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Got Calcium? Dairy Free Vegan Calcium Sources | Dr Michael Greger of

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Calcium is strongly associated with dairy, at least in the United States, so what’s a vegan to do? And does dairy really have bone-protecting properties? In this interview with Dr. Michael Greger of, we look into vegan calcium sources and the truth behind all the dairy hype. To track your own calcium, check out Cronometer here:

You watch those commercials? you gotta, y’know, get your calcium and stuff. that comes out of it. calcium? i didn’t even know ‘em! hi it’s emily from bite size vegan and welcome to another vegan nugget. drink your milk so you could grow big and think about going vegan, naturally the calcium dr. michael greger of, another nutrient concern

That people have when going vegan is calcium. because, you know, milk, cheese…and, i’m sure you’re of the insanity of that, looking at the actual, you speak some about calcium within a vegan sure, so, i mean it’s true, you know dairy is the number one source of also the number one source of saturated fat intake. fat, cheese, chicken, donuts, and then basically

Right? you know, as much as burger king says go, be like….yeah…could i get the protein and the iron but hold the saturated fat, cholesterol, a packaged deal. so, it’s like, where do your calcium from dairy and the baggage that butter fat, you know, hormones, etc. or, you green leafy vegetables. where…what’s the fiber, and the folate, and the potassium, wonderful

Things that you’re not getting…in of everything you want without all the stuff plant based source of calcium are so much in terms of milk consumption was these series soon on, they actually had a higher hip fracture rate, so we’ve known that milk isn’t protective. has not be shown to protect bone health. but here for the first time you’re saying,

Well…actually disease. i think it’s actually the galactose, that’s hurting the bones and increasing that is not where we want to get our calcium, from healthy foods, right? and healthy is get some in everything from sesame seeds, dried fruits, i mean you get a little to get 800, not 800…600mg of calcium a day. is…the average vegan gets over 600. but some reason,

You’re just not eating a lot, i have heard of studies and i think it’s talked about a little bit in the china consumption also have the lowest rates of of other factors that can be in play there. from the bones in order to neutralize the there’s been decreasing validity as…the research has come in. the study that we’ve known, god, for decades, that if you eat a

Steak, and say hey, where’s the calcium coming must be peeing our bones down the toilet. in a meal, and you eat that steak, you get out the calcium’s radioactive. it’s actually that you were peeing out. so, what protein so, by eating a steak you would get more calcium and your body’s like ‘whoa!, what’s with all this calcium?’, and just pees out recess with

This loss of calcium in the urine cause thing. that does not seem to be the case. aren’t bad for the bones but it just…this the high rates of osteoporosis…has not panned out. eating animal protein’. no, we need to get…600mg be eating dark green leafy vegetables, so can use to sweeten things with black cherry …calcium solidified tofu. all sorts of things have

Lot s of calcium but we should just make sure we get it. calcium…can you over do it or is that something it would be very difficult to overdo. i mean, so if you take two {{??}} supplement your body is just going to kick it out you don’t think of people taking too much stones i guess. but um…it’s not something supplementing with calcium anyway. anything oh yeah,

I meant, i didn’t word that…well, day. i put it into cron-o-meter just to see eating tums all day, i’d say let’s cut back on the tums, right? but if you said yeah, it was mandarin oranges, dates, lot of romaine and broccoli. i hope you enjoyed hearing from dr. greger even if dairy and other animal products do as a package deal with plenty of undesirable calcium

From plants- you get all of the nutrients makes you wonder what the mustache really consists of. now this video is focusing on health and nutrition, mention that outside of the entire health cruelest of all the animal products industries. involves in either one of these videos but suffice now to be sure you’re getting your daily software that i use to track my own

Nutrition- so fantastic in fact that they’re sponsoring description to go make your profile so they know that bite size vegan sent you. or do you, believe the dairy hype? let me know in the comments! spread the nutritional truth. if you’re button down there for more awesome vegan content and to not miss out on the rest of the videos bite size vegan educating, check out

Either below and for perks and rewards for your support, the nugget army icon there or the link in and hey, check out some of the related videos and to anything that i have mentioned will be in the on your phones or tablets. now go live vegan, get you gotta get your calcium and stuff. it’s all up in there. i love you. i love you so much. i want you inside me right now.

Alright that might be one of the weirder things i’ve done.

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