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What is up guys it’s john reeves live and today we’re going to be talking about gamer sups we’ve actually got the caffeine free versus caffeine flavors we’ve got all of them except for dragon fruit gamer subs hook a brother up caffeine free dragon fruit i need it am i i have tried them all individually i’ve never tried them all right next to each other to see if

The flavor actually holds up now the ones we have today that we’re trying misfit melon caffeine and caffeine free guacamole gamer fart caffeine and caffeine free sour apple caffeine and caffeine free watermelon ice caffeine and caffeine free blue ras caffeine and caffeine free now like i said we do not have the freaking dragon fruit punch but it does come in a

Caffeine free flavor so if you guys like that one you guys can try that as well too based off how these guys match up next to each other you can probably get a good idea of like if it’s going to be good or not but here we go without any further ah let’s try out misfit melon put it in there let’s shake this one up this is the caffeine free misfit milk okay she’s

Pretty shaken up we’re gonna try the caffeine one really quick oh that’s crisp it’s pretty good it tastes just like a cantaloupe or a cantaloupe i don’t know how you pronounce it mine are cantaloupes not cantaloupes let’s see if the caffeine free holds up to our homie the caffeinated because that’s all i’m used to it tastes the exact freaking same with no caffeine

What i thought caffeine is where you get your flavor at misfit melon caffeine free tastes exactly like the regular caffeinated one 10 out of 10 10 out of freaking 10. next is my favorite guacamole gamer fart let’s mix up a caffeinated one let’s put some caffeination in there here we go one scoop in the lid as is tradition now we gotta shake it up okay trying the

Caffeine it smells delicious oh that’s good i freaking love guacamole gamer part it’s such a good flavor let’s see if the caffeine-free guacamole gamer fart still packs that freaking punch of delicious flavor that tastes the exact same again jesus i really thought that like the caffeine had something to do with the flavor but it really freaking doesn’t like it

Tastes the exact same moving right along we’ll actually wait 10 out of 10. delicious it tastes the exact freaking same i’m probably gonna get more hyper as these go on we’ve got freaking sour apple again we’ve already got a caffeine mixed up let’s grab a caffeine free sour apple just gotta shake the piss out of it just get into it shaking is half the battle you

Are doubling okay we’re good that one’s probably too shaky let’s try the sour apple caffeinated first it’s pretty good and i’m only doing one scoop in all these normally do two scoops in the morning so if anything the freaking caffeinated is a little bit more sour like in a good way 10 out of freaking 10 tastes not identical it’s a little bit more sour the

Caffeine free has more sourness to it so whatever is up with that i don’t know but i’m digging it next we’ve got the watermelon ice and we’ve already mixed up a caffeinated one which is this guy right here so this one’s the watermelon ice caffeine free and again look how small these little cups are you can just and then look like you don’t really need a shaker

Cup because it’s like easy as to shake but the shaker cups are cool i like the waffle cups here we go or waifu waifu i can’t pronounce anything so if you guys don’t like how i say something on the channel just comment the real way to do it okay here we go watermelon ice slowly becoming one of my favorite flavors caffeine caffeinated here we go dang that is good

It tastes like watermelon jolly rancher it doesn’t necessarily taste like you just took a bite out of a watermelon tastes like you’re drinking like a watermelon flavored jolly rancher and i freaking love it so that was the caffeinated one here’s the caffeine free my god it tastes the exact same another challenge it tastes exactly like the freaking watermelon ice

Which is slowly becoming my favorite flavor the final one we’re doing a blue raspberry again we’ve already got the caffeinated one mixed up we’re gonna mix up the caffeine free one scoop in will it shake this the caffeinated blue raspberry that’s freaking delicious blue raspberry caffeine version is so freaking good i can’t even deal with it it’s delicious but

The caffeine free i have actually yet to try it so we’re trying it for the first time here right now that’s the caffeine free blue raspberry tastes the exact same blue raspberry caffeine free and caffeinated tastes the exact same 10 out of 10. the only one that tastes any different at all is the freaking sour apple caffeine free versus caffeine i feel like the

Caffeine free is a little bit more sour everything else it tastes the exact same a good thing about the caffeine free is i’ve been drinking these whenever i do streams at night my day is full of caffeine i’ll drink like an energy drinker i’ll drink one of these in the morning to kind of get myself going and then later on throughout the day maybe a few hours later

I’ll drink a pre-workout before i go to the gym so i’m already kind of loading down on caffeine throughout the day and i don’t really want more during the night and the caffeine free is a really good alternative you drink a lot more water you’re drinking a ton more water and if you add the caffeine free into your day it’s really just some nootropics you get a lot

Of different vitamin c in it vitamin d3 which is really good vitamin b4 vitamin b12 vitamin h which is biotin there is also the nrg nootropic blend which has about 69 milligrams in it nice let’s see what y’all did there the cool thing about that is you’re actually still getting the nootropic and you’re getting a ton of vitamins in the caffeine free one but without

Overdosing your body with caffeine so like there’s normally in the regular caffeinated one there’s just about a hundred milligrams of caffeine in it about the same size as some coffee but in the caffeine free there’s actually no caffeine and zero sugars so there’s really just a lot of vitamins and anootropic and i have noticed a difference whenever i drink the

Caffeine free ones while i’m streaming i still feel like i’ve had the caffeinated one whenever i drink the caffeine freeze it doesn’t really have a huge difference between the caffeine free and the caffeinated but you’re not getting the caffeine so if you’re already doing stuff like a pre-workout or if you take energy drinks in the morning or something like that

And you really just want the flavor or you want to drink some water but you hate the flavor of water the caffeine free is a really really good option check them out on the website again the link is down below please smash that like subscribe all that fun stuff you guys can check me out at slash john reeves live almost every freaking day peace

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