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How Estrogen Wreaks Havoc on Your Thyroid

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Having a slow metabolism and an underactive thyroid can be pretty serious stuff and i mean that in the sense that it can wreak havoc on your life it can wreak havoc on your waistline it can wreak havoc on your mood and the problem is a lot of times even if we discovered that we have an underactive thyroid or a slow metabolism we don’t really realize what it’s doing

To other aspects of our life not just our weight and our overall metabolism right estrogen plays a tremendous role and whether you are female or male estrogen plays a big part because newsflash both men and women have levels of estrogen most of the research is done in the women community simply because there’s more estrogen dominance but this definitely applies

To you as a male too so let’s talk about the whole thing okay i do ask that you hit that red subscribe button if you like this kind of content but also please hit the bell icon and when you hit that bell icon please select all notifications not personalized notifications that way you always get notified when we post out new videos what we have to remember is that

Estrogen is processed in the liver and thyroid is processed in the liver okay so if we have too much in the way of estrogen it bogs down our liver and slows down our livers ability to ultimately create active thyroid t3 because our body creates t4 from the thyroid gland and it goes to the liver and turns into the active form of t3 but if we have too much estrogen

Our body is busy breaking down estrogen into well x treatable byproducts estrogen is somewhat toxic and it’s very fragile so when we have too much of it the liver just gets a little bit tired and that equals more estrogen buildup which turns into a vicious cycle once again now a lot of times the weight gain and things like that those are symptoms that come later

On with an underactive thyroid or low levels of t3 so we don’t notice those kinds of things until it’s almost too late sometimes so what we have to look at is some of the other symptoms right if you’ve noticed that your mood is just different you notice that you’re more depressed right you have a more anxiety you don’t take pleasure in the things you used to find

It hard to get out of bed and get motivated those are all telltale signs of wealth estrogen dominance but ultimately low levels of thyroid hormone and the reason is is t3 the thyroid hormone is in essence a neurotransmitter it communicates with serotonin it communicates with dopamine it’s very active in the limbic region of our brain which means it plays a role

In our overall mood so it’s a serious serious thing so how do we start correcting this and what’s exactly going on well estrogen is a big big piece so research started to find that well women that had a higher level of estrogen in the body tend to have lower levels of t3 so what’s going on well it turns out that excess estrogen causes the liver to produce more of

What is called thyroid binding globulin okay now just like the name implies thyroid binding globulin binds to the thyroid hormone now this isn’t always a bad thing right it’s the job of thyroid binding globulin to take in active thyroid bind to it and let it travel around the bloodstream and then let it off the bus wherever it needs to go but if you have too much

Thyroid binding globulin then you have too much of your thyroid bound up literally bound up which means that you’re not able to actually utilize that thyroid hormone so what ends up happening here well you have less available t3 to get into cells so the cells never really recognize that t3 is there this can be a big problem because sometimes your brain and your

Thyroid will still be pumping out enough of the tsh and enough of the t4 to where it kind of throws doctors for a loop when they look at it on a test result on a lab test okay so it makes it very difficult because as far as the gland is concerned it looks like it’s producing a bunch of t4 but that t4 is getting converted into t3 and then getting bound up so it’s

Like lost in this estrogen mystery so when this happens you also have this feedback response where the estrogen is causing you to essentially utilize less t3 well that’s causing a signal to go to the brain that says hey we’re not getting enough t3 so the brain tries producing more in the way of thyroid to compensate so now you have more of this just t3 and t4

But more getting bound up so you can see again it’s a vicious circle so how do you interrupt this well there’s a few different ways okay i want to talk about one other thing that’s really really important but i do want to say you probably should do your best to limit the xenoestrogens you should do your best to limit the phytoestrogen ik foods the pheno estrogens

Anything like that because even if it’s an estrogenic food like soy or possibly even alcohol mainly for men in that case it can really trigger an estrogen cascade and the more estrogen that’s in your body the more your liver has to break down okay now here’s where things get really wacky when you look at estrogen breakdown there’s something known as two methoxy

Estradiol this is a very toxic byproduct of estrogen metabolism it’s perfectly natural but it’s still a toxic by-product well it turns out that when you have estrogen dominance you end up having way more of this to methoxy estradiol that does not get excreted okay so what’s happening is your liver is slowing down so it’s slowing down not only the production of

T3 but it’s slowing down the metabolism leaving much more of this toxic by-product so this toxic by-product as shown in the journal molecular cellular endocrinology ends up changing the thyroid hormone so when the body is producing t3 in the liver if it’s exposed to this toxic byproduct of estrogen it changes the viability of the thyroid hormone itself so that

Quite virtually means that your thyroid hormone even if it is there is less effective because it’s been exposed to this toxic estrogen fyi if you’re interested i put a link down below for thrive market those of you that watch my channel you know this comes as no surprise to you because i talk about them all the time is there a big supporter of this channel i have a

Thyroid support grocery kit through thrive market which is an online-based grocery store so it’s all foods that i think are good for supporting the thyroid but also non estrogenic food so i put that together you can access it via the link down below no pressure but that way you can at least see hey what would thomas recommend that i get at the grocery store that’s

Not estrogenic that’s also going to support t4 and t3 production and conversion so highly recommend you check that out after you watch this video when you do have that decreased viability of the thyroid hormone another thing happens sort of a secondary result you end up developing a high degree of what are called thyroid antigens and thyroid antibodies okay these

Are tpo like thyroid peroxidase antibodies this is very common in people that have hashimoto’s or have autoimmune conditions now there’s some interesting growing evidence bodies of evidence that are starting to say that people that typically have hypothyroidism predominantly women well they also have coexisting autoimmune issues now a lot of times they’re not

Tested right my wife’s levels for example i can talk about her she she was seeing a lot of low levels of thyroid but they couldn’t figure out what was going on and so finally tested her for some various autoimmune conditions they found what do you know she has hashimoto and some other autoimmune issues going on and she’s very open about that so i’m not divulging

Any medical information by saying that point is this is one of the reasons she changed her life and one of the reasons we do what we do as a couple in terms of our online presence in the health community the point is is if you’re someone that is struggling with sort of a mystery low thyroid level that even the doctors are puzzled with you may want to look at some of

The research that points to estrogen dominance if you started to see that say after age 30 after age 35 when your progesterone levels start to go down and naturally your estrogen levels are out of whack well that could very well be a link so most of the hypothyroid issues end up coming in after people are say 34 or 35 years old and their life just starts to change

After they have kids hormones change so something them pay attention to and for men you need to be especially careful with the alcohol consumption you need to be especially careful with any kind of estrogenic foods like again soy too much in the way of flax i like flax but not too much okay because these can cause a much more of a powerful effect on you than women

Simply because you have a lower level of thyroid to begin with so any small minuscule change is going to affect that ratio dramatically and consequently affect your livers metabolism of that to methoxy estradiol anyhow i can dive in more and more if you want to see more thyroid related content i ask that you comment below in the comment section let me know i’ll see you tomorrow

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How Estrogen Wreaks Havoc on Your Thyroid By Thomas DeLauer