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Going over Important Nursing Exam Topics and guide Anticonvulsant, Seizure and Nursing Interventions

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Quick NCLEX review going over Anticonvulsant Seizures

Hey guys how is your anklet review going um today we’re going to quickly go over anticonvulsant again i’m very sorry if you do hear noises and yelling in the background there’s actually people and children all around me so i’m very sorry for that so today we’re gonna talk about terrible sense which is mainly used for seizures and epilepsy hence the reason why it’s

Usually called untap elliptic drug or anti-seizure drug alright basically what it does is it inhibits seizure activity okay now it can also be used as a mood stabilizer alright so therefore it can also be used for for treating bipolar disorders and other personality disorders now so let’s quickly go over how that’s a convulsion sort basically the mechanism works by

Blocking the sodium channels or the other calcium channels or on the opposite spectrum that can enhance the gaba receptor which is basically an inhibitory neurotransmitter and obviously our main goal is to reduce excited excitability in the central nervous system or the in the cns which will hopefully reduce and calm down any muscle spasms right the patient has now

I’m gonna go over three categories these are the main categories that you will most likely encounter in the nclex exam obviously their other category other categories of anticonvulsant but i believe these are the main three that you will most likely encounter now we’re gonna go over barbiturates which is usually used for tonic clonic seizures benzodiazepines which is

Use as a cns depressant and hot and so lunch hydrants owen’s which is used for mostly use for status epilepticus now with barbiturate phenobarbital which is lumina and premiered on which is my saline by the most common medications that you will most likely encounter your nclex exam and arbitrates are actually one of the most effective and widely used anticonvulsant

Okay now side effects can include dizziness and drowsiness and we need we do need to watch out for hypo tension in our patients right since it’s a cns depressant right and respiratory depression those are those server important next are benzodiazepines and the two most commonly used drugs or clonazepam or klonopin and there’s a pan which is value now the thing with

Volume is it’s done it’s given iv push only therefore we don’t give it as an infusion okay you have to be careful about that in side effects for both these drugs would include ataxia which is basically just an impaired balance or impaired coordination right and in the patient the main issue that we have again guys i’m very sorry for the noise in the background

Now the main problem that we have is drug dependency okay so therefore we need to it’s basically tolerance problem right so we do need to have patient teaching and proper guidelines right to teach our patient and telling the harmful effects of dependency of benzodiazepines and it as well can cause cardiovascular depression and browsing this okay now i’m just gonna

Go fairly quickly with hot and so ins now hot i’m so in major drug is finit owen which is that line 10 and it’s a very major anti-seizure drug medication and i believe that you might this is a very important drug you might most likely encounter this drug in a class exam so be very aware about that usually usually used for used for tonic clonic or partial seizures

And it can be given p o or iv okay now with iv intravenously once it’s given 30 minutes it works 30 minutes after being administered through iv and it’s effective for 24 hours okay and the thing would from the toe-in is we do need to check the blood levels right in order to measure the proper dosage okay now again i’m just gonna go over fairly quickly this is it

For now i’m gonna go over other similar drugs on the next in the next video so i’m just gonna have this fairly quickly again thank you so much guys i really really appreciate you guys um it’s not stopping by and i hope i can do more and give you guys more value i really do appreciate that and hopefully you have a great day and god bless thank you so much i appreciate it bye bye

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Going over Important Nursing Exam Topics and guide Anticonvulsant, Seizure and Nursing Interventions By Allnursingnotes