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How I Cleared My Hormonal Acne & Scarring In 5 | Shivani Bafna

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45 days and $35 USD later, I *finally* found a treatment plan that cured my hormonal adult acne for good!!!!

I was getting a lot of inflammation tons and tons and tons of red bumps we are filming this video in my bathroom today hi everyone it’s shivani and today’s video is going to be about my acne story and how i cured my hormonal acne and cystic acne in a month and a half under 35 which comes out to be 2 600 rupees i right now if you guys can like see my skin i

Would say it’s at a really really good spot you guys um i see one little mark over here but like even on my forehead i very comfortably confidently step out without wearing any makeup i am complimented on my skin now which is like oh my god this day this day would finally come back now i feel like a lot of these videos start out with like a minute two minutes

About like this background and story people are always like four four four get to the actual products but why i think it’s important that i quickly give you guys a little bit of a background is just because a lot of this comes down skin type skin type and everyone’s body skin reacts differently so it’s just important to talk about my experience a little bit to

Make sure and see if you guys have experienced something similar because i am not a dermatologist i’m not a professional and this is just my experience what worked for me growing up i had really good skin i think it was genetic the running joke would be i would sleep in with my makeup really not take much effort with my skin and i was honestly fine i would get a

Pimple here and there like a small white head i would pick at it pop it it would turn into a scab the next day would fall off it was fine overall dry skin but even during puberty like in my teenage years i never really had skin issues and i thought oh i’m never going to really deal with acne like now i’m past that phase of my life and sure enough at 22 i started

Experiencing hormonal acne the type of acne i’ll show some pictures i was getting a lot of inflammation tons and tons and tons of like red bumps i’m from the us and i moved to india when i was 22 years old due to mumbai being a lot more humid the water being different a lot more pollution i was traveling via otto so there’s just a lot more dust and like mitti and

All coming on your face i was wearing makeup every single day for shoots on top of the acne to then conceal the acne i’m wearing even more makeup to hide it just a huge insecurity of mine to the point that i did not feel comfortable meeting someone or even seeing my own family members without wearing makeup and without wearing concealer because i was so conscious

Of it and similar to you i watched so many youtube videos ordered a bunch of products tried a bunch of things i went to top dermatologists in mumbai i’ll show you like the gambit of products they suggested i purchased face peels and i tried a chemical like whatever it takes please i need this to get fixed i haven’t had a very good experience with finding a good

Dermatologist that i felt like understood what my skin needed it always felt very much like you need to purchase this 200 very expensive treatment and that’s the only solution or you need to cut out all dairy and i was like okay i can limit my milk consumption but from a lifestyle perspective for me it wouldn’t be as easy to fully cut out dairy you need to stop

All sugar and i was like oh my god like i i love mita like i have sweets or some kind of dessert every single day these were products that were recommended to me that like did not work this is a regular glycolic kojic acid the kojic lightening cream basic like clinique on top to vitamin c tablets folic acid tablets clindamycin and nicotinamide i feel like these

These are not even like showing up properly on the screen cleaning clear what else there’s so many products inside here adapts on gel five percent i was in acne facebook groups i tried a bunch of things i saw a youtube video talk about nizoral anti-dandruff shampoo like i remember putting that on my face hoping that would help sometimes for a period of time it

Would work it would go away and then it would come right back and now getting into what actually worked for me the main thing that helped me was taking a 10 milligram or a small dosage of isotretinoin which is the chemical name for accutane there is a lot that said about accutane and the reason why i didn’t use it for an entire year because i was like i hear so

Many side effects when you read all these horrible horrible things that happen and i was like okay i’m going to try out all the clean ways try the different creams try all the topical things before i orally take something that could have serious side effects it looks like this these little orange tablets and this retails for 181 rupees i took one of these orange

Tablets every single day for a month and a half and i kid you not within two weeks i would say 85 of my acne was gone i’m talking about like that cystic inflammation kind of acne i had very minimal to little side effects it does cause a little bit of dryness i’ve always experienced dry lips so i just like went hella crazy on which i’ll show you guys the moisturizer

And using lip balm that being said you should not take this if you are like pregnant or like trying to get pregnant please again do your research in india it is available over the counter which i a lot of drugs are available i guess over the counter in india which is a little questionable it’s clearly much cheaper to get it from india than it is to get it from

