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How to give an Intramuscular injection to the horse! Here shown using Penicillin a broad spectrum antibiotic which is very commonly prescribed for a wide range of infections.

Penicillin is an antibiotic it’s really important then you don’t get it in the bloodstream so there are a few different locations that you can get penicillin it is really important that it only goes in the muscle if you have a big white injection muscle now in the neck at the region we do it now this is the same as with vaccination we do it in this time so in front

Of the shoulder underneath the neck and above the spine so the spine runs down like this now how i like to do it i always grab a skin twitch because that way the horse kind of concentrates on off skin twit rather than the needle the needle is on the syringe so first up i’m gonna grab the skin then you have to put quite a lot of pressure on to pick up the skin

And then you’re gonna twist it this takes a bit of practice don’t do it with your teeth like me now we’re not going to stab her we’re going to slowly put pressure on the muscle now sometimes what i do with this friend i give it a bit of a wiggle okay just takes the attention off again we’re gonna push slowly in right to the end of the needle now they’re really

Important we’re going to draw back so i pull and we check down here and my thumb is is there any blood now there is actually a bit of blood so what we’re gonna do going to take it out i’m gonna squirt a little bit away and we’re gonna put it in again now she’s not noticing okay because i’ve got a good input so again we’re gonna draw back beautiful no blood now

We’re going to push it in you don’t have to particularly do this slowly so you can feel it a little pathway i tend to like to check again no blood and keep pushing i have still not let go of this pin twitch i finish i pull it out then i let go the skin to it and i give the horse a good rub in the event that the penicillin does hit some blood stream what can happen

Is they have either an anaphylactic or you can have allergic reactions they can react really severely really fast they often show seizure symptoms which in a horse is quite bizarre and it’s nor to make a run backwards all they feed of tribe fault and gallop around paddocks and sort of any of you guys have had that you’ll know maybe comment below what has happened

If you if that’s ever happened to you because it can be very different and some horses can drop dead off the needle if they have a lot of penicillin into a vein or a vessel and it goes to the brownie not to freak you out too much because it is pretty safe to give but it can have dire consequences if you’re not yet subscribed please click that subscribe button down below

Transcribed from video