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Help! My Body Is Wasting Away

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Marie comes to The Doctors with the hopes of getting help for her unpredictable symptoms and rapid weight loss.

Imagine your body experiencing unpredictable and nearly constant diarrhea and having no idea why it’s happening that’s the reality for our next guess whose body is wasting away i started to notice that my stomach was hurting a little bit and that my clothes were a little bit looser i’d stop doing any exercising even eating more and the weight wasn’t staying on within a

Couple months i started doing procedures and tests from cancer to aids to bacterial infections and no one had an answer for me doctor asked me if i’d tried eating more, and i said yes, and he’s like just keep doing that i’m sure you’ll be fine when i got done 292 pounds. i was admitted to the hospital and i was diagnosed with cassia it was put on intravenous feeding so that

They could keep me alive i did start to gain weight back i actually started to look like myself again. they took me off intravenous feeding for the last six months i have lost over a third of my body weight in two week to leave house i always have diarrhea every day all day long my entire life is whether or not there will be a bathroom. it’s so bad. actually that it keeps

Me from falling asleep. that’s what my life is before all of this happen i wanted a husband 20 kids and wasn’t taken all about boy. i don’t want to give up i think that there’s still something for me to do we simmer you do internist dr. molina jam pillows and gastroenterologist dr. seuss sacher both doctors reviewed several hundred pages of medical records and dr. satcher

Ordered a few additional tests so i have gone through all of your records. i’m so sorry have about 3,000 test results and you’re still having some symptoms. yes, i’m still wasting chronic diarrhea that’s been 15 16 months licensed rate obviously you’ve been through a lot. you just a little hard to maintain. hope after so long i’d like to spend one thing on sick. i kind of

Forgot what that feels like i’d like to leave the house more so we’re gonna try to do everything that we can to make you feel better there is some additional testing that i’d like to do today. is that okay with you. yeah sure so i lay down for me so we finished up all our testing the results will take a couple of days to get back so i’ll get back to you and we’ll go from

There. okay cool. thank you we also wanted to examine the mind-body connection so our clinical psychologist dr. judy, ho also sat down with murray where the doctors in terms of their assessment they did a test figure out that i had severe fat malabsorption and i’m declining typically one of the symptoms we having aside from the drastic weight loss. i started shaking pretty

Badly my best friend’s husband asked me if i wanted french fries and so all i could come up with was potato sticks i get disoriented at night. i’ve gotten lost in my own bedroom, and that’s very scary i’m just not who i was when i got sick and not for nothing not all of that’s bad. there’s a lot that i’ve lost that i wish i had back but there’s a lot that i’ve lost this

It’s totally. okay were you ever depressed or anxious before all of this happened yeah, how do you cope with the present situation i share a lot about it, and i share a lot about how to advocate for just listen to people and try to be of service that way and i’ve had so many people useful my experience has been what did we notice in terms of just your own mental health

Around all of this? sometimes i get upset and i cry in my floor but most of the time. no this sounds really weird

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Help! My Body Is Wasting Away By The Doctors