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How did i get rid of erytrophobia/severe blushing and anxiety

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Hello guys !

Hello guys my name is jorya and i’m here because i suffered from hydrophobia for like five years or even six years and i saw that a lot of you are struggling too with retrophobia and i want to share with you my story and how did i get rid of electrophobia and right now i can even say that i love retrophobia and there is nothing that is stopping me to do what i

Want so let’s i’m gonna tell you a little bit of my story it started when i was 15 years old and from that moment i was paralyzed by anxiety fear i was so scared to put myself out there in front of others i was so scared of judgment and all of this stuff i think that you can relate to this very so if i’m going to tell you like let’s say my first step in getting

Rid of erythrophobia is the way i see it so i was using i was i was used to think in that way that i was putting blame on the god on the universe and i was like why why me you god why did you give her the phobia to me why why should i suffer so much why can i not just be like the other kids why can i why do i have to be different why can i not live my happy life

Why do i suffer so much and i was putting all of this blame without any reasons because let me tell you something you did not choose anything you did not choose if you want to be a boy or a girl you did not choose your family you did not choose your face you did not choose nothing so why are you gonna stay here and blaming things that was out of your control are

You gonna stay and blame things and do nothing and just make your life harder instead of accepting it how the universe put you on this earth and try to make this journey a beautiful thing and an enjoyable thing and full of experiences which are one of those i’m gonna pick tell me right now so after you change the way you see little phobia i started to see it

In another way so wait wait a minute maybe this is my destiny maybe i had rythrophobia for a reason i mean everything happens for a reason so after i thought about this then i started to realize like wait a second so i was in a time when i felt that that much of a pain when i was thinking about suicide so i felt so much pain that i was thinking about wait i i

Cry every night i feel i feel too much pain i just maybe think about suicide you know just jumping out of the fourth floor of black and just end my days right it sounds easy i was thinking about this just end of all of the suffering right but then i started to think like wait a second maybe i have heterophobia for a reason and maybe after i already felt and

You already felt all of this pain like we felt all of this pain we felt i felt so much pain that there is no more pain that i can experience so after he was in a dark place after you felt all of this pain there is no more pain that you can feel more of this you meet it all you saw it all it was in the dark there is no darker place than the dark from right now

From right now it’s only light it’s only after experience this there’s nothing much more that it can hurt you more than this there is nothing so this is a release to know that there is nothing that can hurt you anymore much of you have already been hurt so from now on it’s only time to from full pain slowly by slowly by slowly to full happiness and because of

We felt so much pain the life we can experience and the happy we can experience is going to be multiplied by seven after you get rid of a little phobia your life will be a heaven you will do what you want you’ll feel so happy that you just you’re too happy right so this is one thing the second thing you have to do that i did like one thing that i did maybe you

Have to do if you believe me and if you think that you resonate with my thinking is that you just have to go at your home to close your eyes to stay with yourself and to refill all the moments from one time when you get full rate in front of others and you have to go there in that in the time and to refill all the humility all the pain all the judgment all the

Things that you felt you just have to do this and after you keep it with you and refill all of it you just have to allow it to let it go just feel it and then allow it to let it go it was in the past the past is not a real thing the past is not real is not existence you cannot go back in the past you have the past is not real all you have is this this present

Moment so you should detach from all the thing that was in your past all the humility or the judgment everything that you felt that is so powerful that you keep inside of you allow it allow it to let it go yeah i felt all of this now just go away go away like you have to free yourself a little bit i think that this is is this is a little bit of important not

That important but you have to do this so now the first biggest thing that i did that almost cured slowly by slow your mind erythrophobia is that you have to get rid of your ego you have to get rid of your ego this is the biggest step of every people on the earth actually in um in the in reaching for real happiness so what is the ego the ego is that that fake

Self that illusion of of yourself it’s a type of arrogance that makes you think that you know who you are but you have absolutely no idea about who you are so your ego is let’s say maybe you think that your ego is your behaviors your personality your past experiences your memories but before you even have memories what you you before you have been what you before

You had memories you was not you no this was the real you the you who was acting without any restricted psychological thought the you that was not keeping stuck from any thought from any psychologically concept this was the real you so basically is that image of yourself which you want to to to keep that image big i am the best nobody should laugh about me this

Image is keeping you stuck from your true happiness because let me tell you how did i get rid of my goal slowly by slowly but one big step was that i was in a position where i was with a lot of people i was like with a lot of people and um i just put it out myself on the table without it without being intentionally because i didn’t have the courage to do it but

Hopefully i put myself out there and i felt all the humility i i went red on my face i was feeling stuck i was feeling paralyzed by the opinion of others i felt down and my ego my image was telling me no you have to show them you can do it you cannot let down you cannot you cannot let yourself down but this ego this image was keeping me away was was fighting

With myself wanting me to show them something but this image was only was only keeping me away from being relaxed from experiencing the moment from being happy for doing what i want because i was think i was speaking to it i was fighting with it he tried this ego this psychological destruction in your mind was keeping me keeping me stuck wanted to like to show

The world that i’m the best and doesn’t allow nobody to laugh about me but this is the only thing which can get hurt when anybody or anyone or anything from the external external world can can make you feel worse just this image this this is the only thing that can get worse not you the real you is just right now consciousness speaking to you just disrestricting

Restricted thought that wants to do something that wants to be that doesn’t allow others to laugh about himself and this this doesn’t mean that you cannot do because you don’t have a now you should just do nothing or you should just uh you cannot do what you want you cannot be i don’t know the best in your job no this is allowing you if you get rid of it is

Allowing you to do anything you want because right now you are just acting from your own desires your own you just do what you want without being stuck from your ego so yeah you just have to get rid of your ego so how to get rid of dango i think that you just have to go and look you have to go there and make mark yourself red in front of let’s say 10 people first of all

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How did i get rid of erytrophobia/severe blushing and anxiety By juwanna menn