The us if you feel like you have tried everything and tried all the creams i feel like i listed 10 different creams i would look into this the isotretinoin took care of the actual acne now the other products that help just in terms of like a daily routine is a moisturizer which i ended up using curologies i like signed up for their free like five dollar month

Try it out kind of plan things it comes with a cleanser which i don’t have right now it’s sitting in my in-laws and it also comes with a treatment that they kind of assign for you when you upload your pictures and i thought it did a really good job mine says i don’t know if you guys can like see it but it says niacinamide four percent centimeters in one percent

And zinc is 0.25 percent apply to face night nightly and they’ll ask you also are you taking a form of accutane which i was at the time and i think they adjust it accordingly and then it comes with a moisturizer i don’t think curology is available in india so i would recommend keep it very clean keep it very basic try like a cetaphil moisturizer neutrogena

Like something very basic clean no added fragrance i picked up the when i was in india like the cenophil moisturizing cream this was like first 775 rupees curology they said was five um five us dollars once i feel like the acne was taken care of you deal with scarring i think your skin gets confused that there’s too much happening so just focus on step by step

So if you’re experiencing acne i wouldn’t implement five things for brightening and this and that just focus on getting rid of the acne once that’s taken care of then go to the acne scar for acne scarring i recommend tretinoin which i started using at 0.025 percent i have friends like slowly transitioning to 0.05 and i think it even sells up to like one percent

Don’t quote me on that this is a pretty powerful cream thing for dark spots it helps with fine lines it does help with wrinkles i use a little pea side amount like literally oh my left gun fell like it’s not for the entire face and just like little little little dots this is very drying so do not use too much of it again consult someone before you start using

This you’re not supposed to use this if you’re pregnant again but apply this on parts of those dark spots and then firstly i would add that curology moisturizer add that on top i feel like there was the exhaust going off which is why i’m screaming oh my god hopefully i wasn’t sounding like that this in india retails for 192 rupees my mom has a tube of this and i

Feel like it costed her a good hundred hundred fifty dollars which oh my god it’s so expensive over here in the us i went to a u.s dermatologist said i had rosacea like i didn’t have rosacea the copay turned out to be like another 200 like it’s just it’s so expensive here i didn’t want to spend an arm footed leg to like get this sorted but i probably would have

If i knew there was a guaranteed solution but one more thing that helped is i purchased from amazon a derma roller i don’t know if there’s a brand i feel like mine started with an s this is at 0.25 mm and what this is is a bunch of like little little little needles on it and it’s important that you don’t aggressively go like very lightly in different directions

It pricks at parts of like those dark spots and then it causes new skin to then grow and what i would do after that is apply any kind of oil so i ordered this from amazon too it’s the radha rosehip oil this one’s a little bit more expensive i think also was good it was the kiehl’s clearly corrected dark spot solution i will say for me i don’t think i changed

Much of my diet or much of like my exercise habits or like water consumption for a month that was good and then i would kind of resort back to eating my butt up off and like fried foods and like all that jazz and luckily my skin i don’t think was as reactive towards that these products worked wonders for me and in a month and a half later i also moved back to the

Us so i will say on top of these products i think environment did play a huge role i moved back to new york which meant cleaner air compared to mumbai i wasn’t wearing makeup i think as often i think maybe my stress levels were lower in my head i don’t think i was stressed but then people would tell me like you’re stressed funny which is why your skin’s reacting

Like this which would like stress me out even more when people tell you not to stress it’s like well like what do i do like i don’t know how to like stop that from happening since february of 2020 knock on wood like i’ve not had any acne and it’s never gotten back to like that level which it was at like maybe occasionally around my period like a small white head

Here that you can see one right here besides that i’ve had really good skin if you are struggling with acne right now i’m sending you a lot of love i know it is extremely frustrating but hang in there and i hope some of these products or suggestions are helpful for you nothing in this video was sponsored though it would it would be sick if some of them wanted

To sponsor me but maybe one day in status quo i am not using any of these products i use the curology here and there i feel my skin is experiencing acne but i have an entire everyday nighttime skincare routine which i would love to film for you guys if you guys are interested there’s like a good 810 products that i think have really helped and done wonders for

My skin have a wonderful wonderful day wherever you are and thank you again for watching bye you

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How I Cleared My Hormonal Acne & Scarring In $35 | Shivani Bafna By Shivani Bafna