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Healed from Alzheimer’s / MARIETTE McDONALD

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Mariette McDonald shares her remarkable story of physical healing.

My mother was diagnosed with alzheimer’s in 2012 i believe and for us it meant really just dropping everything and trying to figure out what her needs were to understand what the disease was i did receive a number of calls from strangers that she was lost or hungry that’s at that point when i decided that i had to take her in and try to figure out our auctions

For her it was a devastating experience to leave a loved one behind when you don’t understand fully the disease and i was losing her i was her mind had was a terrier rating as i said and and i didn’t think she would last the year i didn’t think she was gonna make it shortly thereafter she did have a fall a significant fall where she broke her neck and she ended

Up again in icu in hospital and they repaired her neck i wish i could remember because i have no pain because i don’t remember having any pain did i have a body that i have in mind i i don’t know i don’t remember anything she was an icu she was attached to all these machines she had a breathing tube in she had a neck collar on because she’d broken her neck

Her face was just swollen almost beyond recognition and as i stood at her bedside and prayed for her i thought i don’t think we’re going to see her back at mental place and i remember praying at her bedside and just asking god for mercy and bringing her back and and it was a long journey but then she came back and suddenly she was getting so much better and not

Just physically but also cognitively tell me why you think this is a miracle when i look today at the people with alzheimer’s and think that i was like that and i was even much worse than that because i went down to zero and they’re not the one i see they’re not down to zero and i say there’s no way i could get out of that by myself no way with no interview

Intervention by by god it has to be god it’s a miracle because no nothing else would were to take me out of there so it was really a miraculous change that none of us could even fathom and and then i mean this never happens we’re residents in long-term care improved so much that the care staff are saying and the doctor they can be an independent living now you

Know and for her to move it’s usually the other way right of people moving from assisted or independent to long-term care but mariette came came the other way because there’s so many alzheimer’s patient i don’t know why i’m so different you know i mean why did god choose me to get better maybe he wants me to say to him oh to people i feel that prayer is a crucial

Piece of our work here not just the chaplains pray but and this is what we see every day the residents praying for each other other staff in housekeeping cleaning the room and then coming in and seeing that a resident is distressed or not feeling well or discouraged or grieving it’s a community of care and and prayer is at the heart of it how can i describe my

God is everything everything to create you’re the creator of everything you know we talked a lot about where ackles than i do truly believe that because she’s my mom again it’s important to have her back because she wants to help people she wants to ensure that people understand that that what alzheimer’s is what dementia is because honestly until you experience

It it’s it’s hard to believe that this happens it’s hard to believe that somebody comes back from this so yeah it’s a miracle for sure no question

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Healed from Alzheimer's / MARIETTE McDONALD By 100huntley