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This channel was created to share my health journey with you, talking about the struggles and how I have been overcoming my difficulties. This is a space for discussions where I aim to learn from you and share my experiences. I don’t aim to give you medical or training advice and I recommend you to check with your healthcare professional before starting exercising or changing your diet.

To my channel. i caught covid-19 again,   it was on tuesday night, the 31st of may when i  tested positive again. if you’ve been watching   of ill health is not something that worries   me at the moment. i’m not worried about being  sick, because this is something that i can’t   control. this is in line with what i have

Been  reading from jim rohn about controlling what you   can. there are some things in life that i can’t  control and nobody can. things like the weather   or things that are surrounding us. but what we can  do, and what i can do, is to make myself better,   the reason why it did upset me this time,   i was doing something

As a challenge for me   and this challenge was requiring not just from  me but a lot of her effort as well and we have   got a baby girl. this was a massive challenge for  me and for her as well. also, my kids, because   they are on holidays this week and off course it  is a time i should be spending more with them,  

But with the challenge i had in mind i would be  several days away and probably they wouldn’t see   it would be a sunday to saturday. i do long   shifts. 13 hours shift and i would be doing this  without any break, in terms of work like days off.   adding to this, i would be continue doing what  i have been doing so far. for

Several months,   i sleep up to 5 hours a day. sometimes i sleep 3  hours, sometimes i sleep 4, sometimes i sleep 5.   is just because i realised that i don’t need   to sleep more. actually, i’m not even waking up  with alarm normally. it is my body waking me up.   the only thing i changed is instead of staying  in

Bed trying to sleep another 2h for 7 hours,   perfect time, because everybody is sleeping   is no disturbance, so it is a great time   quicker. the other thing i was continue doing   add-on 2, add-on 1. i have been doing this   sometimes. add-on 2 i’ve been doing daily as well.   access to my devices to use, but

I normally   you will know that this is what i do as well.   a day. i would be exercising and reading   for 15 hours because i work 13 hours but   going to work and coming back takes about 1 hour.   family. so, i would be doing this for 7 days.   i wanted to put my body under a high level of   things that

I don’t achieve is nothing to do   with anything else other than my mindset. so,  by doing this and by watching my own video,   about things that i want to achieve that i   haven’t achieved yet, or things that i achieved  that i want to improve, i would be looking at   my video and saying to myself. ok, hold on, you 

Have done this. this is pretty difficult thing,   so for sure you can do anything else that comes  across you. but, i’ve done 3 days of this. day   1, 2 and 3 went ok. i say ok, because i actually  got sick. because i started with covid symptoms.   i didn’t know at that time because i test myself  daily with lateral flow and my

Results were always   negative, until tuesday night. i started having  symptoms and i thought it was flu. i was getting   great, because actually it is what i really need,   because this will put my body under more stress  and that’s exactly what i wanted to happen.   day 1, day 2, day 3 i managed. i was feeling the 

Symptoms from day 1 i thing and i was jogging.   i was extremely tired. i didn’t even realised  how bad i was, until i started editing my videos   for me how tired i was. but, i’ve done 3,   i’m sure i would do the other 4 easily. as jim  rohn says, it is important to be the best we can   we can achieve; earn the best

We can earn.   so, be the best we can. and, for me, i just wanted  to try this, put this in my vision that i achieved   that and i know that anything that comes is not  so difficult. i’m still having covid symptoms. i   still cough, my chest is heavy, i’m still finding  a bit difficult to do the exercises outside,  

But i did recover quite a lot comparing to before  and i’m testing negative now, which is the most   important thing, so i can go back to my usual  routine. ok, it was annoying. i did not finish   my challenge, but all i can do now is actually  pick myself up and continue. i’ve got challenges.   i keep on doing challenges

To myself. some of  them i share with you, some of them i do not.   i will be sharing for example about my sleep, for  example why i started. i will be sharing about   the jogging and the add-ons that i do. i think it  is important in life to set challenges. the main   from achieving these goals, positive. and if  

Negative to learn from it and make something   been trying something nice? if you want to  share with me, please feel free to do so.   leave a comment and i will respond to you.   usual if you like what i’m doing please share it;   subscribe and put the notification so you when i  put something else up. thank you and god bless.

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