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GrayStillPlays The Sims 4 but it’s only Beth Amphetamine

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Beth Amphetamine in GrayStillPlays’ The Sims 4 Series. She doesn’t have a lot of exposure in the series though.

We also have a brand new contestant this week for our contest as we always do you may be saying great who is that lovely blonde looking southern bell right there this charming lass is none other than beth death amphetamine if you can’t tell beth amphetamine is a little weird but she can bench press 400 pounds how are you sims doing ah already enjoying yourselves

Good i don’t know how but somehow beth amphetamine has 500 followers for her streaming how could you not love someone like this how’s it going beth you’re gonna eat that hot dog or are you gonna leave half of it on the goddamn table so that it slowly ferments as i look into your black soulless eyes i can’t help but think to myself you might be first beth is over

Here typing she’s like dear diary it’s another day of gray trying to kill me i don’t know whether to laugh or cry what the hell is his face oh sweet jesus it’s like a cursed image come true what makes you happy beth is it a man looking on as his entire family burns because oh she just got done i had her paint this painting because she was in the hysterics and

I want to use that to continue to screw with all the environment and she died after she painted it death is like methamphetamine grey what the hell kind of name i got it like a bar this is the first time i’ve seen the winter outfits from florida man and methamphetamine what in the hell are you wearing methamphetamine looks like some 1960s bed sheets threw up on

A college student florida man looks like the top half of them wants to sell a used car in the bottom half wants to be an extra on a mr rogers episode or something i’m not gonna lie these are the faces that i expect to see whenever i’m torturing my sims it’s like complete resigned depression this shot of methamphetamine getting out of the pool is fantastic because

It almost looks like a model shot right up until you get to the point where it’s like an anorexic rod stewart’s head on top of a woman’s body you can tell she was like how do i show grey less emotion so he doesn’t know when i feel like i want to die i know i’ll shave my eyebrows it’s so strange these two do everything together they’re even sleeping in the damn

Hot tub together while australian man creepily watches them in the background it’s so weird it’s like he’s thinking to himself are you two having fun i hope you are because i’ll be seeing you soon you son of beth amphetamine next i think are they both going at once bab ross went as well methamphetamine is suffering from sizzling epidermis which is also known as

Going to the mailbox in florida i’m not gonna lie methamphetamine is not winning any intelligence contests there’s like 10 pools here and all of them have roofs over them except for this one and this is the one she decided to swim in beth as you look at me and your cold dead fish-eyed stare i just have to say you deserve to die never mind apparently you’re not

Alone in your stupidity lsd is coming out here as well you know what what the hell wouldn’t want someone to get broiling death cancer alone yeah come on in lsd sure what could happen methamphetamine has made it to the third degree run methamphetamine the only way to help yourself is to slather your body down in bud light what the hell what what the hell were you

Doing why is she all the way happy that the federation is like halfway across freaking town it’s really sad that the only time that beth’s eyes had any life in them is just before she began to die well i probably should have seen this coming beth amphetamine has the biggest problem with understanding how to live bethan phetamine texted she’s like i heard about

The passing of someone special to you i wanted to offer my condolences well this is an exciting update so uh besides having now committed possibly every felony i could do against this game i have gotten it to work florida man is having an excellent time with his head up of methamphetamine’s ass and we are now at the bottom floor of satan’s spa i had to start a

Completely new save because i broke the last one and then re-import the lot i have destroyed this game so badly that asking the sims to do anything takes about three minutes for them to figure out what the hell i’m talking about okay it took everyone a while but everyone has figured out what the hell they’re supposed to do now this is amazing we actually have

A real race on our hands although these two have kind of glitched out ah methamphetamine i see you’re swimming playfully yes we will destroy those emotions by the time you reach the third floor i don’t even know how this has happened right here methamphetamine is swimming inside of the concrete i don’t know i don’t know what to say about that that’s what has

Happened to this game so far holy i’ve destroyed this game i don’t think i’ve ever broken it this bad but i don’t care what it takes one way or the other these bastards are going to make it to the top floor uh methamphetamine decided to evaporate spontaneously so she’s gone i don’t know where she went but we’re finally on the top layer of the house this is the

Final portion the last little bit here real quick what the hell what is going on here why does it look like he’s about to shank her and take her wallet see he thinks he’s gonna get away with it but spleen’s is like i see you y’all better recognize spleen sees everything okay so bab ross and beth amphetamine have made it to the second floor bab’s going somewhere

Oh shoot it’s gonna be like a mass death right here until they both built up one another they’ve melded into each other well both tommy and beth are dead now they died in the sweet embrace of one another and spleen is over here sleeping in the middle of it all or is she ah methamphetamine you’ve you’ve volunteered to be the very first victim this rat is like

Leaning closer got something for you all right it doesn’t look like she got bit so she’s off the hook i love how literally everyone is chilling around this guy you guys are dicks they never want to interact with one another except when one of them is potentially going to die from a contagious disease and then they’re all like oh let’s all have a party okay i think

Pretty much everyone got it at this point from australian men when they all hung around together except for her methamphetamine totally doesn’t have it and she even played before the rodents and didn’t get bit oh beth finally caught it it took her like forever she’s the last one beth is a goofball goofballs are often playful she does such goofy things as peeing

All over herself there goes florida man he’s like i don’t know maybe it was just a skunk bud light nope and that means that our winner right as she pisses herself is beth she’s probably gonna die of embarrassment well beth if you don’t die from embarrassment you get to keep the house we’re not cleaning up the bodies though you gotta do that you can see how happy

She is to be the sole survivor tonsils is over here he’s like and remember kids herpes is no joke anyway folks hope you enjoyed this episode of the sims way to go methamphetamine until the next step stay foxy much love

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GrayStillPlays The Sims 4 but it's only Beth Amphetamine By Billy Annizarry