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How I Cleared My Acne In 5 Days | Highly Requested Skin Care Routine

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hey girl hey! in this video im telling you guys the skin care products that I swear by and will be revealing the product that cleared my acne in 5 days. all products will be listed below if you all want to purchase. if you enjoy the video and the vibes, subscribe babes :)))

Okay hello everybody welcome and welcome back to my channel if you’re new here my name is elijah i like someone whatever you want to call me and if you are a returning subscriber hey girl hey so today’s video as you can tell by the title is going to be my skincare routine because it’s very much highly requested um everybody wants to know what i do on my skin

To get it looking like it looks so basically a disclaimer um everybody skin is not the same everybody does not have the same skin type so it works for me may not work for you also i am no dermatologist or an esthetician so use everything that i see in this video to your own discretion also do research i want to say that you should research everything anything

That you put on your face and your body you should research in the ingredients everything that’s in it before you put it on your body or your skin because you never know like i’ve done a lot of research on skin so i know a lot i don’t know everything because i haven’t went to aesthetician school and i’m not a dermatologist so all this research is knowledge that

You guys can go and obtain on your own just by google and everything i’m also saying this is another disclaimer to figure out every time i say disclaimer i don’t really have like acne prone skin i just get like hormonal acne like when you know my cycle is about to come up and things like that or when i’m stressed or anything and also putting too much products on

Too many products on your face doing too much that’ll also um break your skin out yeah i did go through a little period when i had a big desired breakout and i was crying every day because i was always known for a girl with a good skin i was another girl that everybody would come to if there was our skin problems like that oh what do you think i should do anything

I should do so when i had my skin was freaking out like what’s going on sister nothing that i was using that i was previously using was working on my face and then i had a lot of trial and error with a lot of different products so the products that i’ve used now are products that aren’t going to work for me so my skin is not what it used to be because at first i

Didn’t have like dark marks and i think now i just have diapers from where i they used to break out at and then where i get my like hormonal acne it usually comes in the same spots and goes and stuff so i just have like some parts in those but i have this new product that i’ve been using right now to get rid of my darkness it’s really been working so i’m going to

Share that with you guys as well it’s 12 12 yeah now that i only pretty much work for love it just to remove any excess dirt to get like the first layer of film and everything wrong so i just go in with this and then the holy grail product i use the one that has 10 percent benzoyl peroxide in it the maximum strength there’s another one that has i think um

Five percent benzoyl peroxide but i used one with temperature and this is what cleared my face densely pressed i cleared my face so i usually i wash my face with this and then once again once everything’s all dry and everything i take some 10 pencil products like it’s just up and up version i got it from target and it’s just um like a spot treatment like a just

Put it like if you have not say i’m breaking on my forehead just a little bit when i used this i started using this um i thought it wasn’t going to work honestly guys honestly it wasn’t going to work because when i first used it um my face broke out hector but it was just purging like my face was just purging so that’s what you don’t that’s what they don’t say

Like your face is gonna purge first well maybe i don’t mind today so if you start breaking out don’t think you’re having a reaction to it because that’s what i thought too i just took it through and then it cleared it all up so yeah and it only took five days not even a whole five days but i’m gonna just say five days it took five days to like clear my face up

So i live by this i keeps this i play everybody almost today so go ahead and take screen shines whatever y’all need to do the panox seal is the ish so yeah i just take this purpose in my face um another thing when washing your face i like to work my stuff in for 60 seconds a minute like i just do i’m just working all over the place 60 seconds sometimes i do

It for two minutes just depending but going with this first second so after i did that now i use this is what i’ve been using for my dark marks it’s the different dark spot correcting here them foreign so then yeah i’ve got going with this i’ll let that dry put this on top depends what product and then my moisturizing i use this palmer’s cocoa butter

Formula vitamin e it’s the skin therapy oil for your face and it has written only so yeah and i just take a little a little drops because i don’t like my face paint the greasy because i have baby skin so i just put a little drop right here right here not working in my face most of the time i only put this on at night because it do leave your skin oily and i

