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Hormonal Birth Control + Libido | Let’s Talk About It!

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This has been a topic that I’ve been researching over the past few months, and decided that it was something that needed to be discussed on FemmeHead because hardly anyone talks about it. Why is female libido so taboo?

Hi guys welcome back to femme head today i want to talk about hormonal birth control and libido when you first learned that whole new birth control can damage sometimes permanently a woman’s libido it seems pretty contradictory to one of the main goals that women have one going on a more important role which is carefree safe sex well yes there are so many different

Reasons a woman makes a decision to go on home oh no birth control i think the biggest goal of birth control is to prevent pregnancy women want responsible enjoyable sex but we’re led to believe that there are only certain choices that are considered responsible and listen i wholeheartedly support our right to have a choice but i think along with that right is the

Information that goes along with that choice and up until recently there was a lot that we weren’t being told i was pretty shocked as a lot of women were when i first read the pill are you sure it’s for you where it talks about all the negative side-effects of hormonal birth control and here i am on the other side of my birth control journey trying to rediscover and

Retrain my libido and what i’m learning as it educate myself is that there are so many women out there that haven’t taken the time or didn’t know to go and educate themselves about sexuality and libido beforehand yes there is so much that you learn from trial and error when it comes to sex but how many of us actually went out searching for information and education

And knowledge surrounding how our bodies and how our minds worked when it came to sex i think there were so many of us myself included that grew up and kind of handed over the responsibility of our sexuality to men to the boys the men we were dating because we thought they would have a better idea of what we wanted then we ourselves would we were kind of brought up

To think that they knew what we wanted and what we liked one reality neither busted so when you go and search for information surrounding hormonal birth controls effect on libido the results are all over the place some people say it destroyed it some people that say it didn’t have effect and some people say it made their libido better and this doesn’t even take an

Account everything else in our lives that effect it as well but what i’ve learned through the past few years of research experience is that i let my libido slip away without even question disconnecting myself from that part of my body and i’ve realized that female libido is so taboo to talk about even among friends so now i want to share some information that i’ve

Learned with you dr. bathsheba marcus the clinical director of the medical center for female sexuality says that all hormones are suspect and she says that the pill is contributing factor and at least 60% of the women she treats for sexual dysfunction she actually said i think there’s a very direct link between hormones and sexual dysfunction personally i think

That a loss or lack of libido and women isn’t something that is addressed or talked about i think it’s just kind of written off as oh women aren’t as interested in sex as men are male sexual dysfunction is well known it’s joked about and it’s discussed in general and well it sucks still for them at least it is getting talked about so i learned through my research

That female sexual dysfunction affects 2 & 5 women actually it negatively impacts a woman’s quality of life as well as their emotional well-being there was a study done in germany on medical students on the impact of hamona birth control on libido and this is what they found first i should note that they took women out of the study who are using multiple forms

Of hormonal birth control as well as those who weren’t sexually active are the remaining 1046 participants 32.4% were at risk for female sexual dysfunction and while this isn’t a huge percentage i think it’s worth noting and i’m gonna include some other stats from the study down below just to keep this video short but if your interest in those i will put them in the

Description box for you and to be honest it’s hard to find information on how it is affected women because there are so many different factors that affect it and because i don’t think it is very well studied and once again i support the real need to do more research on how hormonal birth control is affecting women we need to keep pushing improving and expanding

Our birth control options for women and men and most importantly i think just everyone out there needs to be educated on this topic because there is so much information that we don’t know and we gloss over and we aren’t being told that is really valuable to our well-being all right guys there’s so much more on this topic i could talk about and i will talk about

Because i think it is an important topic and i think it needs to be addressed and we need to have open lively conversations about it if you guys want to ask your questions experiences whatever it may be do that in the comments section below and i will do my best to include those at future videos as well as respond to you in the comments section at the same time

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Hormonal Birth Control + Libido | Let's Talk About It! By FemmeHead