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Hormonal Acne | Resistant Acne | Treatment | Dr. Aanchal Panth

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Hello this is dr. archer punk and today i’m going to tell you about harbor of acne its causes and how to treat it if skin and hair related content are of interest to you then please subscribe to the channel hormonal acne is seen in women usually deadly twenties and thirties these are women who may or may not have suffered from acne in the teenage years they usually

Come with a complain of sudden development of acne and oiliness of the face due not exclusively these lesions usually occur along the jawline area and in the upper neck area and they do develop large red and painful lesions they also have common don’s which are known as whiteheads these lesions can appear on the entire face but usually are located on the lower

Part of the face this acne may be associated with weight gain thinning of hair on the scalp and increase facial hair merely notice around the chin area and the upper limb they may also have complaints of irregular menses but they are suffering through hormonal acne so how do all modes worsen acne hormonal acne occur due to increase in the level of androgens in the

Body of these antigens testosterone is the most commonly implicated hormone the sebaceous glands which are the oil forming glands of the face have certain receptors to which these hormones bind after these hormones bind it’s too late increased sebum production increased oil production from this gland and thereby leading to formation of a canoe so hard one alack

Nia does not usually mean that there is increasing the level of hormones in the body it is not necessary for the levels of hormones to be increased in the body as if there is something called end receptor hypersensitivity when the levels of hormones in the body might be normal but the sensitivity of the wife only glands are higher this can increase the chances

Of acne formation even though you have normal levels of hormones in the body so when do we suspect hormonal acne we have a suspicion of hormonal acne whenever the movement presents in early twenties or thirties along with other symptoms of either weight gain irregular menses thinning of hair or increase facial hair even though these features are not present hon

Relax they can occur in patients who have very resistant acne so when a patient is not responding to regular treatment of acne like with intruder antibiotics or even retinoids oral retinoids the patient is not showing the response to desire that means that there might be an underlying hormonal imbalance which is causing the acne and that needs to be corrected

So whenever they are posed with a resistant case of acne who has not responded to treat a regular standard will be given for a proper duration of time and the patient is complying to therapy then we always have a suspicion of an underlying hormonal influence so what is the treatment that we give in hormonal acne the treatment can be categorized into 2 times 1

Which is a contraceptive pill which is a combined or deceptive pill containing estrogen and progesterone and the other pills which do not have any contraceptive action such as spironolactone which is marketed as a lactone combined oral contraceptive pills reduce the formation of androgens from the ovaries and hence the circulating about androgen is reduced and

Its impact on the sebaceous gland is also less and this leads to improvement in acne non contraceptive hormonal treatment such as spironolactone and c proctor on acetate they are antihydrogen they bind to the androgen receptors and hence block the action of the androgens so there is improvement in the acne by reduction in confirmation from the sebaceous all our

Moodle pills are prescription medicines and should be taken only after consulting dermatologists or a gynecologist combined oral contraceptive pills are safe and effective medicines and treatment of hormonal acne don’t we have to look into the history and know that the patient does not have any history of venous thromboembolism that means clotting of the vessels or

Any stream of uncontrolled diabetes or hypertension or history of breast cancer or cervical cancer family all these cause as a contraindication to use of oral contraceptive pills the vascular side-effects are very rare now with new combined oral contraceptive pills because of the ruse news to do surge of estrogen in them still if you are a heavy smoker and suffer

From either diabetes hypertension or have a family history of breast cancer and cervical cancer then it is best to avoid the boodle contraceptive pills other than improving your acne these oral contraceptive pills also improve your menstrual cycles it makes them more regular also reduces the chances of anemia if there is any regular bleeding that you’re having what

It says bleeding the other menses those also reduce with this treatment both the oral contraceptive pills and the antihydrogen medicine such as spironolactone should be used for a period of at least 3 months in order to see improvement we usually suggest for about three to six months before it starts showing affection these are usually given as add-on medications

For standard acne therapy which include oral retinoids and oral antibiotics along with topical antibiotics and retinoids hormonal therapy can be given as a standalone treatment in patients who have flares early during their menstrual cycles and also in patients who contemplate taking ice retinoid in those we can only give topical medications correctly along with

Hormonal treatment so if you’re suffering from severe acne not responding to treatment even after being very compliant to therapy and taking the medicines regularly has advice for a proper duration which is for three to six months then you can make suggestions with your treating physician about adding a hormone therapy to improve the results of acne if you found

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Hormonal Acne | Resistant Acne | Treatment | Dr. Aanchal Panth By Dr. Aanchal MD