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got my scooter puncture fixed by more than mobility in Plymouth 360 video vlog Fri 7 Aug 2020

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I’m really pleased that I got my scooter puncture fixed and I managed to get out the front of the building with just my walking stick

Oh what a glorious day this is a 360 video you can move the screen around with your mouse or your finger drag it around drag it and then you can look over there look over there opposite me turn it around you can see the sea and you’re not even having an eye test it rained early imagine the surprise kind of rain when i got i’ve got my scooter fixed today got the

Tyre the the puncture fixed although when he took the uh the inner tube out it wasn’t like pumped up pumped up so i think when i uh he says when i took the drawing pin out of it out the tire i must have taken it out and lickety split so he replaced the inner tube and pumped up all the tires and checked all the pressures and such but now i’ve got a spare tire and a

Spare in the tube and i’ve ordered um a puncture repair kit pump with self-adhesive sticker things so maybe when i get an ax puncture not if but when because it is inevitable i will uh i will have the gear to fix my puncture you know i mean me and tina just been down to wildwood we had a beer we had a big roti i think it’s called the birotti we have two in fact

We had a nice salad and uh i ordered some chunky chips as well and they were really nice and that was a really nice afternoon i could come back and have a a rotty nap oh splendid that’s my house if you over there with the windows open that’s my flat i don’t know if i could oh do you know what we could do we could go up and scare tina come on we could i walked

To the post box with said stick or not said the unsaid stick as it were and i thought well if i can go that far maybe i can go to the door over there you can have a look over there there’s the the main doors but opposite the back doors if you will so i went over there so what we could do is go skating and that’ll be a nice video and it could scare the bejesus

Out of her have a look around here though look at it look at it look at the sea savor it nice and quiet today normally it’s quite busy along this part promenade thing and listening to these jet skis can you ever look over there the jet ski look at it look how fast he’s going wow their stories all the time of people like that crashing and losing their life

Darwinism i think they call it now tomorrow i’m going on a barbecue at tina’s house it’s going to be glorious tomorrow by all accounts by uh tv and you know always going to be hot that you know old wives tales it’s gonna be nice tomorrow i’m really looking forward to the barbecue and tina got loads of stuff oh i’ve got two oohs i’ve got another ooh my my puncture

On my scooter was fixed he came out today and fixed it maintained went to audi well laughing got some barbecue stuff at the barbecue tomorrow by jove it’s gonna be lovely i’ll do a video tomorrow of uh of us at the barbecue at cath’s place well it’s tina’s place as well but it’s cat’s house kind of thing let’s go see if we can scare tina come on come with me

Come with me come with me there we go are you right there bring it down there you go come with me so we’ve got to sneak up to these windows you can see the windows over there did you see that ball full red bull right there oh look the other side look you look at the window where is she she ran away can you see her in there i can’t maybe she’s uh she’s in the

Bedroom no we won’t find out either it’s the blind gosh there’s a red ball look at the red ball look at this me on my walking stick though i’m almost independent oh look down there could you see the green down there there’s cindy she’s well nice she lives in this building i’m gonna sit down again i better sit down before i fall over all right there we go there

We go oh easy so that was a fail we’re supposed to scare tina all because guerra on the way back come on let’s go all the way back i’ve got to get my keys ready hang on come with me come with me and you’ll see which is before i need to sit down it’s funny when you can’t walk you can imagine walking it’s easy i can imagine walking by you i mean me um but when

It comes down to it i can’t even move ugh want me to show her laid out collapsified on the bed so i’ll cut that bit out if you watch these videos and you get something out of them and you can share them or you like them or they resonate with you and you like being part of a gang then please consider giving it a thumbs up because that helps people see it cool

Look at the view this is a 360 video it’s like the 360 videos on my channel so if you give it a thumbs up other people will see and if you subscribe you can click on all for the notifications that way i let you know about all my stuff and if you click at the join button you’ll be part of my gang and you get to see my social posts and you get emojis you can use

In my live streams and also if you are a youtuber and you remember i will share your videos to every subscriber i’ve got on my timeline and i’ll do that for free well for the price of membership we started just 199 but definitely subscribe and like because you get loads for free anyway i hope i can see you in the inside on the inside in the inside i don’t want

To see you on in the inside actually it might be a bit dirty

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got my scooter puncture fixed by more than mobility in Plymouth 360 video vlog Fri 7 Aug 2020 By multiple sclerosis Vlog