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Hil’s Pills – Atenolol – Useful Information

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Some useful information if you have been prescribed atenolol by your doctor.

Hello my name’s hilary eden and i’m a pharmacist with over 20 years experience working for the nhs in the uk welcome to hills pills in these videos i’m going to provide you with some useful information about medicines that have been prescribed for you by your doctor in this video i’m going to talk about atenolol tablets atenolol is a beta blocker and it’s

Used to treat an increased blood pressure or hypertension an irregular heartbeat or arrhythmias it can be used when you’re suffering from chest pain or angina and it can be used to protect the heart after you’ve had a myocardial infarction or heart attack antennalol works by making the heart beat more slowly and with less force you shouldn’t take attentional

If you’re allergic to it or if you have heart failure already have a slow heart rate or a reduced blood pressure or you’ve got poor circulation you should also take care before taking atenolol and discuss with your doctor if you’ve suffered suffer from asthma diabetes thyroid problems or kidney problems the usual dose of a tenalol is 50 to 100 milligrams taken

Once a day often it started off at a lower dose 25 milligrams and then that’s increased up to 50 to 100 milligrams once a day it’s usually a hundred milligrams once a day if it’s being prescribed for you after you’ve had a heart attack you can take the tablets all together as one dose best thing in the morning it doesn’t matter if you take them with or without

Food and you can take them with water milk or any other liquid if you forget a dose for 10 lol don’t double us up just take the next dose at the time it’s due if you or anyone you know has taken too much atenolol you should seek medical help an overdose of atenolol can make your heart rate blood pressure drop too low you may get chest tightness and you can even

Lose consciousness also you shouldn’t stop antenna lol suddenly if you think you need to stop a tennyl go and talk to your doctor because usually they will stop it gradually over seven to fourteen days the side effects of atenolol include allergic reactions so if you have a sudden onset shortness of breath swelling of the mouth face lips or eyes or you develop

A rash then you should go back and see your doctor sometimes with the tenderloin you can also feel an abnormal heartbeat you may feel slight shortness of breath as well the most common side effects of tendon law that occur in about one in ten people are cold hands and feet diarrhea nausea you could feel tired and sometimes have aching muscles as well as side

Effects a tendon can interact with some other medicines quite a lot of other medicines that are prescribed for blood pressure chest pain or because of arrhythmias interact with antennalol so if you’re being treated by another doctor do make sure they know you’re already taking adenylol atenolol also interacts with digoxin and it interacts with some medicines you

Can buy over the counter these include ibuprofen there’s also another non-steroidal anti-inflammatory drug in dimethysin that interacts with antennalol and also insulin so as usual always make sure any other doctor treating you knows that you’re taking a tena lol the final interaction i need to make you aware of is with drugs that are found in medicines you can

Buy over the counter to relieve a blocked nose or sinus problems they work in exactly the opposite way to a tennolol so always talk to your pharmacist and it’s probably best not to buy medicines containing these drugs as far as driving goes with the tenant as long as you’re not feeling dizzy and lightheaded and it’s not dropping your blood pressure too much you

Should be fine to drive unfortunately however it’s not recommended that you drink alcohol while you’re taking antenna lol as the additive effects of the outer alcohol and the antenna can drop your blood pressure too much the final thing i need to tell you is if you’re going into hospital have any surgical procedure do make sure that the anaesthetist knows that

You’re taking a tenant a tenant in combination with some anaesthetic agents can lead to a big drop in your blood pressure i hope this information has been helpful if you need more detailed information about atenolol please see the patient information leaflet that came with the medicines when they were dispensed by your pharmacist if you haven’t got this leaflet

Or you need another copy you can download it from dot uk if you’re taking other medicines you might like to see my other videos you can find these either on youtube or at my website i hope this has been helpful thanks very much

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Hil's Pills – Atenolol – Useful Information By Hil’s Pills