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GOING ON ACCUTANE(Isotretinoin) IN CHINA | with pictures

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I’ve had acne for 15years. I’ve tried almost everything and I’m now at my last bus stop,which is ,going on accutane.

How long have you been suffering from acne acne for 15 years now if you want to know how to treat your acne please watch the video to the end okay today i decided to share not happen in free journey with you guys hopefully is going to have one or two people feast a lot of product on my face and i haven’t be able to get any solution hopefully this is going to

Be my last post oh and i paradise teaching towards all my videos and the journey thank you hello guys welcome back to my channel how are you all doing i hope you all are doing great as for me i’m very fine strong and help i’m going to be talking about acne and i’m trying to treat my acne here in china through accutane i don’t know if you know about retain but

Retain it’s a high dose of vitamin a which you take to treat acne from inside what i mean is not just pretty officially we’re creating it from inside if she has now i’ve had acne and didn’t know how to treat it i’ve tried different there a pillar of creams a lot of things trying to treat it from outside mean why acne it’s inside okay i’ve done a lot of research

About accutane i’ve seen other youtubers talk about a kitane be getting the u.s. in this place in that place and i was wondering if i can take like a ten year in china fortunately for me i have to go see a dermatologist i’m so so happy when i got to see the dermatologist i was just praying oh my god please there should be a curtain in china please be able to get

A curtain in china because china is really really like really really different from the outside world in some ways do okay i when i started the mythology’s and i told her about my problems she just like name everything that had to do with me she was like it’s for my jane it’s the depends on the things i’ve been eating a lot of different things are all up with

True now listing all the problems i had she said i’m going to go and everything yeah i was so excited i’m like wow finally i’m going to treat this thing forever i’ve been searching thinking on how to do this and luckily for me in china they took part of my dark spot because then i didn’t have any people i had no people said we just took waiting for you to come on

Until it takes on it she puts me on isotretinoin ten milligrams i was so sad because i know i’ve suffer from acne for a very very long time so i was expecting like maybe i’ll go on 40 milligrams 60 million fortunately she gave me ten milligrams anyway i’m hoping it works and i believe he’s going to this is just my first week on a kitty yes isotretinoin she gave

I don’t know if you guys did see she also gave me another treatment like she gave me the other thing and also another treatment which they themselves the hospital has done in order to help my did severe effects of up eating this one drink one in the morning one in the afternoon and one day even that’s after me both i joined him after me so my friends please go

And see a dermatologist came one in the morning one in the evening one the morning after even after me so happy oh my god i’m so so happy i just can’t wait to finish this treatment within five months and be like free from free as it free oh my god and that’s what that’s what i’ve had a lot of text words you can see not even under my chin that’s what every way

What can i see so i can understand so if you like to sing i want to be your friend or impossible personally are you so happy

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GOING ON ACCUTANE(Isotretinoin) IN CHINA | with pictures By PL brandChina