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Helpful tips for common metformin side effects #metformin #type2diabetes #prediabetes

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Glucophage is a brand name for a drug called metformin most commonly used for type 2 diabetes the most common side effects for this drug are upset stomach and diarrhea here are four things you can do to help with that number one you always want to make sure you’re taking the medication with food food helps calm your stomach and can help prevent upset stomach and

Diarrhea number two depending on what dose you’re on you can split the dough so you can take half of your dose in the morning and half of the dose in the evening number three you can ask your doctor to change your formulation so if you’re taking the immediate release metformin that’s more associated with upset stomach and diarrhea so you can change that to the

Extended release which may help prevent those side effects from occurring and number four if these side effects pop up and you’ve been taking metformin for a while you can actually take what’s called a drug holiday so that might mean taking a week or two off of the medication and then reintroducing it at a lower dose i always talk with your doctor about that you

Want to do your best to try to tolerate the metformin as it may decrease the risk of heart attacks and strokes in certain patients

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Helpful tips for common metformin side effects #metformin #type2diabetes #prediabetes By Sean the Pharmacist