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Guaifenesin Protocol step 2: Salicylates

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Learn about how Salicylates keep the guaifenesin from working to reverse your fibromyalgia symptoms. Learn what are Salicylates and how to succeed at the protocol. See this post for more info and helpful links:

Hey everybody christine mann back to give you some more information on the guy fenison protocol and the steps to doing it correctly so that you can reverse your fibromyalgia symptoms and get better get your life back on the protocol um the first step uh is to read the book and i gave a lot of information on the first video about that and i’ll have a link to the

First video in the um about section of this video so you can check that out um this is step two so step two of um starting the quiet venison protocol after you’ve read the book and understand a lot about what’s going on in your body um step two is to go through all of your beauty products anything that touches your skin really so um shampoo conditioner body

Wash toothpaste lotion makeup razor blades with the aloe strip you can’t have the aloe strip you’re looking for salicylates here so anything that is a plant ingredient is a solid has salicylates in it there’s a few that don’t and the short way that we can help remember it is crows corn rice oat wheat and soy those are the ones that you can have on the protocol

And those will not block your venison from working in your body so basically what happens with fibromyalgia is that your body is um when you’re born you’re actually born with this um defective enzyme or something in your kidney i’m not a doctor so i’m just giving you like a really short version um so basically what happens is your kidneys don’t expel phosphate

Like a healthy person does so um our bodies need phosphate phosphate to function properly so you can’t just stop having phosphate in your diet a healthy person eliminates it when there’s too much in your body and that’s just what a healthy person does some of the fibromyalgia your body doesn’t do that and needs to so over the years what happens is those um

Deposits of phosphate running around in your bloodstream your body’s like okay what are we going to do with this and so they make little deposits all over in places that you can sometimes see sometimes you can see a lump on like the back of your neck or something i’ve got a very visible one sometimes you can see it on your ankles your knees different places like

That but you cannot tell by mapping yourself if you have fibromyalgia the way that you tell is by your symptoms so do get diagnosed by a doctor make sure there’s nothing else going on um you wouldn’t want to spend a year on the protocol just to find out that it doesn’t work for you because there’s so many other things going on that have to be treated separate

From the protocol anyways step two that’s where we are we are um talking about salicylate so what you need to do is get rid of salicylates because they take up the spot in your kidneys that the guy feneson needs to go to in order for your body to get rid of the phosphate so um if you have salicylate in your beauty products it gets absorbed through the skin into

The bloodstream and blocks your guaifenesin if you eat salicylates which is plant ingredients of course you’re going to have salicylates in your diet um your body digests it out and it’s fine it doesn’t block your gryffindor but concentrated salicylates do so things like if you were to eat mint stay away from all mint all teas tea is just basically um plant

Leaves that have been dried and concentrated put into little tea bags for you to put in boiling water which is just too much salicylate so don’t don’t risk this there are things that you can try um for a tea type drink we call it a mock tea so you can put like slices of ginger frozen fruit in your boiling water cloves cinnamon sticks get creative there’s a lot

Of things you can put in water and it doesn’t have to be a tea bag that has all of these concentrated plant ingredients um i find it delicious i make a a big pot of really concentrated mock tea and then i freeze it in little ice cubes and then i just pop an ice cube in my hot water that’s my tea and i love it it tastes wonderful you can put sweetener in it or

Skip the sweetener whatever you feel like doing normally with your tea you can do with a mock tea and stay away from tea bags and those little leaves that have been dried and concentrated other things to really watch for is your dental products so dental floss that has mint in it you cannot have that toothpaste a lot of toothpaste has a ingredient named flavor

They often put mint in that ingredient that’s labeled flavor and we can’t have mint in any amount so you have to go by the ones in the list that are salicylate free we’ve contacted these companies to ask them for the ingredient list of the ingredient labeled flavor to make sure there is absolutely no mint or menthol in them so unless you’re planning to do that

