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Giving Myself My Birth Control|Depo-Provera|The Alexis Chanel

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Hey My Lavish People,

What’s up my lavish people as you guys can tell by the title of this video i will be performing my double shot on myself i did not know that these came put together so that you can actually do the needle at home so that is the actual name of the depo vera the what is it like the medicine term i don’t know yeah but you know the medicine be having them weird long

Names so just to let you guys know i did wash my hands before i did this so make sure you wash your hands before you touch anything i’m attaching the needle here and i’m making sure it’s tight as you guys can see yeah i was kind of nervous i ain’t gonna front with y’all like i was like about to be bricks so i didn’t have any alcohol wipes or any alcohol so i

Use hyper cleanse which is something that surgeons have you use before you um get surgery it is a sanitizer so i kind of wet the cotton pad and then applied a little bit onto the cotton pad and clean my arm with it and then i’m going to take a dry cotton pad and you know just dry my arm now i was going to have hubby put the needle in for me because i was kind

Of nervous but i was nervous for him to do it because i didn’t want him to be you know like all rough now i’m not skating needles let me just put that out there i’m not afraid of needles but i was this is my first time ever giving myself a needle which is something different so um right here i’m pushing out the air um out of the um tube as you it’s really i

Was going slow to make sure that none of the medicine came out so you guys really couldn’t tell but that is what i was doing so here i’m like trying to give him a pep talk like uh sir be gentle you can see i was laughing and stuff i’m like you gotta hold the muscle into the needle at the same time and i say hell no give me the needle back i’m gonna go ahead and

Just do it myself but you hold my own tight then he he like held it too tight it’s like why did you grip my arm so damn tight okay so i was like oh my god so time is now now i did speed this park up a little bit but i was actually going slower putting the needle in my arm than what y’all see but i did it look i did it and i wasn’t like he was telling me in

The background like come on put it all the way in put it all in you see his hand like try to push the needle like put it all the way in so i did it y’all and then when i was putting the medicine in i was doing that kind of slow too because i you know i’ve been getting a double shot for so long so i kind of try to mimic what they do in the doctor’s office so then

I just put the little top back on the needle you know to protect a needle so nobody gets stuck i guess he was proud so he had to give me a kiss on the forehead that i did this myself but let me just tell you guys ah your girl was pumped okay can’t you tell i was pumped i did this i was super duper ecstatic so i saw this video where you could pop the needle off

To dispose of it i couldn’t do it so but i did just fold up the needle back into the box there we go another celebration dancer i was just celebrating okay but anyway uh this is not a video for y’all to do this at home but don’t forget to like comment and subscribe

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Giving Myself My Birth Control|Depo-Provera|The Alexis Chanel By Alexis Chanel TV