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Somebody around me got caught to see the word the c13 word can’t talk about it online which is stupid and censorship is insane so i’m going to give me some uh mucinex but you know what they did with mucinex they started adding more medicine in it i’m just going to buy the generic brand of the mucinex there’s a word that’s g-u-i-f something it forces you to sneeze

You know sneeze out any anything in your lungs but last night i noticed i was i thought it’s hard for me to take a deep breath i thought where did that come from and sure enough the next day somebody that i worked around has covered and everything this is ridiculous i’m pretty sure i had it way back in december before people even knew about it and a lot of people

I talked to they had they had a problem that december before it even became well known so what i’m what i’m going to do is get some vitamin d which helps anti-inflammatory and also some mucinex without the additives you can’t really buy mucinex now with just basically that one chemical so i have to go to get the generic of that chemical just to protect myself

But vitamin d is anti-inflammatory so anything that stops your implant inflammatory deal and also if you take a 80 milligram aspirin that’s anti-inflammatory it seems like or it might not be it just might be the things that the blood vessels a little bit i’m not sure i’m not a doctor i’m not giving advice i’m just talking talking about my experiences sometimes

If you’re doing some push-ups or lift you know doing some car self-chiropracting it can actually put pressure on your lung so it’s hard to say it could be worse it could be over there in that rack that four let’s see four car rack four power it could always be worse people consider this like the uh a war zone because it was a it wasn’t actually an attack from

China really consider it a war zone so if you do some fasting drink a lot of water cut back sugar get you some ozone machines for your house take deep breaths force yourself if you have a hard time breathing force yourself to breathe it doesn’t matter if you have to bend over sideways or whatever find a way to breathe force yourself there was somebody at

Work about two years ago he died or whenever it came out he died from it oh god about seven years old he’s he says he says i need some help can you go to the store get me some some of these vapor rubs or whatever and i said i said you need mucinex anyway i tried to help him a week later i went back to work and he was dead everybody said he died i thought man

Let’s shake that dude was ex-military he was teaching in china and came back came back to the states and uh it was doing pretty good he was planning on going back to china but i knew he was delusional to right back then something was wrong with his mind because he was come out he had a millionaire a girlfriend in china a millionaire billionaire and she was going

Flying fly over here marry him and blah blah it’s crazy she never appeared on the scene this lighting behind me is not self-aware she was trying to tailgate me and i put my flash on she went around i know she went right back behind hopefully she’s self-aware now if you’re on the highway and somebody’s acting crazy you know one or two percent of the time it’s

Bad actors but most time people just lost their there’s not self-aware what they’re doing they’re not they’re so focused on their their goal or they got to get somewhere fast they’re not even but when you hit the flashers they become self-aware that they’re tailgating you and they back off the hood rats they don’t back off they go crazy they get if the hood rats

Tailgating you and you put your flashes on they won’t pull a gun out and shoot you people stupid i mean stupid selfish stupid ridiculous hood rats what is a pirate a pie rat is a rat want to steal kill and destroy right surrounded by rats pyrites demons pirates selfish base nature bible talks about uh brute beast they’re just brute beasts they’re they’re

They’re just animals human animals they’re not even they’re not even a real human in in a way because they’re just brute beast a god made man in his image and all we’ve all been there don’t get me wrong we’ve all we all were born in sin but they never wake up i had one more in my yard on a regular basis he died last month he was a broke beast but he he had

He had jesus on his window he was a brute beast uh he was always i think he was i think what he was doing was pimping out the women on the street trying to pimp out the women and i noticed after he died all this clan dispersed you don’t even see him anymore after he died all his clan that used to hang out in a certain spot they grown that’s real they knocked

Almost did you know this guy died no i didn’t know he died i’m sorry to hear that and one guy was sitting there like like a little puppy dog lost puppy dog i’m thinking was it your daddy was it your family no it was his it was his uh i don’t know how it all worked out but it was his uh gravy train i guess because every time i he’d say can i get somebody to help

Me work for you because i get paid him to do yard work and carpenter works doesn’t that yeah or can i get somebody to help me uh i can’t pay two people he said well you just pay for one i guess he was giving him part of the money you know when he died the clan dispersed so god took him out for a reason because he was promoting the insanity he was keeping

That insanity going and when he died that insanity had to disperse you know totally amazed i’m just guessing what happened but i can see the results i can interpolate when he was gone the clan was gone the clan of insanity was gonna get rid of the the bible says get rid of the wood and the fire goes out get rid of this person causing the strife and the strife

Ceases and also get rid of the uh person doing evil and the evil will disperse and go away that’s why when you divorce a crazy woman you have peace again if you don’t have peace in your house you divorce somebody who’s causing insanity and they they’re gone and you have peace and they try to throw guilt trip on you because you divorced them a demon-possessed

Person it’s just part of the game people they actually send agents into your life that are not even real they they know how to say love love love love love but that’s not real they don’t even know what love is it wouldn’t know love if it hit them in the face for real they send agents to mess you up take away your peace

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