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hn 400 ngy dng Tretinoin y l 9 iu mnh rt ra c c mt ln da t ni mn, cng bng !

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But luckily, i’ve found the copper laser treatment at ms. thao’s place my endothelial proliferation decreased significantly after doing that treatment nope, that’s not it. i did the rf wave laser – sylfirm treatment i’m the founder of a platform that can analyze chemical components in cosmetics called if you are learning about components in cosmetics, moreover,

I have a “cosmetic consumer community” group in this group, i and my team provide very in-depth content on cosmetics ok, as the title of the video, today, i will be sharing please take note that i don’t encourage you to use this product in this video a lot of people asked me if i was still using tretinoin overall, i will answer the reasons why i used it for a very long

Time and it could easily cause blockage, acne, like inflammatory or blind acne of course, i used the lowest one and then increased to using 0.1% actually, 0.1% is one of the highest concentrations after just 1-2 weeks of using it, you will see your skin peels, becomes red but it took six months for my skin to become really smooth using this tretinoin i see that firstly,

For tretinoin to be most effective on the skin without using a toner, serum, or moisturizer whatsoever before that even though i know that there are some people still doing that. i did it too applying a primer only helps reduce irritation and peeling honestly, i find the speed and effective time to be quite long so i still think that applying tretinoin bare is the most

Effective for those who have melasma, keratinization speed, but if it’s for treating minor problems or for beginners tazarotene or benzoyl peroxide on inflammatory acne is alright tretinoin is really hard to control and is very expensive i remember the price is arounf 2,4 or 2.2 million vnd. i bought 10 tubes or so i mus admit that in the first 6 months of using this,

It was even smoother than my skin you’re seeing on camera right now “wait, why does it sound like medical liquor, and mixed cream? what do i mean by that? it means that it was very prone to dullness to having inflammatory acne if i didn’t do skincare thoroughly especially, in my skin scan result, i always experienced every time i washed my face or did something to my

Face however, i used this tretinotin tube according to the doctor’s instruction and the doctor recommended that i use it for a year but i only used it for 7-8 months later. because in the last months of 1 year of using tretinoin, if you have tan skin and your skin is a bit red, no one will realized it then i will definitely look very weird using this product basically,

A boiled shrimp is the exact description some asked me if they should stop using tretinoin after a month and the doctor told me to kept using it for another year meaning, i had to keep using it for a year and a haft but i couldn’t stand it because i found that my skin wasn’t like how i’d wanted i must admit that since i used tretinoin less and did laser treatments my skin

Underneath became less sensitive and i had acne less but i mean comaring to back then, when i was using tretinoin my skin was still very prone to breakouts when exposed to the sun that is sunscreens that have inorganic filter, so its ability to stick on the skin is a rather light-tinted layer those sunscreens clearly don’t leave a tinted layer on the skin but my skin often

Feels tingling applying the organic filter and my skin was already sensitive when using tretinoin so most of the time, i only used inorganic sunscreen that is, the one that has zinc or titanum dioxide whatsoever sometimes, if i didn’t use a moisturizer, a toner or anything the skin areas around my nose and mouth corners often peeled the sunscreen always separated because the

Skin is shedding i kept asking the doctor if i could reduce the using times because my thick keratinization problem is very significant i would definitely get acne and hidden acne forever and it costs me 10 million vnd or so each time buying i’ve just opened this tube and have only used it a little and the reason that i’ve only used it a little is that i only dare to dot

On the acne, not applying to my whole face when using it again after stop using it for a while that is if you stop using tretinoin for about 1-2 months there will aways be the flaky feeling if you use it again i know that it was a bit reckless to use it like that and i dared not to use this all over my face ever again overall, later, i only dare to use retinol generation

Like my call me retinol iverall, i still think that after using tretinoin, at that time, your skin will be smooth and beautiful enough because it rarely has acne, it’s very smooth and bright like the fine lines at the eye areas or the smile lines but i think everyone has these things, even celebrities there is nothing to be ashamed of or embarrassed about because you’re

Beautiful so be confident about it. have faith in it, ok? the fastest way to restore it is to use nourishing oil, if you use a serum or a moisturizer, it can still be restored it’s not good that you overuse tretinoin if your skin is peeling and dry but when your skin flakes and you reduce using tretinoin, it won’t deliver the effect so how to increase the ability of the

Skin to reduce flaking i always a combo of 3 nourishing oils. i lost one of them somewhere so i don’t think many people have enough money to buy them so i recommend the timeless or the ordinary squalene oil research and case studies on their restorative ability but if you feel that these 2 are expensive, after 2-3 days, your skin will peel off less while using tretinoin,

I limited using aha, bha too much that is i used aha 1-2 times per week and then use tretinoin i used a moisturizer and a sunscreen in the morning i mostly choose tinted sunscreens but it often leaves a quite unaesthetic flaky feeling but i think that if you want to have beautiful skin, basically, all skin that uses tretinoin will experience that it’s not something to be

Proud of. i myself as well and used many topical methods later so that my skin tone is even if you guys find this video interesting. don’t forget to like and subscribe to my youtube channel! i will see you guys in my next videos. bye, guys!

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hơn 400 ngày dùng Tretinoin đây là 9 điều mình rút ra được để có một làn da ít nổi mụn, căng bóng ! By Call Me DuyliveBroadcastDetails{isLiveNowfalsestartTimestamp2021-10-01T053350+0000endTimestamp2021-10-01T054656+0000}