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Guarding Against Acetaminophen Liver Damage – Nutrition Medicine Update # 84

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Nutrition Medicine Update # 84 – Guarding Against Acetaminophen Liver Damage.

Welcome to the lifestyle medicine update him dr. james meschino you know acetaminophen is an effective pain killing and fever lowering medication it’s sold in many over-the-counter drugs the classic one of course being tylenol about 27 billion doses were sold in the year 2009 the most recent year for which figures are publicly available the downside is that the

Regular the use of acetaminophen can damage to the liver and also to some degree the kidneys in fact acetaminophen is the leading cause of drug-induced liver failure in this part of the world and 50% of cases occur in people using the drug at the prescribed dosage which means not exceeding an intake of 4,000 milligrams a day the other 50% of cases are unfortunately

Intentional overdose cases in most situations now acetaminophen can damage it can lead to liver failure because it’s metabolized in the liver to a very reactive aggressive free radical agent which is abbreviated the na pqi metabolite the damages and can kill liver cells now fortunately when adequate glutathione is present in liver cells it quenches and neutralizes

The na pqi metabolite converting it into a harmless substance that the body can easily eliminate but chronic use of a sediment offense slowly depletes glutathione levels in the liver and elsewhere in the body and it allows liver cell damage to occur and eventually liver cell death and it becomes more pronounced so what can you do to protect yourself against a

Set of men ofin induced liver and kidney damage well in acute acetaminophen overdose cases hospitals administer a natural substance called nak nac and acetylcysteine and this natural agents a natural substance supplement actually when nak serves as a key building block for glutathione synthesis if administered in time at a high enough dose an acetylcysteine can

Quickly raise liver cell levels of glutathione and prevent liver failure and death and acute as acetaminophen overdose cases so nak is the antidote that’s used in cases of acute acetaminophen overdose and poisoning but recent studies have suggested that the oral ingestion of nak taken as a supplement can help prevent liver damage from the use of a set of medicine

In patients who are just using it for pain control headaches arthritis fever and so on a really important study it’s published in the journal drug development research in the year 2015 and the researchers argue this case very well affect the researchers suggest based on the available studies that azz added benefit containing drugs should be combined with an equal

Amount of and acetylcysteine or a knack to prevent liver damage from occurring with each dose of acetaminophen ingested now law makers and pharmaceutical companies have yet to act on this recommendation but it’s likely that it will someday become a reality in the meantime if you’re using a set of benefit on any level of frequency you might be very wise to also

Purchase from a drug store a health food store or online and an acetylcysteine supplement the recommendation is to take 600 milligrams of makor and acetylcysteine with every 600 milligrams of acetaminophen ingested and to take them simultaneously or within 30 minutes of each other this will help to raise your liver glutathione levels and mitigate damage otherwise

Caused by the build-up of the na pqi metabolite form from acetaminophen metabolism now you might want to know that other natural agents can work within acetylcysteine or nak to help raise and preserve glutathione levels so these other supplements include alpha lipoic acid soloman from the herb milk thistle which also helps to repair liver damage and protect kidney

Cells from various free radicals from drugs and toxins and also l-glutamine an amino acid that’s also required for xion synthesis so some companies actually combined all four of these natural agents into one capsule that contains in acetylcysteine or nak alpha lipoic acid celebra and l-glutamine so you know that’s a consideration as well other advice to support

Your liver function and aid in detoxification includes the ingestion of certain foods such as garlic and onions and cruciferous vegetables the broccoli brussel sprouts cabbage cauliflower bok choy all of these vegetables have the indole-3 carbinol and sulfur veins and garlic and onions have these sulfur can paint containing compounds that also really aid delivery

Detoxification but also note this that ingesting alcohol well a set of meta fitness in your body greatly amplifies the liver and kidney damaging effects of this drug so no alcohol if you’re taking acetaminophen make that a rule so i think you should pay close attention to the information i’ve shared in this video update to help protect your liver and kidneys over

Your lifetime if you rely on a set amount of him to any degree so i’ve included the research studies with the accompanying links in the text below so thank you for watching and i’ll see you next time

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Guarding Against Acetaminophen Liver Damage – Nutrition Medicine Update # 84 By Dr James Meschino