And talk to like a supervisor or somebody high up who actually knows more than what the secretary does when she looks it up online and sees the same thing you do just just trust us go with the ones that you’re sure will not block your feneson from working to get you well um so salicylates this is step two you’ve got to get rid of all the salicylates in all of

Your topical products i have a post well i have a lot of posts on my on my website called christine’s cozy corner i’ve got a list of things for you to check um everything from shaving cream dishwashers like dish soap that you use your hands to wash you can’t have salicylates in those um my mind is drying up like there’s so many things like eye drops um all of

The these things that touch your skin you’ve got to make sure that none of them have salicylates if you’re going to do the protocol if you’re going to take the guaifenesin and go through all of this do yourself a favor and be ridiculously careful about salicylates now i know at this point you’re gonna be freaking out i know you will um everybody does um and i

Can’t there’s no way around this and i’m and i wish there was i wish there was an easier way so we’ve tried to make it as easy as possible by having our checklists all of our helpful links that can take you to places where you just type in the ingredient and it tells you if it’s got salicylates or not um all we’ve got a ton of information for you that will help

You and get this figured out um there’s a administrator of my group at fiber buddies on guaifenesin protocol and she has put together a bunch of pinterest lists with links to different sales late free products so that you can have a place to start what i suggest you do is you um take a phone with you that has the internet and um look through her list as you’re

Looking at the products in the store at that point when you find one that looks safe on her list you can’t expect it to be safe without looking through the ingredient list um companies change their ingredients in a moment’s notice and you don’t have any forward warning so we do the best that we can at keeping up with those lists but there’s just so many things

To go through so if you find one that does have salicylates in it please let us know you’ll be helping other people so that will help you her name is kimberly speaker snyder she’s the one with the pinterest boards that that will be a really big help to you there’s a website called sal search and it has a huge database of ingredients that you can punch in and

It’ll tell you if they’re salicylate free or not so go to my website check out the um the pages of information that we’ve put together to try and help it be easier for you i know that there is a huge learning curve right now for you and the vocabulary of the protocol is new and big and i’ve got a whole page of just the new vocabulary that you want to just figure

It out get read it over and over until it just becomes more familiar and i think as you read the book and as you spend time familiarizing yourself with the vocabulary and with these videos and all the information on my site and the fibromyalgia treatment site you’re going to find things are gonna get easier and um it’ll just become second nature it’s just it’s

A new it’s a new life it’s um it’s a change but it’s a good change and i wanna encourage you not to get so overwhelmed by all the changes that you give up this really is the only treatment out there that works and has no horrible side effects you look at all the things that you’ve tried i mean if you’re here if you’re trying this it’s very likely that you’ve

You’ve like me tried everything out there that you could get your hands on um all the different herbal supplements and naturopathic doctors that you’ve gone to see and painkillers and energy boosters and just this smoothies and shakes and juicing and i mean it’s endless you know you’ve been there acupuncture chiropractor massage i mean there’s just there’s so

Many things to try and you’ve tried them i did i tried them and they don’t work they help you for a little while but then you end up just as sick as you were before or more as time goes on because those phosphates will continue to build up now here’s an encouraging thing for you wrap your mind around this okay in five years if you are not on the protocol the

Symptoms that you’re going to experience in five years those are the symptoms that you’re going to go through when you start the protocol and you start clearing on the quivenocene so there’s a lot of changes going on i know you’re scared about that possible increase in symptoms but it’s supposed to be tolerable and you’re going to experience it anyways so you

May as well get clearing now face all these things and start getting better and have um pain with a purpose right you’re starting to get better you have a hope a plan for a future start looking at things that you really want to do that you’ve been waiting to do until you’re better and just stick that in your mind remember it keep that in in focus that one day you

Will get to do that so anyways that’s the information for step two and check out my website for more information i’ve got links that will help you and join us at fibre buddies on going financing protocol we are here to help you and you’ll get much faster answers there than you do on my website or even on youtube with your comments but please do leave a comment

And like my video so that lots of people can see it and get the help that they need thanks so much and have a great night

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Guaifenesin Protocol step 2: Salicylates By Christine Mann