Just told y’all i have oily skin so i don’t want to be looking around like a greased monkey and then to top it off i use this moisturizing gel from mary kay oh yeah i can use any moisturizing jitter honestly it doesn’t have to be for mary kay but i would suggest um investing in a quality hydrating shelf in your face even though i used to think because i have

Oily skin i didn’t really need to like moisturize my face but when you don’t moisturize your face even with oily skin like your your face is going to produce more oils because it’s like i’m not getting hydrated i need to like you know it’s it’s clicking it’s working it’s like you’re not giving me no moisture i need to produce more moisture in our heart you know

What i’m saying and so hydrating gel just keeps the base real smooth real hydrating everything um i don’t care for creams that’s too heavy for me so a hydro one works good so this is what i use for my camera so that’s just my skin routine nothing too crazy my hands are clean usually i wash my hands before i wash my face but i literally just got off the shower

Lather in my hand guess how much i put on my hand so freaking um what i will say about the the benzoy products i like the pandox and everything your first week using it like your first few days your face is gonna be itchy that’s just a little disclaimer and your face is gonna be itchy so don’t be leaving like this is breaking me out no that’s just the product

Working like it’s working and like if you don’t use it for a while like i remember i stopped using it because i look at my face and i really break it out i need it and then my face start breaking i don’t try to use it again um i was experiencing the same thing because my when you start you know your skin builds a tolerance to it so after you know i stopped using

It the tolerance was lower so it’s just the same thing all over again so i’m just going to do another disclaimer i don’t try to go to color we read it out about it so her face will be itching but just if you want to get that clear skin girl except also with the benzoyl peroxide yeah um the lipids peroxide the little cream instead of like say you got like a

Pimple like right here and you put the cream on there and say like you crying or anything or like you rub your eyes when i get your eyes it’s gonna burn what’s going on my eyebrows like every place i got here on it i just wiped it because if you i don’t know if you don’t really like foreign so also another thing i usually only use my hands to wash my face

But sometimes when i need to like exfoliate i’ll take a wash rack and then pour this in it and lather it up like i would like with my body and just like scrub my face like that but i probably did that like once just a little a little bit and put it pretty much kind of like all over and i use i just i keep taking this once but i don’t want to keep pouring more

In my hair because a little bit honestly goes a long way guys i’m gonna take this i really got no breakouts right now i’m forming i’m trying to form one right here so i’m gonna put that right there and then i got some a little bit like one on my forehead so that’s what i’m gonna put this see that much and also i would suggest investing in a good sunscreen

I don’t have one in my collection right now because i haven’t found a good one that i like so far so if you’re about my complexion and you know a good sunscreen that doesn’t leave your face like a little white film with a white little cast jump down the comments because i need them for me so that’s that’s for really my real step three i’m missing something

On my collection i’ll put it right here because this really this really does it for me i don’t have it right now because when i went to target to re-up all my stuff they didn’t have it in stock but it’s these little magazina pads and they got salicylic acid in them i told y’all to sell it to the acid cleanser that i was working and just wasn’t working for me but

Those little pads with this actually i said it works also the little saint ives the um i’m gonna put a picture right here it’s like the um the green tea scrub and it has stylistic acid in it that works so well i just need a little bit more color but i don’t use it very often but the little pads i use those often all right so okay so y’all see how much is

In there i’m not gonna use all of this last but not least and i put this much that’s it guys i hope this um was pretty informative for you guys for everybody who was dying to know what the secret it’s not is thank you all for tuning in and i hope this works if you try any products for my routine leave a comment down below once you like try it and tell

Me what your experience was with their um yes guys thanks so much for watching my video if you love it here i think nice make sure you like comment and subscribe subscribe for real because the content is coming in maybe the content is coming in so yeah it’s stubborn yeah i know it’s going to be good i love you my fingers just a little i don’t know now this is so good though

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How I Cleared My Acne In 5 Days | Highly Requested Skin Care Routine By Alizjah Simone