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Gejala HIV AIDS yang harus diketahui

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Oh yes, back again today we are still discussing the issue of menstruation around hiv but this time it hi from a newspaper from a magazine from the internet hi or from some of those people hi the number is like this, the symptoms of hiv include high fever hi, dizziness, nausea, vomiting, chapped lips, thrush, dandruff hi, from all the symptoms, basically the hiv virus has

Stages. the complete stages are stages 1 2 3 and 4 if stage 1 takes time from age zero to usually three years, if three years is like that, what are the symptoms? more or less the same as what i mentioned earlier and even then there is nothing specific, for example, if we have a fever, we immediately hiv infection doesn’t look like it’s real and even then, if it’s still in

The first stage, it will heal on its own without medication even if it’s first sharp, the second one usually takes the 4th year to the fifth year or the sixth year, usually surprising and even then, the symptoms are not specific and that’s what will heal by itself hi then the third stage is the hiv-aids stage the person will be sentenced to be exposed to aids if the level

Of the cd4 quad or quadrilateral of the human body’s immunity is below 200 if the number is brought to 200 the person has been sentenced to be exposed to hiv-aids third stage and the symptoms are also not specific, usually the person will have an infection of his internal organs, whether it’s in the lungs, stomach, intestines, liver, even to the brain, can also be hiv-aids

In hi, maybe stage four. there are no specific symptoms either, it’s just that if already in the fourth stage, the body will be thinner, the way it runs out, usually an infection will occur more organs in it hi like that i will share my story experience there are several people who come to the puskesmas in my place, on average there are, for example, just a number , yes

There are a one hundred people in their puskesmas data, they checked for hiv, hiv test turned out to be the test that was detected hi hiv positive is less than 15 people, only 10 people 12 people 13 people hi, that means that the hiv virus is basically not easily transmitted hey people who check for hiv, people who test for hiv, they will feel stressed and anxious. that’s

Why he came to the vct clinic to get yourself checked, hi, basically, it’s not easy to transmit the hiv virus and the transmission of the hiv virus has its own stages, so you don’t have to worry too much, if you really feel the risk, it’s better to get checked out to the clinic vct is like that and it has a window period, so it’s a window period. hi a condition at that

Time where you couldn’t isa the hiv virus is detected using a tool so it depends on the tool yes , that’s right, the tutorial if you use the third generation rapid it takes ninety days to detect the hiv virus and it uses antibodies hi, while today it is all over the island of java and bali in hospitals, in general, fourth-generation prapids use fourth-generation antigens

And antibodies, even better and faster, it only takes 45 days, it can be detected and that’s close to me, the race is high, already above 98%, will be 99% more like that tool agenda what’s even faster is pcr, it’s even faster, it only takes 20 days 20 days after you are exposed, don’t or moms and dads every day after doing risky activities, it’s already detected using pcr

Within 20 days and that’s a very high level of accuracy 99.999 percent so pcr is the most accurate tool why is pcr rare used because the price is expensive, today’s demons are still above the one million mark, like that, during the window period, someone asked whether there was a tool or drug for antidote to the hiv virus, there is a medicine called pep hi, it stands for

Post exposure prophylaxis. vct and not all vct clinics provide, for example, in a large general hospital, there is usually a provincial general hospital, for example, the jakarta rscm, there must be hi dr soetomo surabaya semarang karyadi, there are many but in the regions it is not necessarily in the gb so , ask the doctor to prescribe pep medicine and you will be tested

For hiv first. turn on whether you are positive or negative, if you are negative, you will be given a pep drug and drink it a maximum of the first three days after you carry out activities that risky until you drink it during hai 28 one day it will reduce the risk which is much greater than not just taking the medicine again the name prep is a medicine that is different

From the one called pep, this is an abbreviation of free prophylactic pre-exposure, it means before doing risky activities, so these people are better off drinking hi, examples of people who are at risk, sorry psk is more risky. second, usually people who work in laboratories often use syringes, so they work with syringes. they test people’s blood, they basically test using

A second needle. everything is at risk. he is at risk of being susceptible to hiv and it would be better if he asked to be prescribed a drug called prep. this is this prep if taken for 28 days to 30 days there are several doctors hi who researched this person will be protected up to 90% more even and this prep drug contains emtricitabine and tenofovir must be taken regularly

Without breaking even if you use it one day and drink it like that, okay maybe from me do you think you are at risk, have you experienced or carried out risky activities as soon as possible to check hiv was sent by vct okay, if you have experience, you have questions, please comment below because hi, sharing nuclear from me. that’s enough, hope it’s useful, thanks

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Gejala HIV AIDS yang harus diketahui By Wils Media