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He Wanted to Fight Me!

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In this video someone gets angry! Then we go to the ice rink and snowboard!

Another day in colorado man sir what’s your name you’re my favorite male man it’s really good to see you ladies and gentlemen quick announcement s you’re getting in my face and you’re telling me that you want these nuts in your mouth i mean that’s disrespectful is there any chance i could buy just like a bunch of waters i got this banquet thanks bro go ahead

Go ahead you do too oh yeah what was that i feel you i do the same thing pay them and grab the waters be like i think we got a shake with this then they’ll be like no you didn’t and then it’s like shake that ass and then i’ll drive away really fast okay yeah we got a shake though shake that ass we’re just looking to get some waters could i pay you or yeah you

Just counted them she said pizza can you put the caps on them i gotta hire this man am i breaking labor laws right now how old are you 13. there you go sir thank you so much ma’am thank you bro don’t drop those we got a stop sign i don’t smell them don’t we’re here to give out water to the citizens of this county so we just want to give you a water are you sure

Well you have a great day we’re with you want a water man yeah nice man well yeah you have a great day stay hydrated right with here’s the water for you man stay hydrated asking about the shake we ordered a shake no the chocolate one we got a shake shake that ass all right do you want a water we can put

Some lean in it for you if you want like uh the perk 30s it’s just a supplement like the perk 30 supplements all right yeah you have a good day excuse me miss big body do you want a water uh no i’m okay you’re good yeah okay oh great yeah sorry nice you got any perk 30s or no no yeah you know i feel you i feel you have a good one yeah i was planning on doing

That like right now you need a water sure i’ll have a water yeah give me water from the back oh thank you thank you sir have a good day love you do you want water did you drink enough today you’re getting a little tipsy on the job okay i mean i don’t drink personally but you know do you have a shake shake that ass matt where’s the nearest wendy’s wendy’s nuts in

Your mouth is your daddy a baker by chance is your daddy a baker you got some nice buns and we made it to the mall you know we were trying to make sure people are staying hydrated we’re with wendy’s we’re just giving out free water is your daddy a baker by chance no no okay you got some nice buns we got a couple samples like trying to keep people hydrated i’m

Good thanks um you’re more of like a wendy’s guy no i’m good take a water please why we’re just trying to keep people hydrated oh man i’m good bro you hydrated oh yeah i am can we do a quick uh piss sample no just to make sure yeah would it be clear or would it be yellow it would be clear have you ever heard of imagine dragons huh imagine dragons imagine dragons

Yeah imagine dragging these nuts in your mouth really yeah a lot if i beat the out of you right now huh how about if i beat the out of you right now if you don’t get the out of my face i’ve never heard of that one you should go right now go away if you want to go to a concert i’m gonna bug out no need i mean we got free waters for you are you more of a fan of

Wendy’s no i don’t i don’t even eat wendy’s nuts are in your face sir what are you doing just take it easy right you’re getting in my face and you’re telling me that you want these nuts in your mouth i mean that’s disrespectful do you know what i’m saying no you don’t know what i’m saying right like moneybagg yo bro seriously when you said to me man that’s like

That bro you’re just not a fan of imagine dragons well you have a great day all right gentlemen how we doing we can’t talk we’re on the talk right now sorry oh no please just take a water no we’re good we can’t do that it’s free no really on the house nope gotta go guys what are we filming these who these what are we filming these these nuts in your mouth ladies and

Gentlemen quick announcement we got some free waters feel free if you guys want to grab them free samples on the house today we’re trying to keep everybody hydrated okay so drink enough water stay hydrated love you guys yeah we’re asking you nice thank you so much no we don’t want you now oh we’re just computing see the shirt available at excuse me

Sir how you doing uh water oh yeah for you what kind of water is that perk 30s okay lean whatever you want to call it yeah uh yeah codeine promethazine syrup okay all right don’t drink too much you guys want these the last of this water that we got what the yeah dude guys don’t steal please get his pants oh cheers boys i appreciate you guys watching the videos

Hey don’t steal though if you’re stealing you probably don’t really need to be stealing right if you really have to steal something like you don’t actually have to steal it i don’t know why it was so complicated we’re gonna just do a little family trip to go bowling just one game you got both these shoes no we got our own yeah bowling shoes yeah pba certified yeah

Perfect it’s almost bba trying to fight my man no these are those are bowling shoes yeah i’ve never seen bowling shoes like that never seen pba certified slots yeah they’re treated up see the indents there they’re a little worn i’ve i’ve had them for like five years but if you say so cool thank you sir stand right there and open your legs strike through his legs

Through his legs oh come on yeah yeah let’s see how far down the lane you can get oh the pbs how did you not strike that you’re like five feet away oh what lane number are you i think 69. come on now i’ll go for the bumpers up where do you find that big number at the very end of the lane oh yes six six nine is it not it’s 80 to 87 if he gets more than 70 wins

Less than 70 loses don’t up oh hey dude we tired rock paper scissors to finalize the victory yeah are you vaping you what is this dog disappointed in you go excuse me sir it’s a it’s a vape it’s a vaporizer he thinks it’s okay and i’m trying to get rid of it you vape a lot i don’t it looks like you do because you look like a little no it looks like you get

A lot of yeah damn you’re badass you’ve been carrying around this jewel for you okay you gotta do it yourself okay dude props to you bro i get that yeah they started today good don’t start again bro what’s up bro you ever been to wendy’s me too you like pizza yeah yeah piece of these nuts in your mouth the next day we’re picking up brink from the grocery store

Part of the family i guess so we’re going to the skating rink we’re gonna do something very original i i don’t think i’ve seen anyone do this i do that cut every time i see it just gets me motivated bro it makes me feel bad because i feel like you’re gonna be getting all the bits we’re at the ice skating rink today and i’m gonna bring my snowboard and snowboard

On the ice skating rink uh could we just get to we just want to skate a bit you do tick tock and stuff yeah that’s where i’ve seen you in the video oh yeah appreciate you bro bring it and suited up oh no dude that’s actually kind of fun hey hit him against the glass yeah we’re practicing for our hockey tournament trying to get our moves down we’re just trying

To learn put the gear on we can’t practice our ray lewis i’ll take a little breather let me bring the snowboard out now this isn’t a snowboard this is a this is an ice board i can’t board no i mean it’s an ice board no it’s not it is i modified it can i sketch a little bit or no so i’m gonna cut the ice right now oh okay so you have to leave can i sketch or no

What are you talking are you joking with me no can i sketch on the zamboni no no oh yeah i didn’t know they closed at 2 30. that’s fun what’s your deal no this is meant for the ice but this is ice skating not snowboarding yeah but i just want to like change it up a bit like mix some sports together and then you actually could learn how to skate better yeah but

This was more fun well that’s not allowed for snowboarding on the rink yeah so you know what you’re gonna run into me no i would never do that if anything you’d run into me i would call him right though well then you shouldn’t run into me though well but you’re in my way a snowbird gets priority though on the ice well nice to meet you joe yeah pleasure i really

Appreciate it case okay i think i’m gonna bring the board next time yeah appreciate you bro can i get one with you no you think i can get your phone number maybe no i’m married she should look into it too they’re married maybe to you well thanks anyway you have to return the ice board as well or just don’t bring it on the ass it’s an ice board well not this ice

Okay so just come back next time and board appreciate it have a good day did it boy we ice boarded we’re hitting the road soon so we might not see bring for a while quick one drake and josh doodles love you man i’ll see you soon

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He Wanted to Fight Me! By Blake Bachert