oh you in like sixty ooh bleep high five but i still beat um i hope you guys enjoyed today’s video the

Key word for today’s video is flutter water okay it’s water air cuz i got sprayed with water or make sure to give this video a thumbs up subscribe to all of our youtube channels follow us all on instagram and turn on the post notifications for the post application shout out come the keyword you already know today’s post notification shoutout goes to brady smith

Brady smith thank you for watching all of our youtube videos we love you and remember to always stay cran geez i was gonna say wet cuz she can’t beat you in games at flips but crazy don’t beat me in game of lips

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