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Get rid of constipation in 72 hours OR LESS | 4 amazing treatments

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This video discusses proven ways to get rid of constipation fast. Also discussed are remedies, symptoms and other great ways to get rid of constipation.

So this video i’m going to give you four medicines that will help you get rid of constipation in 72 hours or less and i’ll even show you how to prepare some of the laxative brands live here on this video we also talked about some of the symptoms or causes of constipation and some of the things some of the lifestyle changes you can make to help you prevent constipation

Happening in the first place let’s go so how do you know you have constipation and all the symptoms of constipation well there are two things you should watch out for is you’re going less often and when you go it’s quite painful now when i say you are going less office and this is individual to you so for example me i go once a day in the morning and if i

Start going say once every three days then i know i’ll constipated almost like a constipated for you you might go twice a week and if you go less often that you are constipated so this is highly individual now if you don’t mind i need to do some business the first medicine on my list is not really a medicine as such can you have a guess where it might be yes the

Humble glass of water your body is about 60% water you need to hydrate i think the current recommended intake is six to eight glasses of water per day per person and unsurprisingly our body uses water to make your stool nice and soft so if you have less water your suit is more likely to be quite compact and dry and hard to pass and if you have lots of water your

Stool is just gonna be soft and doughy and nice and it’s just gonna come out like soft thing the second set of medicines are called a bulk forming and laxatives so these work by just bulking up your sole and unlike with other things in life when stool gets bigger it’s easier to move methylcellulose is about forming laxatives you can find it easily in america in

North america and the brands such as citrus sell and equate in europe will find it more commonly as its pegula or fiber gel so if you’re thinking of trying these these are the brands that i would look up for third medicine you could be trying is my personal favorite osmotic laxatives osmotic laxatives should work within two to three days and in terms of brands

They include polyethylene glycol which comes within the me relax and equates brand in near north america and in europe you’ll find it mostly as a lactulose or macro goal and in fact i have tried some macro goal and i’m going to show you now how to prepare it when you get it empower for another you prepare this you just drink it it’s not the best thing thing but

The trick with this is you need to drink it with lots and lots of water so if you drink it with tiny mouth water like this it’s not really gonna work it needs a lots of water to make your soul nice and soft so i’m gonna drink it with two glasses of water i’m gonna finish this sun up then i’m gonna get another glass of water from the tap and job is done the final

Medicine you can try are stimulant laxatives now these are really great because they work within 6 to 12 hours so if you’re in a rush these are the laxatives for you some of the famous brands include dulcolax which is based on by soco deal and seller cot which is based on cenis and as the active ingredients you can find both of them very easily in north america

And in europe and the way they work is very simple they just stimulate the muscles that align your guts to contract and push everything out now not everyone who gets constipation symptoms you know should rush to their pharmacy and buy medicines there are some red flags there are send things like you noticed you really need to consult your doctor first before you

Buy any medicines this includes constipation are lost more for more than a week despite trying some medicines and in blood in your poo in fact i’ll leave the full list down in the description below have a look at that so what can you do to prevent constipation in the first place number one is source on your diet you need to be getting a fiber if you’re not getting

Enough fiber you’d always be passing bricks number two is get enough fluids having water in your body having sufficient water in your body is crucial for her for keeping your stool nice and soft some of the side effects of laxatives medicines that we talked about include bloating and farting especially with lecturers in my personal experience also some tummy cramps

And dehydration as well because remember some of the laxatives work by sucking water from the body into you know to make your stool soft so if you overdo it if you use it for a long time it could potentially lead to dehydration if you liked the video give you a thumbs up subscribe see my other videos here here here and here take care see you soon

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Get rid of constipation in 72 hours OR LESS | 4 amazing treatments By Pharmacist Formula