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Guaifenesin Protocol, step 1: the book

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Step 1 of protocol: book by Dr St Amand called “What your Doctor May Not Tell You About Fibromyalgia.” Here’s some helpful links to find them. And you can find many that have been donated to libraries around the world.

Hi my name is christine man and i have fibromyalgia i have struggled with it my whole life i had symptoms as a child i remember not understanding how the other kids could play as much as they did and not be tired and not struggle with their feet hurting and their back hurting and their shoulders hurting and the list goes on you all know what it’s like i was the

First one i was the first one who always got sick and i hung on to it for a long time and as i got older i went through stages years where i was good and then yours when it got really bad again and i started boyf anacin protocol six years ago and it has worked so well for me i foster twin boys for a year and i could never have done that prior to the protocol so i’m

Just super thankful and i want to share my success with you and hope that this video and the ones coming up will also be a help to you so i’m gonna start with how to get started on the protocol i actually did a whole video on all of the steps from look at it and the volume was so low you can’t hear me so i’m not gonna do all of my ones i’m gonna do one step at a

Time so the first step of this protocol is that you need to get the book by dr. st. amand it is called what your doctor may not tell you about fibromyalgia he he’s a doctor that has fibromyalgia himself he has family members with fibromyalgia and so he has his practice has been about treating fibromyalgia and understanding it and he’s been a doctor for long long

Time and i know he’s been treating fibromyalgia for at least 25 years successfully and he’s seeing people totally reverse their symptoms and get better kind of amazing and and he wrote a book and he shared his story and his information and all of the the tests that he did and all of his patients that were his guinea pigs and it worked and we are just so thankful

For the information he shared he’s written three additions to the book because he’s still learning and he’s still gleaning information that’s going to help you get better so you’re looking for the third edition it’s got an orange stripe along the top and it it’s called what your doctor may not tell you about fibromyalgia by dr. st. amant and claudia merrick who is

His assistant it’s got success stories in it it’s got information about your body and what’s happening with fibromyalgia it’s got information on how the protocol works and why it does and what’s going on with your body it’s got information on what’s going to keep the qui finessin from working in your body and things that you really do need to know and so i always

Encourage everybody to read the book as you read and take the time to do that it also gives you a time to kind of process and absorb the information i remember crying when i read it because it was just so overwhelming to find someone who understood someone who had answers someone who could explain things to me and actually give me hope so take the time read it get

Out your pen jot down notes there is the first edition book in audio format if you struggle with reading you can get that online on a site called audible and if you sign up with them they will give you one free book so you don’t even know to pay for it you go on there you sign up for audible you download the book and then you sign off audible if you stay on there

They will start charging you monthly so unless you have other audiobooks that you want i i find out as soon as i downloaded it so but it does have some things that you need to know are different there’s been a lot of advances in his understanding of fibromyalgia the science the protocol things like don’t take nice necks please when he first started writing these

Books noose next was the one that was available for use and so that’s what everybody started on but now we have ones that are so much better use next has blue dye in it this will slow down not only your clearing of the phosphates that have built up in your body due to fibromyalgia but blue dye also slows down energy production in your body so just in general if you

Have fibromyalgia don’t use anything with blue dye it’s really bad for you and we need energy wherever we can get it right so we’re slowing it down not a good idea so mucinex and you can’t have any tea that’s a new thing no tea of any kind tea is basically plant ingredients that have been dried and concentrated that you put in boiling water so those will block the

Guaifenesin from working you will understand all this as you start listening to the book or reading it but just so you know with the first edition book these are big changes don’t take me as an axe and and no tea no mint no menthol of any kind so just stay away from those things and you’re good as well as the rest of the book and all the information in it so what

You could do is listen to the audiobook and then once you start getting better because you will as you clear you will be able to read you’ll be able to focus you’ll be able to retain information your brain fog is going to go away your memory is going to come back you’re going to be able to focus you’re going to be able to pick up a book and read it and love it and

Not get a headache from it so just have some hope hang in there you got this we’re here for you join us at fibro buddies on guaifenesin protocol it’s a support group that i’m a part of that i’m an admin of and will be there to help you along the way as well a thousand other people so join us and i’ll talk to you soon

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Guaifenesin Protocol, step 1: the book By Christine Mann