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How High Caffeine Intake Affects Body Fat Loss

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In this QUAH Sal, Adam, & Justin answer the question “Can heavy caffeine intake make it more difficult to drop body fat?”

First question is from elfers 215 can heavy caffeine intake make it more difficult to drop body fat oh actually that’s and they put six to eight cups yeah that’s that’s actually a pretty good question i mean look at me well i mean the the whole cortisol thing right we talk about cortisol junkies yeah well the studies show that caffeine um has a positive effect

In other words it helps burn body fat could help suppress appetite give people energy burn more calories in terms of kinesthetic movement yeah but the problem with that is that there are there’s definitely a subset of the population that doesn’t do well with caffeine and if you abuse caffeine it definitely induces this kind of stress state in the body which can

Probably make you overeat uh or make you not move as much i know if i have too much caffeine i get this paradoxical effect where my energy is not higher it’s actually lower and i feel more well isn’t justin’s point isn’t the research that supports the the um benefits of caffeine in regards to the movement it’s not necessarily like caffeine goes in your system

And helps speed your metabolism up or burn body fat it’s that when you’re on caffeine you you for the most part should have more energy more activity overall activity increases that’s got to be most of it i mean studies will show that it improves insulin sensitivity or at least coffee in particular but you know here’s the thing with caffeine does it improve your

Health or does it take away from your health because i’ve worked with lots of clients who were had this kind of hpa access dysfunction back then they call it adrenal fatigue overstressed overworked hormone imbalances and caffeine was not good for them in fact taking caffeine away after they adjusted improved their ability to burn body fat and build muscle yeah

So it’s one of those things it’s got to be the right dose and for the right person too much is bad uh it’ll it’ll make everything much worse yeah i mean if it’s taken away from your recovery if it’s hindering your the quality of your sleep you know the all these things you have to kind of factor out uh because those do contribute massively towards your goal of of

Losing fat well there’s going to be a massive individual variance here huge my personal so when i start to feel um to your point cell when there’s there comes a point when i’ve been increasing my my caffeine intake over time that all of a sudden i get to this place where i’ll have the fourth or fifth cup of coffee or rock star or energy drink and i actually get

Tired almost right afterwards like it gives me like initial a little bit of a spark and then 30 minutes later i’m just like groggy and there’s a sweet spot if you teeter over yeah i have the same experience and so i know that as i as i start to slowly because i always go about all the way back down to like my like my baseline for me is one cup of coffee in the

Morning when i start my that’s kind of like how i reset right so i’ll go i like that just i like waking up to that once i start to scale up to beyond that and i start to feel those adverse effects where either one i get tired and i dip early in the day because almost i’ve had too much or if i start to see it start to affect my sleep which both those start to and

For me that starts to happen which is whatever the amount of caffeine is in uh a rock star and two cups of coffee is kind of my threshold once i peek over that probably around five or six hundred milligrams uh well i mean the rockstar’s 220 coffee is probably a hundred right or eighty each there’s something that’s how big the coffee is it’s just a normal cup of

Coffee it’s not like a starbucks venti i’m talking about i take caffeine in typically capsule form so it’s measured and i know for me it’s about 300 to 400 max and if i work work up to that the funny thing about caffeine is it’s the most widely used uh and i would say abused drug in the world it’s super acceptable but it’s a classic drug classic you build up a

Tolerance it’s got very bad withdrawal just like negative oh very addictive go off anybody who drinks coffee or has caffeine on a regular basis stop cold turkey and then experience some of the worst withdrawal you’ll ever experience in your life i’ve gone off cannabis cold turkey and it wasn’t as bad as going off of uh caffeine so it’s just one of those things

But it’s the right dose i know for me the right amount of caffeine for example will give me a better workout too much makes my workout way worse way worse i think the point of this question is that is caffeine have a a mechanism that directly affects fat storage which i don’t think that’s true but i do think that to our point you can get to a place where you’re

Having so much of it that it then begins to affect energy levels which then can in fact work out potentially and or sleep and if you start messing with sleep then yes that will affect recovery building muscle and those things there’s a cause and effect but there’s not like a oh once you hit over 400 milligrams of caffeine you now start to store more body fat or

Something like that no that’s not how this works but each person probably has a threshold to where you start to see some side effects that could negatively affect you in your pursuit of fat loss or building muscle yeah because the thing is it’s a central nervous system stimulant so theoretically it makes you burn more calories but when you really look at the

You you look at just look around look how many people have caffeine and how many people are obese it doesn’t make up for extra calories it doesn’t make up for eating poorly or not exercising and again i’m going to make this i can’t stress this enough if caffeine is is causing your health to decline if it’s reducing your ability to thrive if it’s causing stress

Effects in the body then it’s going to hurt your ability to build muscle or burn body fat because when you’re unhealthy you’re just your hormones are off you’re not getting as good of sleep you don’t feel as good and in that state of being it’s you’re not going to be as effective i just think it’s a good habit for you everybody if even if you love caffeine and

You don’t think there’s any negative effects from it it’s just a good habit to bring yourself down uh every once in a while you know every three or four months or six months if you know you’ve been consistently having x amount and that x amount continues to grow uh that it’s probably smart and uh i mean for the least it’ll be cheaper for you if you go if you get

Into a place where like i said where i a rock star two coffees you know that’s basically three six you know ten dollars of caffeine that i’m taking in a day completely going back all the way to the direction then it only cost me the two three dollars for a cup of coffee to get the same effect so i mean i think for financial reasons it’s smart to do it then also

For the addictive properties that come with it

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How High Caffeine Intake Affects Body Fat Loss By Mind Pump Show