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Get rid of Thrush the quickest way!!!!

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Link below to what helped me! Two weeks after the birth of my daughter, her and I developed thrush. She had it in her mouth and I had it on my nipples. It was so painful and I tried home remedies for four months to no avail until I found this one remedy that gets to the root of the issue! It got rid of my thrush in ONE WEEK!!! It was truly incredible!!! So many people are messaging me asking what I took so here is a link to the products I used!

Hey everyone the sustainable mama here and i want to tell you about my issue that i had with thrush that me and my baby had and how bad it was and how i tried all these things and then i finally found something that worked when my baby was born it was only about two weeks later that her and i both developed thrush and if you don’t know what thrushes it’s basically

Yeast overgrowth that is in the baby’s mouth and then i was a breastfeeding mother so it’s passed on to my breasts like my nipple and so my nipples were raw basically and just soso sore and so raw and really what how it all happens and comes about typically is that the mother has a yeast overgrowth in her body and it’s passed to the baby through breast milk and

Then the baby gets it and it’s in involved and then it passes right back to the mother’s like nipple basically and it’s very painful or mama and i’m not sure if it’s painful for baby or not but i think you know it upsets them somewhat but it definitely was very painful for me and what i did notice you know i tried tons of probiotics from the store i tried putting

Coconut oil on my nipple coconut oil baby smiles i was putting coconut oil mixed with probiotics on on me and in baby’s mouth and i was also doing apple cider vinegar rubbing it on my nipples which stung like a mofo y’all it was so painful but i stuck it through and i kept nursing the baby i was doing all of this for about four months now i knew that i had a problem

I was a sugar addict and i couldn’t stop and i was trying to stop on my own and i couldn’t trigger is a very very addictive it’s very hard to quit and i had struggled for years trying to quit sugar well i started a product that i really was just trying to take to lose some weight and i noticed a little bit of improvement in my sugar addiction issue because that it’s

Like a little like drink mix that you make it’s a health drink and you add it to water and it helps to balance blood sugars and you just drink it like once a day so i helped reduce my sugar cravings because it balanced my blood sugars so when i saw that i was like okay i knew that that company had probiotic as well so quickly ordered there’s like three things that

Come in a combo pack it’s that health drink and then a probiotic and then in another supplement which is mostly magnesium but it has a few other ingredients in it so ordered that combo because i was like ok if this one product is that good then maybe their probiotic is really good and i knew that that was the key to getting rid of candida overgrowth or thrush and

So i got on that probiotic and you guys it was a miracle and i’m telling you i’ve been from the time my baby was two weeks old till this is when she was four months old okay so three and a half months i had been dealing with this thrush and me and my baby did and i was pushing through i was still nursing all that but my nipples were raw guys it was so painful and

So then finally i got on that probiotic and then the magnesium supplement is still drinking the health drink that was balancing blood sugars and that thrush went away within one week one week it was incredible and it’s never come back and it’s been amazing and so not only did it just make the thrush completely go away but it also helped me with so many of my other

Health issues it regulated my bowels which i’ve always had issues with constipation i started waking up with energy just feeling energized my sugar addiction was to the curve i have under control of like my what i was eating i started craving water it was like my body was getting healthy from the inside so it was just truly incredible and honestly the probiotic the

Reason why it works so much more effectively because i started looking into it’s like why is this working so much better than once from the store and it’s because it has certain enzymes in it it also has a beneficial yeast in it it’s the way that the probiotic itself is packaged basically it’s in a capsule that doesn’t start breaking down until it gets into your

Intestines like where it’s needed in your gut and the same with the probiotics themselves are freeze-dried and they’re activated when they get to that ph of the gut because when when the probiotic is like refrigerated or things like that or you’re just getting like a cheap robotic from the store when it hits that stomach acid it will kill off a lot of the probiotics

So when it gets down deep down in the gut it’s activated and it’s used there and then also the fact that it has the enzyme so there’s a / – i learned what i learned is there’s a protective barrier around the candida yeast cell called chitin or his nickname triton has a longer word than that but it’s basically the same thing that’s around like a roaches like body

It’s a really protective shell and the same thing is kind of like around the candida yeast cell and so specific enzyme that’s in this probiotic that i started taking that is what its job is is to break down that titan layer and so when it does that then the probiotics can actually get in there and do their job but without that enzyme and a probiotic there you

Just the probiotics can’t do their job they can’t get in there and actually break down the yeast and so it’s just been incredible for me if this is something interesting for you please comment below reach out to me i’ll put all my information all my contact information you can get ahold of me here commenting you can email me at the sustainable mama at

I’m on facebook you can find me at the sustainable mama i can send me a message there or like like my page and comment there you can also find me on instagram at the underscore sustainable underscore mama and then i’m also on snapchat as at liz caitlin li ve cai t ly m so those are my contact informations i’ll list them below if this is something that you need

And you’re dealing with thrush and you don’t know what else to do and you’ve tried everything like i did and you also have sugar addiction issues or constipation issues or whatever please reach out to me because i can totally help you i mean i would love to give you the information that you need and where you can get get these products or whatever but because of

You know guidelines and all of that i can’t really say publicly here on the video so anyways just send me a message and i would love love to help you out and i want you to know too that the really cool thing about these products is they actually have a 60-day money back so if you use it for two whole months and it doesn’t work for you you can get a full refund

But i know and i’m fully confident that it will help you with your issues so i can totally relate if you’re dealing with thrush because it’s so painful and i know mama i know it hurts so bad and it’s so annoying and this will help you so much i promise so just reach out to me and i’d love to connect with you and help you get on the road to feeling better you and

Your baby okay all right love you guys i hope you’re having a great day love you mama

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Get rid of Thrush the quickest way!!!! By The Sustainable Mama