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Health Benefits of Caffeine

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Coffee is one of the most common social stops. We grab a coffee when we want to catch up with friends, or for a meeting, or even a first date. So how healthy is that cup of joe and what are the real health benefits?

Coffee is one of the most common social stops we grab a cup of coffee when we want to catch up with a friend or even for a meeting or a date and now we’re going to have a little coffee talk of our own registered dietitian keri glassman is here and she’s teaching us all about the real reason most of us reach for a cup of joe and that is the caffeine please welcome

The lovely barry glasses all right so let’s start with basics what is caffeine otherwise known as our best friend any of us caffeine is a substance found in coffee tea soda and chocolate and it’s considered a drug because it stimulates the central nervous system and makes us alert or peppy which is why many of us go and grab it and it gives us a feeling of energy

Although it’s not true energy only calories from food give us true energy but how much coffee is too much carrie i mean how many cups ideally a day is the safe amount that’s a great question and it really does vary person to person we are all affected by caffeine differently but usually two to four cups which is about 300 to 400 milligrams and just as a frame of

Reference one cup of coffee of brewed coffee is usually 95 to 200 milligrams of caffeine all right when it comes to caffeine there are a lot of misconceptions so we are gonna play a little game to set the record straight and we’re gonna be talking about some mythbusters and our audience everybody has a paddle that says true or false i kind of wanted to paddle this

Time but i guess we ran out budget cuts sorry all right so here’s true or false caffeine dehydrates you is that true or false see i’m such smart people who come although you you’re the only person you in the front row the single false you know it’s actually false it does not define everything take the bow right good all right seriously nice job it’s not that false

I thought that was true too but many people do because caffeine does act as a diuretic meaning it does make you go to the bathroom however caffeinated beverages actually contribute to your fluid intake for the day because the amount that you lose through urination is acts less than the amount that you’re taking in so it does not contribute to dehydration oh no

As linda richmond would say all right caffeine can help you lose weight true or false okay if i were to have a paddle i would say true and it’s a good thing we’re doing this segment because that is actually false as well although it can it can decrease your appetite it can stimulate your metabolism slightly and it can even give you a boost at the gym so you burn

More calories however it can also disrupt your hormones specifically your stress hormones which can cause weight gain it can cause sleeplessness which we know sleep is related to weight gain and then of course many people have their caffeine with a whole lot of milk or cream and lots of sugar or chocolate or chocolate cake yeah or a net-net it wasn’t a really

Helpful net like most things like chocolate like red wine a little bit can have a lot of benefits but you don’t want to go too far caffeine is bad for you what do you guys think true or false okay i’m gonna say true it’s caffeine wait wait i’m not gonna say job boss is false it is not bad for you it actually may help prevent diabetes parkinson’s it may actually

Help relieve pain and as i mentioned it also can give you a boost at the gym it’s considered an ergo genic meaning it can boost your athletic performance however too much of it can also disrupt our sleep it can also you know we know you can have anxiety from it it can even make us nauseous and it could just give us that rapid heartbeats i was gonna ask about that

Rapid heartbeat sometimes when you’re over caffeinated you experience actually some people think i’m over caffeinated when i haven’t even had if you’re like me though so you have to know yourself like anything some people are very sensitive to caffeine and some people aren’t so if you haven’t been sleeping well or if you are anxious take a look at your diet and

Think about how much caffeine you’ve been consuming you mentioned parkinson’s what about alzheimer’s because i have read studies about coffee and alzheimer’s does that have a positive effect or can it stave off alzheimer’s it does actually there was a recent study that showed that caffeine had a positive effect on the touts which are the protein deposits which

Are the trademark of alzheimer’s disease and they are the protein deposits that really contribute to degeneration and reduction of memory so caffeine has been shown nearly to have a positive effect there but i’m sure we’re going to see a lot more research about that in terms of even memory loss alzheimer’s and parkinson’s disease

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Health Benefits of Caffeine By Katie Couric