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Hormone Balancing: Bio-Identical Estrogen and Testosterone | Gail Jackson | TEDxCrenshawSalon

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NOTE FROM TED: Please do not look to this talk for medical advice and consult a doctor before undertaking any form of hormone therapy. We’ve flagged this talk, which was filmed at a TEDx event, because it appears to fall outside TEDx’s curatorial guidelines. The speaker makes assertions about the health effects of bioidentical hormone therapy that have yet to be corroborated in this ongoing field of medical research. TEDx events are independently organized by volunteers. The guidelines we give TEDx organizers are described in more detail here:

Good evening with you tiffany’s story tiffany is 47 i delivered her to her kids actually they’re 22 and 18 last one went just went off to college she’s been married 23 or so years she came to my office and she said it was i know and love her husband justin and she said dr. jackson i don’t get it i love my husband so much but why is it i don’t want to have sex anymore

You know i want to be there i want to be there for him and i really love it but i just lost that loving feeling and if any of tiffany’s this symptom if some of these other symptoms occur to you i’m incurring your life you can do this go from here you know my girl yeah so tiffany also said and look at my body she said i looked like i looked like the pillsbury doughboy

You know i work out every day why can’t i lose weight what happened to my shape where did i go and she said and sleep god i can’t sleep whenever i had the last good night of sleep and my memory my focus i forget everything saundra is 57-61 sign joe called me one night because she’s one my girls and she said okay gayle she said i’m walking out of my house into my

Swimming pool the only problem is it was an october night she said i’m tired of not being able to sleep because i’m just sweating all night i’m tired of having carrying a fan to match each one of my outfit when i get can’t hit a few of you in this room uh-huh when i get up and have my and i perform or i present you know to my board she said i am out of control i’m

Sweating you know i just had my makeup done my hair like why in my practice with all my credentials you heard them i’m going i’m on staff at cedars-sinai medical center i’m board certified by the american board of obstetrics and gynecology there was nothing in my curriculum nothing in those books that armed me with information to help tiffany or sondra so i was

Not happy because i had to help my patients and selfishly when it was my turn i wanted to have something safe and healthy for me so i this is all western medicine i was familiar with and i knew there had to be something out there nereus it’s a branch of medicine called integrative medicine so once i got into the world of integrative medicine my goodness there’s

Literature everywhere about bioidentical hormone balancing made from yam testosterone how important that is for women estrogen how you can take it safely because what were your choices artificial hormones and you have to read you if you want to feel better you gotta accept the symptoms in the label breast cancer heart disease strokes or bioidentical hormones so

Bioidentical hormones just to share with you if you’re not familiar with them and most of health practitioners are not because i have all the credentials and i had to do the research but i did it for you so they’re made from yam they’re individually dosed according to the patient’s needs and desires all the hormones that you need which is estrogen and testosterone

You can’t even find testosterone at cvs – artificial and synthetic hormones they’re available no side effects does not protect you from breast cancer it can’t it can’t erase that family history it can’t erase all those horrible things you’ve been doing for years but it’s not going to increase your risk and it’s not gonna increase your risk of any of the female cancers

Specifically the breasts and the uterus and it’s protective of the heart keeps your bones nice and long and strong so when i became more familiar with about bioidentical hormones then i said oh my god first of all what was available as you go to the compounding pharmacist once a month and you end up with a bag an expensive bag of stuff he got a taken pill and warming

Who in rob and whatever all day long my god who has time to do all that or remember all that so then we became familiar with bioidentical hormones what did i do i’m missing okay it’s missing okay bioidentical hormones in the form of pellets thank you okay this is now you can follow me so the reason we love bioidentical hormones first of all they make a lot of sense

They’re small they’re soft like a cooks curl of rice i place them painlessly underneath underneath your skin then they hit the air your little song line so i’ll get you beach ready bikini ready when you’re ready and they go directly to the target organs directly to those receptors so which means any time you take anything by mouth it’s got to be coated okay to go

Down to the stomach through the intestines finally to where it’s got to go and oh my god you’ve got to add so much hormones to just think of how much you’re going to lose on the trip and how what you’ve got to do to get it to the target organs so because it bypasses the stomach in the liver it requires less hormones to me always less is better it’s predictable

Dependable and guess what i’d rather see you at a party because you’d only come and see me two to three times a year and and this this our method is far less costly and there’s no product to tote around so if you’re going to be young going on a plane or something with your little youngster you know you don’t have any open up your bag okay you don’t have to explain

No this is not birth control pills so nothing to explain and that should be living there first right ladies okay it’s not one day that passes that someone says oh man that menopause stuff i’ve done all that stuff well guess what thank you some attorneys okay there are long-term benefits of hormone balancing so women in their 40s like tiffany they usually have the

Irritability mood swings low libido weight gain fatigue difficulty sleeping memory focus yeah i got some hands around the room okay as they get to the 50s almost 49 to 52 they come screaming and running into my office like okay what is all of this i am burning up you got to do something today then we get towards 60 cetera then they say all that stuff i don’t need

That stuff but guess what there are long-term benefits they’re important to me first of all prevention of dementia and alzheimer’s especially in our community protects your heart and your vascular system maintains your long strong bones you know all my girls our daughters are about the same age we used to be the same height i’m still only went up there i like my

Height they’re like okay so you don’t believe in it okay so protects against all osteoporosis and am attainment it maintains a healthy digestive organ and you maintain use a bladder the bladder and vaginal health so the story with tiffany so tiffany is name is hottie in the bedroom long and lean and sleeping well always ready to have sex with justin but guess what

We don’t just balance tiffany we also balance men testosterone only because we can’t let that we can’t ignite let tiffany be the only one hot in that bed right sanja runs her meeting she’s impeccably dressed she’s on it because she’s done a full night of sleep she’s focused she’s on it she’s looking fabulous she can wear her designer suits her hair makeup always

On point so tiffany and sondra are fabulous you also can be fabulous

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